Monday - July 02, 2007

Tom Travis
What are the keys to a successful global strategy for a small business? Tom tells Jim one of the main keys is transparency and he explains what that means and how to achieve it.
Rick Maurer
Change is not an event or a campaign. Rick tells Jim change in the 21st century is a way of life, and they discuss how to make the transition from being impacted by change to managing change.
Roger Volkema
Negotiating has always been about leverage, but Roger and Jim talk about how leverage has changed and what it looks like in the 21st century.
Doug Campbell
Reinvention or extinction -- the choice is yours. Doug talks with Jim about how to reinvent yourself and your small business so that you keep what is still valid, get rid of what is not.

Tuesday - July 03, 2007

Ruth Sherman
How are the presidential candidates doing with their communication to voters and what can small business owners learn from them? These are the issues Ruth and Jim talk about with regard to how to get your message across successfully.
Kenneth Davis
What do you know about the history of Independence Day in America? Ken joins Jim to review some of the truths and misconceptions about the celebration we know as the Fourth of July.
Kate Kelly
Are you charging enough for the products and services your small business delivers? Kate and Jim talk about how to make sure you're maximizing the pricing opportunity you have with customers.
Ivan Misner
One of the best ways to learn things is by seeing the wrong way to do something. Ivan joins Jim to talk about some of the networking <i>faux pas</i> that you should avoid when you're trying to build business relationships.

Wednesday - July 04, 2007

Jim Blasingame
On this Independence Day in America, Jim connects the history of freedom with modern entrepreneurship.
Burton Folsom
On this Independence Day in America, Jim and Burt talk about the American experiment, as Lincoln termed it, and whether modern Americans are good stewards of what the Founders gave us.
Dennis Pogue
On this Independence Day in America, Dennis talks with Jim about the legacy of the father of America, plus what happens at Mt. Vernon on the Fourth of July.
Don Lambro
On this Independence Day in America, Don and Jim talk about how Americans are doing as the stewards of freedom and what they think is in store for America in the future.

Thursday - July 05, 2007

Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about why everyday is "independence day" for small business owners on the radio program The Small Business Advocate Show.
Andrew J. Sherman
Recently, Andrew and Jim discuss the work they did together in Copenhagen, Denmark to help that country create an entrepreneurial economy.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim talk about how the economy's going to do the rest of '07 and '08, including growth, housing, jobs create and business spending. They also talk about price floors dictated by manufacturers, increase emphasis on biofuels, and how small businesses can get loans from individuals.

Friday - July 06, 2007

Paul LeRoux
Can using visuals help with you make more sales in your small business? Paul says yes, and he and Jim talk about why visuals are often better than words, and how to effectively build them into your speeches and presentations.
Annabel Dodd
Is the I-phone for you? Annabel and Jim talk about the new Apple I-phone and whether it's time to for your small business to buy one or not.
Jeffrey Dobkin
Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising for your small business? Jeff talks with Jim about the differences and connections between marketing and advertising, including what your organization has to do to support these efforts.
Dr. David Gratzer
David talks with Jim about why he thinks Michael Moore's movie, "Sicko," is more cartoon than documentary, and what really needs to be done to improve the U.S. healthcare system.

Monday - July 09, 2007

If you want to have maximum success as a small business in the 21st century, you must have an e-business strategy, even if on a very small scale. Rick joins Jim to talk about this and how to make it happen.
Leslie Kossoff
How much different is being a small business in Europe than in the U.S.? Leslie joins Jim from England to discuss these differences.
Is being a small business owner a good career move for you? Bill talks with Jim about how to determine if risking your own capital is the best way for you to get a piece of the marketplace excitement, or if you'd be better off being an entrepreneurial employee.
Chuck Martin
What are your management strengths and weaknesses? Chuck and Jim talk about how to determine these, so you can leverage your strengths and delegate the tasks that you're not good at.

Tuesday - July 10, 2007

Consumers have changed in the 21st century, and Ron joins Jim to talk about what small businesses need to know about the nine new types of consumers, what they want and how to get it to them.
Sam Norwood
The economy is a mixed bag these days and Sam joins Jim to report on what his partners are saying about the national economy.
Scott Swedenburg
How much does it cost to treat customers like friends? Scott talks with Jim about the answer to this question and the benefits of getting the right answer.
Mike Stewart
Do you know what a mastermind group is? Have you ever been a member of a mastermind group? Mike talks with Jim about these very important professional development organizations, how they help small business owners, what they cost and how to participate.

