William Hubbartt

William Hubbartt

William S. Hubbartt MSIR, SPHR has over 30 years experience in human resource management including positions in industry, corporate, education, government and consulting. Hubbartt holds a MS Degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University of Chicago. He was awarded a lifetime accreditation as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), from the Human Resource Certification Institute.

William S. Hubbartt is a former EEOC Federal Investigator who handled investigations and achieved resolutions of employment discrimination complaints. Previously, Mr. Hubbartt was President of Hubbartt & Associates for 25 years, providing human resources consulting services for 300+ firms in the Chicago area and nationally. He is a former WCC and JJC Adjunct Instructor in Human Resources. Hubbartt has published over 75 articles in national publications. Hubbartt holds a M.S. degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University of Chicago. Mr. Hubbartt is the author of fiction and non-fiction materials including Personnel Policy Handbook - How to Prepare a Manual that Works, Performance Appraisal Manual for Managers and Supervisors, What Every Employee Ought to Know About Performance Appraisal, What You Ought to Know About Participating in Employee Committees and Work Teams, The New Battle Over Workplace Privacy, The Medical Privacy Rule- A Guide for Employers and Health care Providers, The HIPAA Privacy Sourcebook, The HIPAA Security Rule- A Guide for Employers and Health care Providers, and Achieving Performance Results – Boosting Performance in the Virtual Workplace.

Hubbartt authors the “Drawing a Line” blog, a WordPress blog that offers insights and information for individuals concerned about sexual and other forms of harassment occurring on the job.
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