Thursday - November 01, 2007

Jeff Zbar
How do you know when to do a task or project for your small business yourself and when to hire someone to do it? Jeff Zbar talks about this with Jim Blasingame, small business expert and host of The Small Business Advocate Show.
Grace-Marie Turner
What's the best direction for the U.S. on health care: more government involvement or private sector solutions? Grace-Marie and Jim discuss this issue and offer their opinions, including what the major presidential candidates are proposing on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim discuss a number of current events, including the strong demand for U.S. agriculture products worldwide, the overall economy, the dangerous direction of oil prices, the current tax legislation being discussed and other important issues.

Friday - November 02, 2007

Jo Condrill
How is your gratefulness level? Jo and Jim talk about the value of being grateful for what we have and how to instill that feeling in others.
Jim Blasingame
Is your small business as profitable as it needs to be? Jim talks about what you must do by explaining the value of intangibles and the folly of fighting a price war.
David McNally
Are you surviving or thriving? David talks with Jim about the difference and how to focus on the good one.
Joel Barker
What is the key to the future success of the U.S.? Joel says it's improving our education system and he and Jim talk about some ideas for accomplishing this. And they also talk about dirt. That's right -- dirt. Only on the Small Business Advocate Show.

Monday - November 05, 2007

Steve Malanga
What should we do about the immigration crisis? Steve talks with Jim about how we got into this mess and some of the steps that should be taken to get us out.
Ray Keating
Which states are the friendliest for small business and which are not? Ray discusses his newest Small Business Survival Index with Jim, who identifies the top 10 small business states and the worst 10 to be a small business in.
Pam Danziger
How is the 2007 holiday season going to be for small business? Pam tells Jim that it's not looking great and she has some ideas on how to make the most of it.
Kelle Olwyler
If you had to miss several weeks -- or even months -- of work running your small business due to an illness or injury, would you be prepared? Kelle and Jim talk about what to do when the unexpected happens, including the financial, organizational and emotional steps.

Tuesday - November 06, 2007

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about how small businesses must leverage technology as a key element in their growth strategy, in order to survive and thrive in the 21st century marketplace.
Jennifer Read Hawthorne
How big a deal is love in your total success picture? Jennifer and Jim talk about this and explain why love is one of two fundamental essentials for well-being as a human.
Paul Cherry
What do you do when a prospect just won't take action? Paul and Jim talk about some of the selling skills you need to make sure you've done everything possible to make the sale.

Wednesday - November 07, 2007

Beverly Inman-Ebel
How important is a good first impression? Beverly says "very" and she talks with Jim about her recent first impression experiences in Asia and NYC.
Sam Norwood
How's the economy looking today and for the next few months? Sam and Jim talk about some of the more frightening elements in the financial news and Sam reports what his partners across the U.S. are saying about how business is for them.
Robert Bloom
What is the most important word in the lexicon of the marketplace? Bob says it's "customer," and he and Jim talk about how to treat them, plus Bob's 4-step approach to successful growth.
Phil Holland
What's the best way to get your small business started? Phil says it's with a home-based business, and he and Jim talk about the elements involved in getting your home-based business started.

Thursday - November 08, 2007

Would you like to reduce your health care insurance costs? Tom and Jim talk about a number of ideas on how to hold down these costs, while customizing your coverage.
Nell Merlino
How are women business owners doing these days? Nell talks with Jim about the strength of women business ownership and what is being done to support this rapidly growing sector.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about what Jim calls the "schizophrenic" condition of the economy, with some news being very good and some being very bad. They go on to talk about airline fare increases, alternative fuels, and recent state elections and presidential campaigns, among other issues.

Friday - November 09, 2007

What's the future look like for TV? Geoff talks with Jim about this, including what technologies are overtaking TV for our interest.
Leslie Kossoff
Is the quality movement dead? Leslie says absolutely not and she talks with Jim about how small businesses can improve their bottom line significantly by merely adopting at least some elements of the quality process.
What's it like being a small business wine maker? Kelly talks with Jim about this and how her winery does it with a twist.
Joyce Weiss
How are you doing marketing your small business? Joyce and Jim talk about some different ways to market on a small business budget.

Monday - November 12, 2007

Jim Blasingame
On the 10th anniversary of The Small Business Advocate Show, Jim reflects on what it took to get things started and what it has taken to keep it going for 10 years.
Russell Brown
If you had to, is your business ready to sell -- today? Russ Brown and Jim Blasingame talk about why you should be prepared to sell your business at any time, even when you don't want to during an interview on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Ed Yourdon
Do you know what Web 2.0 means? Ed and Jim talk about this reality of our global marketplace and why small businesses need to know what it means for their future.
Steve Forbes
It's always fun and informative when Steve joins Jim and this visit is no different. Steve and Jim take you on a tour of current events, from the state of our economy, to the impact of the sub prime meltdown, to the price of gold and why you should care, to presidential politics. Don't miss this interview with one of the most interesting men on the planet.