Wednesday - July 11, 2007

Trudy Jean Evans
An essential part of leadership development is effective networking, and Trudy Jean talks with Jim about how to accomplish this leadership skill.
Ruth King
How does a small business owner of one generation manage employees who are of another generation? Ruth talks with Jim about this issue and reveals how to do this effectively.
Regardless of what kind of small business you own, teleworking of some kind, is in your future, and Rick joins Jim to talk about how to make this happen successfully, without creating a casualty list.
Grace-Marie Turner
What are the implications universal healthcare -- as proposed by some presidential candidates -- will have on the entrepreneurial U.S. economy? Grace-Marie and Jim talk about this and why market-based, portable heathcare coverage should be the direction we move in, rather than a universal, single-payer (the government) healthcare system.

Thursday - July 12, 2007

Beverley Williams
Bev joins Jim to talk about ways to get high school students who are interested in business to become interns for home-based businesses.
Dr. Jean Wilcox
The words we use in our branding message matter and Jean talks with Jim about how to develop branding words that match the service we provide.
Jim Ostroff
Jim O and Jim B talk about the future of healthcare which is a big part of the national debate in the U.S. They go on to discuss the inability of Airbus to be competitive against Boeing, the IRS intention to conduct more audits, and finally, they talk about technology transfer opportunities from the Department of Defense.

Friday - July 13, 2007

Scott Eblin
What are the things small business owners should hold on to and what should they turn lose of? Scott and Jim identify some of these things and talk about how the 21st century has changed the way we manage our businesses.
Rich Galen
What would the economy, trade, taxes and healthcare look like if the Democrats were in charge of everything? Rich joins Jim to talk about this potential future world.
What are the challenges of finding and keeping the best talent? Jim begins this segment by himself and Emmett joins him later to add his perspectives on managing 21st century talent.
Glenn Llopis
What do small business owners need to know about marketing to Generation Y (teenagers and younger)? Plenty, according to Glenn, who joins Jim to talk about why we should be marketing to these kids, and how to do it.

Tuesday - July 17, 2007

You know how you cringe sometimes when someone says -- or pronounces -- a word that you know is not correct? Well, Phyllis joins Jim to talk about some of those words and how to use her ideas to make sure you don't cause others to cringe.
Don Wilson
Small Business Development Centers are helping entrepreneurs of all stages to be successful, and Don talks with Jim about how SBDCs are working in the 21st century.
Jim says that franchising is entrepreneurial coloring inside the lines, and he and Laura talk about some of the key elements of determining if owning a franchise is right for you, and then picking the one that's best for you.
Liz Franklin
Can you be organized if you're comfortable with a little clutter? Jim asked Liz this question, and others, as they talk about how to get organized and become more productive.

Wednesday - July 18, 2007

Mary Cantando
What does it take for women small business owners to become mentors? Mary joins Jim to talk about the importance of successful women business owners mentoring other women.
Bill Dunkelberg
How is the economy going these days? First, Bill talks with Jim about his recent trip to eastern Europe and his impressions of that region economically. They move on to discuss Bill's most recent survey of small business owners and what they're saying about the economy.
The brainpower of our employees is the most valuable and competitive asset in our small businesses, and Lowell talks with Jim about how to make sure we get the most out of all of this power.
Jim Camp
How can "yes" and "maybe" be your enemy in a negotiation? Jim C joins Jim B to discuss his ideas for being an effective and successful 21st century negotiator.

Thursday - July 19, 2007

Jeff Zbar
What technology does a home-based business need to be successful in the 21st century? Home-based business experts Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about these issues right after they discuss the concept of "fair use" of copyrighted information found on the Internet.
Steve Chabot
Predatory and frivolous lawsuits are hurting small business owners disproportionately and Congressman Chabot joins Jim to talk about what he's doing to end this injustice.
Jim Ostroff
Jim O joins Jim B to talk about how states are taking the lead from the federal government on immigration reform. They also talk about which direction gas prices are likely to go, whether a hybrid car is in your future, what the Federal Reserve is doing about the threat of inflation, and finally, some news on radio frequency identification in products.

Friday - July 20, 2007

William Hubbartt
The federal minimum wage has increased and Bill talks with Jim about when and what small businesses must do to comply with this new law.
David Dawsey
Just because a customer gives you a contract doesn't mean you can't make changes. David talks with Jim about how to identify some of the elements to look for that might not be in your best interest, and how to make suggestions for changes -- even when the customer is a big company.
Valerie Sokolosky
What's the difference between good manners and proper etiquette? Valerie joins Jim to talk about this and other thoughts on proper business behavior.
Daniel Burrus
What does Web 2.0 mean for small businesses? Dan talks with Jim about some specific activities we can do to take advantage of the new Web capability, as well as some perspectives on how we should think about technology in our future.

