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Category: Trade Groups and Think Tanks

Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim to talk about President Bush's state-of-the-union speech, with regard to small business public policy.
Burton Folsom
Jim talks with our resident historian who discusses how presidents have used important speeches to shape history.
Wayne Crews
Wayne and Jim talk about SPAM laws and why they aren't working on some pieces of email.
John Berthoud
John joins Jim to explain what we have to do in 2004 to continue the tax reform momentum.
Governor Pete du Pont
Governor du Pont joins Jim for a review of events in 2003, and a look into next year.
Steve DelBianco
Jim and Steve talk about the FCC regulations that will protect comsumers against SPAM, especially pornography.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to give a report on the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim to share about her trip to Jerusalem for a meeting with women business owners.
Stephanie Vance
Jim and Stephanie talk about how to connect properly with your elected representative without wasting their time.
Tom joins Jim to talk about making a "fair tax" possible through a national sales tax. They discuss the bill, which is currently in the senate, that would bring the fair tax about.

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