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Mark Mayberry
How customers view your promotions is very important. Mark Mayberry gives you some examples of promotions that have turned him off. » More
Jim Blasingame
Today we're consumers of many kinds of online content, including streaming audio and video. Jim Blasingame tells you how to make that content authentic. » More
Brad Huisken
With most stores offering the same products for roughly the same prices, you must find ways to attract customers to your store. Brad Huisken discusses some basic customer service tips. » More
Mark Mayberry
Small Businesses can set themselves apart by the way they treat their customers. Mark Mayberry tells a story about just how important is it to make your customers feel special. » More
Mark Mayberry
Your businesses' customer service can either come across as a "Shazzam" or "Nega-zam" moment. Mark Mayberry describes a few past moments where he has experienced both of these. » More
Jim Blasingame
Don't blame every negative thing in your business on the economy. To minimize this habit, become a better consumer of information and listen to customers. » More
Mark Mayberry
Are you caring for your customers in a personal way? Here is an example of excellent customer care from Mark Mayberry. » More
Joanne Black
Are you taking care of clients and asking for referrals? Joanne Black shares a personal story about why you should be. » More
Daniel Burrus
In this day and age, customers have access to data and information. They don't need a salesman for that. What they WANT is knowledge and wisdom, according to Dan Burrus. » More
Tom Asacker
Customer stimulation is much more than selling and promotion, and it's your only way forward. Tom Asacker explains. » More