Marc Allen

Interview with Marc Allen

How do you become successful without creating a casualty list? Marc joins Jim for another installment of his thoughts on how to be successful, have fun and share the wealth.

Category: Work-Life, Balance

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Can you be wildly successful and be lazy too? Marc Allen makes this case with Jim Blasingame as he talks about how to live you life, and operate your business, with ease.
What is the secret to success? Marc tells Jim what he thinks it takes to be successful and it's not about your business, it's about you.
How do you create outrageous success with ease? Marc has done this, and he talks with Jim about how it's possible, if you have the right attitude about those around you.
It's okay to look at a success model and want to follow it, but not at the expense of denying your own unique way of executing your plan. Marc talks with Jim about how to value your uniqueness and use it to your advantage.
Marc and Jim debate how much time it really takes to be successful in business. Is it 60 hours or 30 hours. Don't miss this interview!