William Hubbartt

William S. Hubbartt is President of Hubbartt & Associates, a St. Charles, Illinois management consulting firm specializing in workplace privacy issues and human resources management advisory services. Mr. Hubbartt has published over 75 articles in national and Internet publications. He is the resident human resources expert on the syndicated radio and internet program Small Business Advocate. Hubbartt is accredited as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), and holds an M.S. degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University of Chicago.

Mr. Hubbartt is the author of nine books including, Personnel Policy Handbook - How to Prepare a Manual that Works (McGraw-Hill, 1993); Performance Appraisal Manual for Managers and Supervisors (Commerce Clearing House, 1992); The New Battle Over Workplace Privacy (AMACOM, 1998); The Medical Privacy Rule (Hubbartt, 2003); HIPAA Privacy Sourcebook (SHRM, 2004); The HIPAA Security Rule (Hubbartt, 2005) and Improving Performance Results (Hubbartt, 2007).

Additional information is available at www.medicalprivacy.info, at www.hubbartt.com and www.personnelpolicywriter.com.
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