Monday - July 23, 2007

Jim Blasingame
Do you know the difference between seeking excellence and seeking perfection? Jim explains his ideas on the difference and which on you should focus on.
Nell Merlino
Only 3% of women business owners have annual revenue of $1 million, and Nell talks with Jim about what she and her organization are doing to improve this statistic.
Nick Bibby
Could your entrepreneurial future include the creation of a franchise operation? Nick talks with Jim about some of the key elements of being a franchiser.
Gerald Celente
The trend tracking expert of the Brain Trust, Gerald Celente, is back to talk with Jim about some of the things he sees in our future.

Tuesday - July 24, 2007

Jo Condrill
Is your business ready for the next disruption, like a storm, fire, etc.? Jo and Jim talk about some of the things you should think about to be prepared for a disaster or interruption, from technology to insurance.
Robert Levin
What do small business owners have on their minds these days? Robert polls his readership to find out and he and Jim talk about some of those.
Should you own the real estate your business is in? Joe and Jim talk about this investment issue and others, including what's the news on the sub-prime lending industry.
Marc Allen
How do you become successful without creating a casualty list? Marc joins Jim for another installment of his thoughts on how to be successful, have fun and share the wealth.

Wednesday - July 25, 2007

You know who James Audubon is, but do you really know him? Lawrence joins Jim to talk about the real Audubon and what his impact was on the shaping of America.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why he thinks more public transportation is needed to help millions of Americans get to work.
Renee Schaaf
How does a business transform its 20th century benefits programs into 21st century reality? Renee and Debra join Jim to explain how one company did this with great success.
Robert Gordman
Do you have unprofitable customers? Bob talks with Jim about how to identify those high-maintenance customers and what to do with them. They also discuss how to find and keep the high-profit customer.

Thursday - July 26, 2007

Beverley Williams
What would happen if you couldn't work for a while in your business? Bev talks with Jim about a real story of a home-based business owner and how he prepared for the possibility of disability, which actually came to pass.
Jerry Sarvadi
Talk about an entrepreneurial challenge! What about building a golf course in the hallowed ground of golf -- Scotland -- by an American? Jim has been following Jerry's progress over the past couple of years and now people are playing golf on Jerry's course.
Joan Pryde
Are all of the leveraged buyout transactions creating a potentially dangerous scenario for the U.S. and global economy? Joan and Jim talk about this issue, plus the transformation of the retail big boxes, the outlook for shipping in '08, the value of Health Savings Accounts for small businesses, and new energy legislation for small business.

Friday - July 27, 2007

Jim Donovan
Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Jim D joins Jim B to offer some ideas about how to solve that syndrome, and you shouldn't be surprise to learn that it involves small business.
Stephanie Vance
What do small businesses -- and small communities -- do to get their message across to their members of Congress? Stephanie and Jim talk about how to do this as individuals and as communities.
How do the older generations and the younger generations work together without creating a casualty list? Scott and Jim talk about how to start by establishing some common ground between the generations.
Josh Costell
Is "going green" in your small business' future? Josh and Jim talk about the economic benefit of thinking green as we make business and infrastructure decisions, and how we need to solve the global warming challenge with market decisions, not by government fiat.

Monday - July 30, 2007

Bob Kustka
Do you know how much it REALLY costs to hire an employee? Bob talks with Jim about all of the visible as well as hidden costs that are involved in hiring, and how to reduce and perhaps eliminate the surprises.
Bill Treasurer
How important is courage to leadership? Bill says it may be more important, and and Jim talk about the role that courage plays in the success of a small business.
JoAnna Brandi
How do we create excellent customer care? JoAnna talks with Jim about how to make sure we motivate our employees to want to show up because of what they do, not just because of what they're paid.
Mick Fleming
The local chamber of commerce is essential to the development of local markets, and Mick joins Jim to talk about this, and how the ACCE supports chamber professionals in their efforts on behalf of the chambers they serve. They also talk about the upcoming ACCE convention in Sacramento, which Jim will be participating in.

Tuesday - July 31, 2007

Jim Blasingame
Do you know how to make a sales call on 21st century customers? Jim talks about how things have changed in this century and how to make sure you're not using old assumptions when you and your sales people make calls.
Suzanne Mulvehill
Do you have the guts to be a business owner? Suzanne and Jim talk about how to know if you can pull the trigger on your new business, and how to know when to pull the trigger.
In the 21st century, you don't have to be big to do big things, and Greg talks with Jim about how to use technology and new telecommunications capability to add leverage to your business beyond what your size would indicate.
Tim Berry
How does a family business make the transition from the founder to the next leader? Tim talks with Jim about how he accomplished this critical step in the life of a family business, how his decision is working out, and why he thinks it's going to be a success.