Tuesday - November 13, 2007

Jim Ballard
What's your dream? The Jims talk about how to ask this question of your employees in order to build a closer bond with them. They agree that it's also a good idea to ask yourself, "What's MY dream?" and check to see if you're living it.
Karen Kerrigan
What is the state of small business public policy? Karen talks with Jim about some of the key issues currently being debated by the federal government.
Barbara Weltman
How have small businesses done in the past 10 years with regard to taxation? Barbara talks with Jim about some of the progress that's been made to lower the tax burden on small business since 1997.
Tim Berry
How would you like to create your business plan as you run your small business? Tim Berry talks with Jim Blasingame about what he calls, plan as you go" on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.

Wednesday - November 14, 2007

Brian Moran
Brian joins Jim for the first time to talk about how he started his small business publishing company five years ago, plus why he has started the annual Small Business Leadership Summit.
Gary Moore
Should you be buying stocks, selling or hedging. Listen to Gary as he and Jim talk about what's happening in the capital markets and whether he's buying or selling.
JoAnna Brandi
Got happiness? That's the question JoAnna poses to Jim as they discuss what happiness is and how to get it.
Ivan Misner
How does online networking compare to in-person networking? Ivan talks with Jim about this, plus now attitude plays a part in successful networking.

Thursday - November 15, 2007

Beverley Williams
What laws are in your way of starting a home based business? Beverley explains what some of these are and how they are changing all the time.
Bill Dunkelberg
The numbers might be low, but does that mean a recession? Bill and Jim discuss the NFIB report and explain what the numbers mean for small business owners.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin joins Jim Blasingame to talk about what things you need to pay attention to in order to better serve your customers on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Joan Pryde
What is going to cause a labor shortage in the next five to ten years? Joan joins Jim to discuss this and other topics in this week's <i>Kiplinger Letter</i>

Friday - November 16, 2007

William Hubbartt
Do you have employment agreements with your employees? Bill talks with Jim about the good and bad elements of employment agreements, but why he thinks they are important to have.
Andrew J. Sherman
Andrew turns the tables on Jim and interviews him about his 10 years on the air as The Small Business Advocate. This one is a lot of fun.
Ilise Benun
Do you have the right attitude to be a successful networker? Ilise talks with Jim about how attitude contributes -- or not -- to your networking success. They also talk about using dogs (honest) as a networking ice-breaker.

Monday - November 19, 2007

How do small business owners feel about their future technology purchases? Steve joins Jim to talk about what his organization's research shows about how bullish small businesses are on the ability and intention to purchase technology solutions in the future.
Bob McTeer
How's the economy doing? Bob talks with Jim about how he sees the many issues that make up the economic picture we're all watching these days and how he thinks the economy will shake out in 2008.
Dr. John Christy
As one of the contributors to the group that was a co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize (along with Al Gore), Dr. Christy has an interesting take on Mr. Gore's "contribution" to the global warming debate, and he also offers his research on what's really happening.
Steve DelBianco
Is the Internet going to be truly free to you in the future? Steve tells Jim that there are forces in the world that would like to imping on your Internet freedom and what his organization is doing about that, and how you and I can contribute to this effort to keep the Internet AS IT IS!

Tuesday - November 20, 2007

How do you get your team ready for the holiday rush? Michael has some ideas that he shares with Jim about how to make sure you and your team are ready for all the customers you've worked so hard to get.
Pamela Harper
Do you know who your stakeholders are? Pam talks with Jim about how to identify your stakeholders and how to get the most out of them, even when they resist your ideas.
Herb Kay
Is your business in trouble? Herb Kay and Jim Blasingame talk about some of the critical steps that you need to take when you feel that you may be losing your business on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Liz Franklin
Is email a blessing and a curse for you? Liz talks with Jim about how to get and stay organized with the email part of your business, including some best practices, some tools and applications that will help.

Wednesday - November 21, 2007

Stephen Baum
Do you have what it takes to be an extraordinary leader? Stephen says you do and he talks with Jim about what it takes to tap into that ability.
Kenneth Davis
Do you know what REALLY happened on that first day of thanksgiving in America? Ken joins Jim have a lot of fun talking about the myths and facts about the history of this great American holiday. Oh, by the way, Jim gets a little riled up about Canada's thanksgiving day.
Nancy Rosanoff
What part does intuition play in thanksgiving? Nancy says it has a lot to do with it and she talks with Jim about some specific examples, including one really special quote you don't want to miss.
Brad Huisken
One study reports that up to 30% of small business retailers will be out of business in the next five years. Brad joins Jim to report on this research and to offer his thoughts on how to avoid being one of these casualties.

