Monday - October 01, 2007

Chip Bell
John Patterson
Celebrating Customer Service Week, Chip and John join Jim to talk about how to create an organization that produces customer loyalty.
Tamar Jacoby
Where are we on the illegal immigration issue? Tamar talks with Jim about this, including a court decision this week that could create serious problems for small businesses.
Jennifer Read Hawthorne
Launching her brand new book on Jim's show, Jennifer talks with Jim about how to gain and maintain balance in our lives.
Arky Ciancutti
Is your organization built on trust? Arky and Jim talk about how important the concept and practice of trust is in all of our lives and how you can produce a financial ROI from managing and executing with trust.

Tuesday - October 02, 2007

Jeff Rothfeder
Would you like to know the secrets of success of a 150 year-old family business? Jeff joins Jim to talk about the folks who create Tabasco sauce, the McIlhenny family, and how they've survived multiple generations of ownership.
Steven Preston
Administrator Preston joins Jim to talk about two new business loan programs for military veterans, who qualifies and how to get more information.
How would you like to do a more professional job of marketing your small business? Rosabel talks with Jim about how to create the right kind of marketing mix and do it within your budget.
Richard Rawson
For Jim, it doesn't get any better than combining a discussion about small business and golf, which he does with Richard as they talk about the 4th annual Administaff Small Business Classic in Houston, TX, and the charities that benefit from this event.

Wednesday - October 03, 2007

Jerry Silberman
Are you considering bankruptcy for your business? Listen as Jerry talks with Jim about some ways to restructure your debts so that you can stay in business and out of bankruptcy.
Karen Kerrigan
Pete Sepp
Pete and Karen joins Jim as they celebrate the life of their friend and colleague, John Berthoud, who died at the much-too-young age of 45. John was a long-time Brain Trust member and a tireless champion of economic freedom, tax reform and efficient government.
David Friend
What would happen if the hard drive on your computer crashed right now? Pretty scary, huh? David joins Jim to talk about some ideas and resources that will help you survive such an event without any loss.
Glenn Llopis
Glenn and Jim begin by discussing the current state of affairs regarding communities becoming wireless hot spots. They continue by talking about a movement called Reshape Society, which is, for example, how a small business can make a direct contribution to making the world a better place to live and do business.

Thursday - October 04, 2007

Dave Sutton
Want to know about how to be more successful in marketing your small business? Listen to Dave as he talks with Jim about how to be more scientific in your marketing effort.
Karen Cortell Reisman
The #1 phobia is not snakes or spiders, it's fear of public speaking. But it doesn't have to be that way for you, and Karen joins Jim to talk about several things you can do to make a successful presentation or speech.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about how things have changed for Wal-Mart and why that's good news for small business. They go on to talk about issues about the U.S. dollar as it relates to other currencies and how that affects our economy. Next they discuss the future of the housing industry and possible opportunities, the healthcare settlement between GM and UAW. And finally, they reflect on the 50th anniversary of the Russian satellite, Sputnik.

Friday - October 05, 2007

Don Lambro
Who're going to be the presidential nominees in '08? Don joins Jim to talk about his thoughts on how the presidential races are going, including how the new primary schedule is going to shake things up. Don also makes a couple of predictions you don't want to miss.
Michael Muetzel
Are the generations still having challenges working together? Mike talks with Jim about this and has some ideas about how Boomer employers can work more successfully with Gen X employees.
He saw some niches while on active duty and when he left the Army, decided to see if he could fill them. Jim C joins Jim B to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, including how a Small Business Development Center helped him succeed.

