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Daniel Burrus
Bankruptcy is not the only problem for the big three automakers and autoworkers. Dan Burrus gives the details and offers some suggestions. » More
Karen Kerrigan
The Obama Transition Team invited people to host "health care discussions." Karen Kerrigan shares what small business owners discover regarding health care. » More
Jim Blasingame
Here is a recap of Jim Blasingame's 2008 Small Business Advocate Crystal Ball Predictions, what actually happened and his score. » More
Ray Keating
How do things look for free trade? Ray Keating offers some hope in President-elect Barack Obama's Administration regarding small businesses and free trade. » More
Steve Forbes
If the incoming Obama Administration is going to squeeze more money from businesses, it should follow the example of Ireland and slash corporate tax rates. Steve Forbes describes. » More
Grace-Marie Turner
SCHIP expires March 31, and expanding it to cover all children would be a mistake. Grace-Marie Turner gives four reasons why, and she offers a better way for health insurance. » More
Rich Galen
Rich Galen describes what happened with GM, Ford, and Chrysler; and he tells you why there is so much antipathy for auto companies. » More
Steve Forbes
The recent election underscores the need for a radical overhaul of our campaign finance laws. Steve Forbes offers some simple reforms to those laws. » More
Rich Galen
The "Big Three" are seeking a bailout from the government, but are the CEOs really looking out for what's best for the company? Rich Galen doesn't think so. » More
Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes tells small business owners what President-elect Obama should propose regarding gold to help the nation's economy. » More