Valerie Sokolosky

Interview with Valerie Sokolosky

Does a small business owner need to focus on his or her personal brand? Valerie says "yes" and she and Jim talk about the internal and external reasons developing the CEOs personal brand is critical to success.

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What are some of the signs of dangerous toxic behavior in a business? Valerie Sokolosky talks with Jim Blasingame about the harmful behavior of management and employees, that can take down a company. They also talk about the tendency to be rude when networking.
How's your online etiquette? Valerie Sokolosky joins Jim Blasingame to talk about etiquette best practices when communicating using the various new electronic methods of reaching others.
When you talk with your staff, do they get what you're telling them? Valerie Sokolosky talks with Jim Blasingame about three things to remember when you're trying to get your message across effectively.
What's the connection between business etiquette and your personal brand? Valerie Sokolosky says there is a direct connection and she talks with Jim Blasingame about how to establish and leverage your personal brand, even if your business has its own brand.
What could be the reason for the increase in on line shopping this year? Valerie joins Jim to explain that part of the increase is the lack of quality customer service in stores -- including small businesses -- is driving more people to the Internet.