Monday - May 03, 2004

Richard DeKaser
Mike Menzies
Two of the top bankers in the Brain Trust, Richard and Michael, join Jim for the Fed Watch show when they talk about the national economy.
Christina Cavanagh
Christina joins Jim to explain how you can improve productivity and reduce e-mail overload.
Brad Huisken
Jim and Brad talk about strategies for developing personal trade and repeat customers.

Tuesday - May 04, 2004

Ben McConnell
Ben joins Jim to talk about marketing like a rock star by "touring."
John Stanton
John brings Jim some insight from his trip to Saudi Arabia.
Jared joins Jim to talk about the final episode of Innovation and the role technology plays in our lives.
Peter Meyer
Peter joins Jim to talk about the new technology, RFID, that will replace barcodes.

Wednesday - May 05, 2004

Jeffrey Dobkin
Jim and Jeffrey talk about invention, invention, and patents. Jeffrey identifies some "bad guys" and myths in the industry.
Hamilton Beazley
Hamilton joins Jim to help us work on our "toxic thoughts" and other barriers that may be blocking our path to success.
Joyce Weiss
Jim and Joyce talk about what you can do to take advantage of the slow times in your business.
Wayne Crews
Jim and Wayne talk about the biggest issues in the marketplace and the anti-business sentiment.

Thursday - May 06, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jeff to talk about the swell in media attention home based business is getting.
Hector Barreto
Jim and Hector talk about the SBA's upcoming Expo '04 in Orlando, Florida, and what the SBA is doing for small business.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about this week's Kiplinger Letter and how China's economy is affecting the global economy.

Friday - May 07, 2004

Mark Mayberry
Mark joins Jim to talk about new technology and how appliance stores and small businesses are fighting the price war.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to give some good news about the economy. He reports the results of the monthly Business Conditions Survey.
Francisco joins Jim to talk about how to better market to the growing Hispanic population.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about negotiating and breaks it down into three basic categories to make it easier.

Monday - May 10, 2004

Michael Muetzel
Michael joins Jim to identify the different generations and to explain what they mean to the marketplace.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim during Small Business Month to talk about the issues facing small business in government.
Tony Jeary
Jim and Tony talk about how to master your presentation strategy.
Judy Lawrence
Judy joins Jim to explain what is meant by "cashless society" and how that impacts small business and the marketplace.

Tuesday - May 11, 2004

Congressman Chocola joins Jim to talk about legislation he co-authored that would give small businesses a tax credit for each new job they create.
Kristin Arnold
Jim and Kristin talk about team energizers - practical team activities that will increase your business' productivity.
Judith, a professional designer of retail space, joins Jim to give tips for entrepreneurs.
Rich Galen
Rich, just returned from Iraq, joins Jim to give a new perspective on the war and rebuilding.

Wednesday - May 12, 2004

Bill joins Jim to talk about developing your ideas into a reality.
Tony Paradiso
Jim and Tony talk about ethics: right, wrong, and the shades of gray in between.
Paula Lovell
Paula joins Jim to talk about how small businesses can be not just a vendor or a service provider, but a partner with a larger corporation.
Melanie R. Sabelhaus
Melanie joins Jim to give a report on the SBA and it's 50th anniversary celebration in Orlando.

Thursday - May 13, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to give some tips and resources for people thinking about starting their own home-based business.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim to give a report on what the National Federation of Independent Business found small business owners said about the economy last month.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the good news for small business owners regarding pricing power.

Friday - May 14, 2004

William Hubbartt
Jim and Bill talk about how a business owner's children might be incorporated into their business. Bill informs us of the requirements and regulations regarding children.
Kelle Olwyler
Kelle joins Jim to talk about coming of age and how it happens more than once and when we least expect it.
Annabel Dodd
Jim and Annabel talk about what number portablity is and how to take advantage of it.
Ivan Misner
Ivan joins Jim to talk about success and how networking will help you reach your goals.

