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Janet Christy
Small, woman, minority and veteran business owners should consider several things when voting in a campaign. Some tips and pointers to help you are offered by Janet Christy. » More
Grace-Marie Turner
Uninsured Americans need to be given more opportunities to buy private coverage to prevent more government-dominated, taxpayer-supported insured Americans. » More
Grace-Marie Turner
The Commonwealth Fund continues its advocacy for universal coverage using statistics that speak loudly. Grace-Marie Turner shares the details. » More
Karen Kerrigan
I refuse to be a "Doomsday Diva." This country has come through challenging economic times. It will do it again, says Karen Kerrigan. » More
Richard DeKaser
The U.S. dollar decline that began five years ago has recently picked up pace. » More
Stephanie Vance
Stephanie Vance shares the top five questions she is asked about advocacy in this article. » More
Ray Keating
Ray Keating provides the details of what is happening regarding trade, jobs, and NAFTA. » More
Rich Galen
The press corps has to be fed every step of the way. Rich Galen gives the gory details. » More
Grace-Marie Turner
On Senator Hillary Clinton's release of her universal health coverage... » More
Karen Kerrigan
A coalition is formed to oppose Congress's efforts to change tax laws. Karen Kerrigan gives the details. » More