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Category: Mobile Computing & Telecommunication

Ramon Ray
Ramon Ray helps Jim Blasingame celebrate 8 years on the air this week with news about how to use virtual telephone answering services that give you more capability and appear more professional.
Annabel Dodd
Annabel and Jim talk about the recent acquisition of Skype, Swedish VoIP telecom company by eBay, and whether this was a prudent acquisition for the online auction company. They go on to discuss what to do if you get telemarketing calls on your cell phone.
Annabel Dodd
Annabell and Jim talk about the newest telephonic capability, voice over the Internet, or VOIP, which stands for voice over Internet Protocol.
Annabel Dodd
Jim and Annabel discuss the demise of the one time telecom giant AT&T.
Jim and Stu discuss new technologies that will keep your small business connected.
Annabel Dodd
Annabel joins Jim to talk about changes in telecommunications that will affect small businesses.
Jim and Andre talk about how important it is for small business owners to know what intellectual property is.
Annabel Dodd
Jim and Annabel talk about what number portablity is and how to take advantage of it.
Jim and Andre talk about the evolution of intellectual property. They discuss how to take your know-how and turn it into value.
Annabel Dodd
Annabel and Jim speculate what the Cingular/AT&T merger means for small business.

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