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Marjorie and Jim talk about what parents can do for their children when the are going off to college without smothering them. Marjorie explains how parents can get over the "last time" syndrome.
Mariette joins Jim to talk about bipolar disorder, a disease from which she suffers. She shares her experience with the disease and how she deals with it.
Jackie and Jim talk about what a trans fat is and why it is important that it is on food lables.
Bob joins Jim on Independence Day to talk about the September 11th Scholarship fund and what the American Legion is doing to help the families of the service men that died at the Pentagon.
Steve discusses with Jim the findings on the characteristics of high achievers. They go on to talk about carving out time to be successful.
Matthew Cartwright
Jim and Matthew talk about lender liability and preventative measures business owners can take.
Kahlad joins Jim to talk about his backgroung growing up in Afghanistan and his story that inspired him to write his first novel, "The Kite Runner".
Mary and Jim talk about anxiety disorders and how it can affect anyone. Mary describes symptoms of anxiety and the different kinds of anxiety. Mary explains what can be done about anxiety.
Rich joins Jim to talk about how small businesses can cut back on energy costs. Rich defines what energy star equipment is and how it helps reduce costs of energy and protects the environment.
M. Scott Peck
Scott and Jim talk about the two kinds of people there are in the world. They go on to talk about balance

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