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Steve Forbes
The recent election underscores the need for a radical overhaul of our campaign finance laws. Steve Forbes offers some simple reforms to those laws. » More
Rich Galen
The "Big Three" are seeking a bailout from the government, but are the CEOs really looking out for what's best for the company? Rich Galen doesn't think so. » More
Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes tells small business owners what President-elect Obama should propose regarding gold to help the nation's economy. » More
Karen Kerrigan
It would be a wise move to bring the perspective of entrepreneurs into consideration as President-elect Barack Obama develops his new Administration's priorities. » More
Rich Galen
Rich Galen provides information about the questionnaire potential appointees are required to fill out to pass political muster. » More
Ray Keating
Ray Keating gives small business the skinny on what might happen with President-elect Barack Obama in the Oval Office. He touches on economic stimulus, taxes, bailouts, trade, energy, and health care. » More
Thomas Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan writes a farewell note as he leaves the Office of Advocacy as Chief Counsel. He reminisces about his times and commends the Office of Advocacy for their work for small businesses. » More
Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes offers his foresight on what will come of President-elect Barack Obama being in the White House, touching on being unionized, health care policy, SCHIP, and energy. » More
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie Turner offers ideas about what President-elect Barack Obama's administration will do first with regard to healthcare policy. She also explains why she things America is still a center-r... » More
Stephanie Vance
Here are some steps on how to form an advocacy habit and be involved, from Stephanie Vance. » More