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Category: Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Gene Siciliano
Gene joins Jim to give tips for improving the way you manage your business's finances.
Judy Lawrence
Judy joins Jim to explain what is meant by "cashless society" and how that impacts small business and the marketplace.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to give some good news about the economy. He reports the results of the monthly Business Conditions Survey.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to give some helpful pointers on understanding your financial plan.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame on tax day to talk about filing taxes and the options every taxpayer has on this day.
Doug Stives
Jim and Doug talk about tax audits and how to avoid them. They discuss what you can do with your returns, even if it is one day before the deadline.
Barbara Weltman
Jim and Barbara talk about how to avoid taxes whenever possible and make sure that you give the government every penny owed.
John McKechnie
John joins Jim to talk about credit unions and how they provide the maximum capital a small business needs.
Eva Rosenberg
Eva joins Jim to talk about getting taxes done right and why it sometimes takes so long.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the tax questions the candidates don't want you to ask.

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