Thursday - November 22, 2007

Jim Blasingame
Jim begins his 11th consecutive live Thanksgiving Day broadcast talking about the origins of the day we celebrate and the people who made it happen. He also give his audience some thoughts on what to be thankful for.
Jim Donovan
Jim D joins Jim B to talk about being thankful entrepreneurs.
Jim Blasingame
Continuing his 11th consecutive live Thanksgiving Day broadcasts, Jim talks about some of the things small business owners should be thankful for.
David Dawsey
David talks with Jim about some of the legal issues America's small business owners should be thankful for, including the ability to create and own intellectual property, like patents, trademarks, etc.

Friday - November 23, 2007

Bob Kustka
Are you being successful working with the 20-somethings in your small business? Bob talks with Jim about how the Gen Ys are motivated and what we have to do to hire them and work with them successfully.
Joseph Bailey
Need a little help gaining and maintaining balance during the holidays? Joe joins Jim to talk about how to make sure you don't get yourself into a holiday frenzy.
Rick Lepsinger
Want to learn how to get the most out of your team? Listen as Rick talks with Jim about some critical steps you can take to get your team's performance on track and stay there.
Gerald Celente
What's coming at us in the future for your small business? Our top futurist in the Brain Trust, Gerald talks with Jim about what he sees around the corner -- some positive and some not so much.

Monday - November 26, 2007

Wayne Crews
What is more than all the corporate taxes paid, or all of the personal income taxes paid? Wayne joins Jim to explain the answer, which is the cost of regulations, and they're going up every year. They also talk about what we have to do to reverse this expensive trend.
Ed Abel
Have you ever worked with a business, or CEO, coach? Ed joins Jim to talk about how small business owners can benefit from a CEO coach, how to find, interview and hire one, and how much it should cost.
Ken Leebow
What's in your technology future? Ken joins Jim to talk about a few of the tech trends to be expecting just around the corner.
Anita Campbell
How do small business owners feel about the current state of the economy? Anita and Jim talk about this, plus how Main St. is different from Wall St., which is the real market, and why there should be more coverage of it.

Tuesday - November 27, 2007

Know what toys are hot? Bob joins Jim to talk about some of the hot toys for this Christmas season, plus he talks about some ways you can let his company help you give back to your community.
Robert Gordman
Have you found your business' sweet spot? Bob talks with Jim about what he calls the "super sweet spot" and how your business will be transformed when you get yours.
Jay Myers
How good are you at overcoming adversity? Jay's story will make you break out in a cold sweat, and then go check your own company's financial pathways.
Tom Asacker
Why did you start your small business? Tom and Jim talk about what should be the real reason you became a business owner, and why it matters.

Wednesday - November 28, 2007

Valerie Sokolosky
Does a small business owner need to focus on his or her personal brand? Valerie says "yes" and she and Jim talk about the internal and external reasons developing the CEOs personal brand is critical to success.
Joel Libava
Why does franchise activity pick up when the economy is weakening? Joel and Jim talk about this counter-intuitive phenomenon, what it means and why should you care.
Susan Annunzio
Now that you've grown your small business to more than a couple of employees, what's the next step organizationally? Susan tell Jim the next step is for the owner to spend more time managing the team and less time managing projects.
Paul Casey
What do you have to do when the economy is showing signs of weakening? Paul and Jim talk about why now is a good time for small businesses to make sure they're focusing on the fundamentals and their core competencies.

Thursday - November 29, 2007

Jeff Zbar
Why do small business start-ups increase during economic downturns? Jim and Jeff discuss this issue, plus the importance of making sure your online strategy is up-to-date on the small business radio program The Small Business Advocate Show.
Doug Barry
Why has there never been a better time to look into your small business learning about exporting? Doug and Jim talk about this and give you tips and tools that will help you take the first exporting steps -- most of which will cost you nothing.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim talk about the compressed presidential primary season coming up beginning in January. They move on to talk about the economic issues associated with the sub-prime challenges, and Jim points out how credit card debt could become more of a compounding problem than the sub-prime exposure. They also talk about technology transfer opportunities for small businesses and new state court practices for medical malpractice cases.

Friday - November 30, 2007

Priscilla Huff
What are your plans for driving holiday traffic? Priscilla talks with Jim about some ideas that you can execute TODAY that will drive traffic TODAY.
Matthew Cartwright
When a breach of contract occurs, how does a small business prove damages? Matt joins Jim to explain how to create a scenario that shows the cause-and-effect influence of a breach or default, and what it cost the plaintiff.
Kim Castle
What kind of small business owner are you? Kim and Jim talk about why you should think about that question.
Jorian Clarke
Is virtual world technology in your small business' future? Jorian Clarke says it is, and she and Jim Blasingame talk about what this technology is, how it's used, how you can use it, and how your competitors will be using it on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.