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Category: Financial Planning

Jordan Goodman
Jordan and Jim discuss new ways for small business owners to acquire healthcare insurance coverage that defies the current double-digit increase trend we've had over the past few years. Jordan provides a system that he uses, and a Web site, that could make a big difference in your like.
Rick Pinion
Rick and Jim begin by talking about what a feduciary is, and why you need to know. They move on to discuss how to properly establish a beneficiary for your IRA.
Michael Hepworth
Mike and Jim talk about how small businesses can do successful marketing without a big budget.
Renee Schaaf
Renee and Mary join Jim to discuss some financial plans and how employees and employers can take advantage of them.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick discuss some financial plans that will get you and your small business started on the right track for 2005.
Judy Lawrence
Judy joins Jim to talk about the attitude around giving and receiving. They go on to discuss 2005 budgetin ideas.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim as he broadcasts live from La Quinta, California to discuss how to understand your financial plan.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick discuss financial planner's credentials and how to decide which financial planner is right for you. They go on to talk about buy/sell stock redemption plans.
Jim speaks with guest about the importance of small business political involvement and her own advocacy in the state of California.
Judy Lawrence
Judy joins Jim to discuss how important it is to make cashless options available to your customers.

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