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Category: Intellectual Property

Ami Kassar
How can innovation help you survive and thrive in a challenging year? Ami Kassar joins Jim Blasingame to talk about being innovative and collaborating with others as you innovate. They also talk about some operating fundamentals that will help you survive a challenging economy.
Joel Barker
Are the events of the current economic challenges paradigm shifts? Joel Barker says they are and he joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why and what the shifts will mean. They also talk about some new innovations in nano-technology, including a new kind of carbon product and hamburger from a test tube.
David Dawsey
What are some of the myths about patents and other intellectual property? David Dawsey talks with Jim Blasingame about dispelling eight of the most common misconceptions and myths about patents and copyright.
Kenneth Krosin
How much does the world have to fear from China ripping off our intellectual property with counterfeit products? Kenneth Krosin talks with Jim Blasingame about this as he reports on his recent trip to China with a delegation to discuss international intellectual property standards and behavior.
Russell Brown
As you get your business ready for sale, whenever that may be, will your intellectual property be ready, too? Russell Brown talks with Jim Blasingame about making sure you've identified the trademarks and service marks that should be registered in your name on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about the new challenges small businesses have in managing and protecting the information they create on the small business radio program, The Small Business advocate show.
Kenneth Krosin
Ken joins Jim to talk about the importance of identifying, managing, and leveraging intellectual property more and tangible property less. Jim has been talking about our Intellectual Property journey for a long time, often quoting from Ken's research on the topic of IP.

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