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Category: Finance, Accounting, and Taxes

Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick talk about financial plans and making investments.
Doug Stives
Jim and Doug talk about how the tax bill that was passed during the summer has helped the economy.
John Berthoud
Jim and John talk about if there is a taxpayer revolt beginning in America.
John Fox
Jim and John talk about the merits of mediation over litigation.
Andrew Langer
Andrew joins Jim to talk about small business public policy issues including the affects of regulatory compliance issues on economies.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to report on good news from the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Barbara Weltman
With the deadline approaching, Barbara and Jim discuss small business tax issues.
Ida joins Jim to share some advice for getting your share of success.
Sam Norwood
Sam shares with Jim the good news about business conditions in the economy. They talk about the changes in businesses that indicate that the economic recovery is gainin legs.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the issue of state taxes and what states are doing to face the problem of deficits.

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