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Len Marrella
Has our world become ethically challenged? Len Marrella joins Jim Blasingame to discuss a current event that amplifies some of the good and bad ethical behavior that is evident in the marketplace and in politics today.
Scott Patterson
Is there really a conflict between Wall Street and Main Street? Scott Patterson and Jim Blasingame both agree that Wall Street today is working at cross purposes with Main Street and has been aided by the federal government.
Gary Moore
Is there a conflict between Wall Street and Main Street? Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to talk about why Wall Street has become a self-serving organism and currently is the tail that's wagging the marketplace dog.
Randall Lane
Has Wall Street become the enemy of Main Street? Randall Lane joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how his small business was part of the excesses of the Wall Street insanity of the decade of "the zeros" and whether anything was learned.
Jim Blasingame
Is Wall Street working at cross-purposes with Main Street? Jim Blasingame talks about why the recent stock market sell-off was caused at least partially by Wall Street practices that do harm to Main Street small businesses.
Sam Norwood
When do Wall Street practices harm Main Street? Sam Norwood, Mark Rosenman and Jim Blasingame talk about how some Wall Street behavior can cause collateral damage on Main Street.
Gary Moore
Is Wall Street still operating at cross purposes with Main Street? Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the relationship between the surging stock market and the Main Street economy and whether another bubble is building.
Pam Bilbrey
What is the importance of leadership on our future? Pam Bilbrey joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how small business owners can become more effective leaders inside the four walls of their businesses, but also why they need to become the leaders of Main Street as we take back America from Washington and Wall Street.
David Adler
The shadow banking system caused the financial crisis, as David Adler reports with Jim Blasingame, when confidence collapsed in the unregulated banking transactions between Wall Street banks. Adler says this system is larger than the visible banking industry and the problem still has not been addressed.
Scott Patterson
How did Wall Street get at cross-purposes with small business? Scott Patterson talks with Jim Blasingame about the damage the "Quants" have put the world economy in peril over the past 25 years, and may still be able to do it again. Don't miss this interview.

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