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Category: Financial Planning

Doug Stives
What is the Tax Gap, why is the IRS so upset about it, and why do they think small business is the answer to their problem? Doug talks with Jim about what the Tax Gap, how big it is, what is being proposed to fix it, and what small business owners need to know about this.
Jerry Ripperger
The Health Savings Account is arguably the most important thing small business owners have at their disposal to help them cover their own current and future healthcare requirements, as well as to be a more competitive employer, and Jerry talks with Jim about how new legislation has made HSAs even more appealing and helpful for small business owners.
Rick Pinion
There are a number of different tax deductible retirement plans available to small business owners and Rick talks with Jim about two of the most important ones, the Individual K plan and the SEP-IRA.
Gary Moore
Is the market overpriced? Gary talks with Jim about how to invest -- and in what -- when so many stocks are at an all-time high.
Rick Pinion
There are some new laws that protect employers who provide retirement plans for their employees, and Rick talks with Jim about these, as well as whether Rick thinks stocks are over-valued, and what he thinks about investing in the now-record stock market.
What are the things your mother never told you about becoming wealthy? Stephanie talks with Jim about some of these.
There are three absolute ways you'll leave your business: sell, death or disability. Mark talks with Jim about the best ways to be prepared for either of these.
Having a competitive benefits program for your employees is not just the right thing to do, it's a best practice of the best companies in America. Chris introduces Jim to Debbie who's company, as one of Principal's 10 Best, has benefited from the execution of a robust benefits package, which has helped them grow from start-up to over 800 employees in less than 10 years.
There are definite trends in retirement plans and how employees and employers use them in the 21st century, and Barrie reports on those trends in this visit with Jim, and they discuss what all of this means for small businesses.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to talk about some of the tools financial planners use to help their clients. You can use this information as you interview financial planner prospects.

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