Monday - October 08, 2007

Kenneth Davis
What do we really know about Christopher Columbus? Ken joins Jim on Columbus Day to fill us in on some things we know and some we don't know, about this man traditionally -- which is not to say, correctly -- recognized as the person who discovered America.
Beverley Williams
As Jim celebrates Home-Based Business Week he talks about the historical significance of this type of business structure and how it's evolved over the past century. Jim is joined later in the show by the person who is responsible for this week becoming more or less official, Beverley Williams.
Geary Broadnax
Can a small business really dominate in a market sector against the big guys? Geary not only says yes, but he's proving it, as he shares with Jim in this very important interview.
How does a big business successfully serve small businesses? Clay joins Jim to talk about what IBM is doing to accomplish this challenge and what small businesses can learn from this process to serve their own customers, large and small. <br></["br"]>

Tuesday - October 09, 2007

Eugene Griessman
Does your small business -- or circumstances in it -- ever make feel depressed? If so, you're in good company, as Gene explains in his visit with Jim. Gene talks about what we can learn from President Lincoln about how to deal with what he called, "the black dog."
Sam Norwood
How's the economy doing these days? Sam joins Jim to discuss whether the economy is headed up or down over the next few months. <br></["br"]>
Sam Richter
Did you know you're the beneficiary of the benevolence of one of the great 19th century empire builders? Sam joins Jim to talk about the resources available to entrepreneurs from the online library that is the 21st century version of the bequest of Mr. Hill.
Russell Brown
When does a lawyer help in the business buying and selling process, and when are they not. Russ Brown and Jim Blasingame talk about when is the right time to involve an attorney in your plans to buy -- or sell -- a business, especially when to introduce them to the other party.

Wednesday - October 10, 2007

Mark Hogan
Mark joins Jim to discuss how large banks can help small businesses through their services. They also go over a few things entrepreneurs should know about communicating with their bank to get solutions to their problems.
Kenneth Krosin
Jim and Ken talk about the importance of intellectual property and intellectual asset management to small businesses.
Stephanie Winston
Are you and your organization ready for the push to the end of the year? Stephanie talks with Jim about some tips and tools that will help you maximize the time and resources you have.
Rieva Lesonsky
One of the most asked questions by budding entrepreneurs is, "What business should I start?" Rieva talks with Jim about several areas of new business opportunity that are just right for the 21st century.

Thursday - October 11, 2007

Terri Lonier
Continuing to celebrate Home-based Business Week, Terri and Jim talk about the current issues facing micropreneurs and what the future looks like for this sector of the marketplace.
Ray Keating
Ray joins Jim to talk about how the leading presidential candidates are sounding for small business interests. Ray also offers his ideas on how the economy will perform over the next few months.
How does a "HR department in a box" sound? Jan and Dana talk with Jim about some of the critical issues small businesses face with regard to managing people in an effective and professional way.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim talk about the issues most relevant to small business from the recent Kiplinger Letter, including projections for consumer spending, inflation and interest rates.

Friday - October 12, 2007

Do you know which comes first in customer service -- employees or customers? Michael talks with Jim about this and his ideas could change the way you think about your business.
Suzanne Mulvehill
Do you have what it takes to make it in business? Suzanne and Jim talk about a number of issues that are critical to success in small business.
How do you know when you need help with taking your business to the next level? Bill talks with Jim about how to pinpoint when you should be seeking help from a technology service provider.
Do you know how to think about your customer profile mix? Fred and Jim talk about how to think about going after big customers and small ones.

Monday - October 15, 2007

Jack Stahl
What can small business owners learn from a big business CEO? Plenty, as you will see, as Jack talks with Jim about what he calls the structures of business leadership.
Barbara Weltman
Barbara joins Jim to talk about end-of-year tax planning, including the steps that you need to take to create various retirement programs for your small business.
Lois Geller
Paula Lovell
Joan Pryde
Judith Glaser
Over 40,000 women die from breast cancer every year. These ladies have at least three things in common: they are all breast cancer survivors, they are alive today largely because they were diagnosed early, and they're all members of Jim's Brain Trust, . Listen as they talk about how they were diagnosed, how they handled the news, the treatment and their professional lives, and how they feel about being a survivor. The stories are powerful demonstrations of courage and survival.

