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Category: Trade Groups and Think Tanks

Rich Galen
Richard joins Jim to talk about the massive black out in the northern part of the U.S.
Wayne Crews
Wayne joins Jim to explain some regulations regarding SPAM, not only email SPAM, but also unsolicited faxes.
Wayne Crews
Jim and Wayne talk about the 10,000 commandments that look what is going on in the regulatory side of federal regulations.
Karen Kerrigan
Jim and Karen talk about what she is doing to push the Small Business Paperwork Relief Act. She explains how a reduction in paperwork would benefit small businesses.
Steve DelBianco
Steve shares with Jim what Tech Environment Quality Index (TEQI) is. They talk about how the TEQI is up and what that means to small businesses.
Don Lambro
Jim and Don talk about what they would have done if they were part of the group of men who declared independence.
Burton Folsom
Burt Joins Jim on Independence Day to give the history of the holiday. They also discuss the men and their talents that made independence possible.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim to talk about the healthcare debate and the interesting developments concerning competive and affordable health coverage.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim to talk about what elected officials are doing for small business owners.
Adam joins Jim to discuss the FCC ruling which, based on the 1996 Telecommunications Act, further liberalizes the ownership of media companies.

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