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Category: Work-Life, Balance

Mary Hessler Key
Mary and Jim talk about how to be happy with your success.
Christine Casper
Jim and Christine talk about what it takes to make intelligent decisions and develop good strategies.
Jim Ballard
James and Jim talk about the difference between generations and how to help parents move out of their home.
Shelly, Bill Porter's assistant, joins Jim to share his inspirational story.
Jim starts off by sharing with our Jim some critical life lessons he learned while climbing Mount Everest. They go on to talk about the values needed to make decisions in today's society.
Jim and Laura talk about how to break down the process of changes in life and what is at the core of change.
Jim and Diane talk about how to stay sane, productive and inspired in career transitions.
Rick Maurer
Jim and Rick talk about change that is sometimes forced on businesses and how to deal with sudden change.
Barbara Kaufman
Jim and Barbara discuss how facing situations with the right attitude will give you an edge.
Jon Gordon
Jon joins Jim to explain how important it is to focus your energy instead of scattering it between several tasks.

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