Tuesday - October 16, 2007

Carmine Gallo
What does it take to motivate and inspire your people? Carmine talks with Jim about what he's learned from some of the great business leaders he's worked with.
Doug Stives
What's the future of our tax system? Doug and Jim talk about the debate that's going to be conducted over the next year or two on tax issues. Doug also offers some year-end tax planning tips.
David Sandalow
How does the U.S. become less dependent upon petroleum? David talks with Jim about his ideas on how we can wean ourselves off of carbon-based fuels and what benefits will result from accomplishing that.
Beth Milito
If you get a "no match" letter from the Social Security Administration do you know what to do? Beth joins Jim to talk about this controversial issue and to explain what you should do if you get one of these letters.

Wednesday - October 17, 2007

How do you handle people who drain the spirit out of you? Marsha calls them "toxic people" and she talks with Jim about them and what we should do when we're around -- or work with -- these people.
David Gage
What should you do when a conflict arises between business partners -- including family -- that you can't resolve. David talks with Jim about this and explains how mediation could be the answer.
Nicole Gelinas
Is New York City heading for a fiscal crisis? Nicole thinks this is a definite possibility and she talks with Jim about this, plus they discuss how NYC's story could be duplicated in your own municipality.
Ivan Misner
What does a butterfly have to do with networking? Ivan talks with Jim about how the butterfly effect impacted him and how it can be involved in virtually every human interaction we have.

Thursday - October 18, 2007

Jeff Zbar
Jeff and Jim begin with a discussion about how technology has improved the opportunities for mircropreneurs, and they continue with information about how to get free PR for your small business.
Bill Dunkelberg
How's the economy doing these day? Bill joins Jim to report on what small business owners think about how the economy is doing, and it's not as bad as things might seem.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about the impact of record oil prices on the economy, and then about the negative direction Russia is going with Putin at the helm. They continue with a discussion about taxes, immigration and politics.

Friday - October 19, 2007

William Hubbartt
Do you have an employee policy manual in your small business? Bill talks with Jim about why you should have a policy manual that evolves as your business grow.
Chester Elton
Will having an employee recognition plan convert positively to the bottom line for your small business? Chester says it will and he and Jim talk about why employee recognition is more important today than ever before.
Marlo Lewis
Why did former Vice President Gore win a Nobel Peace Prize? Marlo and Jim discuss the illegitimacy of this award, since Mr. Gore's proposal will do nothing to promote peace.
Robert Levin
Rob joins Jim to talk about the value of networking and an entrepreneurial example of someone doing something everyone else thought was not possible.

Monday - October 22, 2007

If necessity is the mother of invention, surely opportunity is its father, and you'll see both in the visit Jim has with this entrepreneur about how he came to create his small business product and them take it to market.
Mike Stewart
Is selling in the 21st century different? Mike and Jim think so and they talk about how and why as they offer suggestions on how to prepare to sell successfully in this new market economy.
Robert Bly
Why isn't marketing your small business intuitive? Bob has the answer and he tells Jim how small businesses can make marketing a lot easier than it seems.
Governor Pete du Pont
Is global warming something that justifies all the hysteria? Governor du Pont talks with Jim about this issue and they both offer their ideas. Plus they discuss the progress of the presidential campaigns. By the way, the name neither one can come up with is, Richardson.

Tuesday - October 23, 2007

Ken Yancey
Lisa Baker
Do you lock the doors of your business? Do you have property insurance? So why aren't you backing up the assets stored on the hard drive on your computer? Ken and Lisa joins Jim to talk about some of the ways you can protect your electronic assets, plus a few other topics, including Business Matchmaking.
Mike Menzies
How will the sub-prime lending meltdown impact your small business? Mike talks with Jim about this, what he thinks will happen with the financial markets over the next 12 months, and how it will affect your ability to get capital.
Are you ready for a virtual assistant relationship? Bill joins Jim to talk about how this works and what it takes to do it successfully.
Rob Jolles
How much does personality impact the selling process? Rob talks with Jim about this, whose personality is the most important, how to be prepared for different personalities, and how to blend -- not impose -- your own personality into the process.

