Jim Camp

Jim Camp

Jim Camp, author of Start with No and No: The Only System Of Negotiation You Need For Work and Home, is chairman of The Jim Camp Group, founder, CEO, and president of Coach2100, Inc. negotiation training system, and inventor of Systematic Decision-Based Negotiation™. Since 1987, over 100,000 people have used his negotiation training and management system in more than 500 multinational organizations in a diverse array of industries to complete thousands of business transactions totaling over $100 billion.

Camp and his negotiation training have been featured on CNN, CNBC, numerous radio shows, and in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company, Inc. Knight-Ridder Publications declared his negotiation book "must reading." Camp has taught his negotiation methods in nine countries on three continents.

Camp served his country for seven years. He is a Vietnam Veteran and Air Force pilot. He holds a degree from Ohio State.

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