Wednesday - October 24, 2007

Mary Cantando
What's unique about the 21st century for women small business owners? Mary talks with Jim about why things are different for women these days.
Gail Goodman
What's it like to go public? Gail's company just had their IPO and she begins her visit with Jim talking about that process. They go on to talk about recent research on how small businesses feel about their prospects for the holiday season.
John Jantsch
How does a small business conduct marketing with a small budget? John talks with Jim about how this can be done successfully.
Gene Siciliano
What's the best way for small business to use money borrowed from a bank? Gene talks with Jim about how small businesses should manage the different kinds of working capital available to them, including bank debt, and blend them together into a successful capitalization plan.

Thursday - October 25, 2007

What is the most important moment in the marketplace? Jim A joins Jim B to talk about this moment -- when employees meet customers -- and how to define, measure and improve it.
Chad Moutray
How are America's small businesses doing? Chad talks with Jim about the research he conducts on the strength of small business, and the news is good.
Jim Ostroff
Jim O talks with Jim B about the ongoing impact of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and how it's playing out across the economy. They also talk about other issues, including consumer protection, small pharmacies, the use of voice over Internet, and of course, a number of the economic forecasts that Kiplinger is famous for.

Friday - October 26, 2007

Quint Studer
What do you do with your low-performing employees? Quint and Jim talk about the toll this type of employee is taking on your business and what to do about them.
Jane Howard
Pierce Howard
Does our personality determine how we deal with change? Pierce and Jane talk with Jim about this and how to manage the different personalities in our organization when change is occurring.
Christine Comaford-Lynch
Are you a rebel or a renegade entrepreneur and why does it matter? Christine joins Jim to explain what the difference is and which one is best for long-term success.
Dave Anderson
How much does motivation play in successful small business management? Dave talks with Jim about this and explains how to look in the mirror to determine if you're a successful motivator.

Monday - October 29, 2007

Patricia Weber
When you network, do you try to sell? Pat and Jim talk about what you should REALLY be doing when you are in a networking environment or event, and believe it or not, it's not trying to make a sale of your product or service.
Dr. Jean Wilcox
Dr. Jane Cameron
Is international branding for small business different from domestic branding? Jane and Jean talk with Jim about what you should do to build a brand internationally.
Rick Maurer
Do you know what positive deviant means? Rick talks with Jim about this and explains to identify the positive deviants in your small business and then clone that behavior around your organization.

Tuesday - October 30, 2007

David Nasaw
What can 21st century entrepreneurs learn from one from the 19th century? David joins Jim to talk about the entrepreneurial life of Andrew Carnegie.
Richard DeKaser
What's in store for the economy? Has the sub-prime meltdown been contained? Listen as Richard and Jim talk about these issues, including what the Fed will do with interest rates and what to look for in the coming months for the economy.
Fredrik Korallus
What can small business owners learn from one of the leaders of the hospitality industry? Frederik joins Jim to talk about how loyalty programs are important, but they only work in tandem with excellent customer service.
Tom Markel
How does a small business access capital in the 21st century? Tom joins Jim to discuss the challenges of acquiring working capital and what his company is doing to help small businesses increase their chances of getting funds.

Wednesday - October 31, 2007

Ever want to give back with a contribution but you don't know who or what to give to? Drew joins Jim to talk about a social network site that puts givers with pre-screened causes to make the process easier for everyone. You can also build a community around giving to a cause on this site.
Josh Costell
When you're hiring a new salesperson for your small business, do you know the right questions to ask? Josh and Jim talk about this important event and how to conduct a successful interview so you can find the right person.
Richard Maxwell
Do you tell stories when you're expressing yourself in a conversation, or in a presentation? Bob and Max talk with Jim about the importance of storytelling and how to do it effectively.
Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchell taught us how to "hug" our customers. Now he joins Jim Blasingame to explain why, before you can love-up your customers, you have to first "hug" your people, and he talks about how to do that on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.