Monday - May 17, 2004

Barbara Pagano
Barbara joins Jim to talk about how credibility can make or break you in business.
Steve Martin
Jim and Steve continue their series on improving profitability.
Steven Gaffney
Steven joins Jim to talk about being honest without sounding too opinionated, and taking ownership of your opinions.
Jim Camp
Jim joins our Jim to talk about how what we do is very important along every step of the way in negotiating.

Tuesday - May 18, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about the different ways you can work out of your home and microenterprising.
Russell Brown
Russell and Jim give some tips on preparing your business to sell and what to look for when buying a business.
Anita Rosen
Jim and Anita discuss spring cleaning your business website to keep it current.
Leslie Kossoff
Jim and Leslie discuss the value of executive thinking for small business owners.

Wednesday - May 19, 2004

Mary and Elizabeth talk about matching small businesses with big businesses.
Fred Siegel
Fred joins Jim to congratulate small business owners during small business week. Fred talks about the stock market and what is causing the downturn.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss this week's Kiplinger Letter. On the front page: The War On Terror. Joan talks about, not only the bad news, but also the improvements.

Thursday - May 20, 2004

Hector Barreto
Hector joins Jim to Kick off the SBA's Expo '04 in Orlando, Florida.
Judy Smolski
Jim and Judy talk about small business technology in the 21st century, and announce an exciting new contest.
Jim and Lynn talk about how small business and big businesses can work together.
Michael Pappas
Michael joins Jim at the SBA Expo '04 in Orlando, FLorida to talk about what the SBA is doing for small businesses.

Friday - May 21, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim joins us from the 2004 SBA Small Buisness Expo to talk about the process the Small Business People of the year went through to get to where they are.
Stephen Birge
Jim and Stephen talk about Stephen's business and how he got to be the 2nd Runner up Small Business Person of the Year.
Larry joins Jim at the Small Business Expo in Orlando, Florida to talk about winning the honor of 1st runner up, small business person of the year.
Jim and Sheree talk about the unique business Sheree owns and how she became the 2004 Small Business Person of the Year.

Monday - May 24, 2004

Jim and Beth talk about <i>Colonial House</i> and how it portrays business in 17th century America.
Josh Costell
Josh joins Jim to talk about the simple keys to successful selling.
Jan Yager
Jan joins Jim to explain what a "workship" is and the friendships cultivated through the workplace.
Jo Condrill
Jo joins Jim to talk about her experience in the army war college and the imprortant lessons she learned there.

Tuesday - May 25, 2004

Bill Jensen
Bill joins Jim to give some tips on how to do less of what doesn't matter and more of what does.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick talk about how important it is to understand your small business financial plan.
Rob Jolles
Jim and Robert talk about thinking creatively in order to increase your sales.
Rich Galen
Rich, a Republican, and Donna, a Democrat, join Jim talk about the current political climate and the President's recent speech.

Wednesday - May 26, 2004

Mike joins Jim from Iraq to give a report on the current state of the Iraqi marketplace.
Beverly Inman-Ebel
Jim and Beverly give some examples of why you can't afford to miscommunicate. They also talk about the National Association of Women Business Owners.
Christina Cavanagh
Jim and Christina share some tips on how you can improve productivity and reduce e-mail overload.
Charles Kadlec
Jim and Charles talk about the economy we have and the economy we're going to get.

Thursday - May 27, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to give some more tips on how to succeed in your home based business.
Alan Freedman
Alan shares with Jim some technology terms and definitions and why it's important to know them.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the new Kiplinger Letter. Included this week is oil prices and the small business economy.

Friday - May 28, 2004

Nancy Rosanoff
Jim and Nancy talk about using intuition to improve all of our relationships.
Ray Keating
Jim and Ray talk about John Kerry, Small Business, and the Bush Tax Cuts.
Jim Blasingame
Jim answers questions from listeners about getting your ideas for your small business out to the world.
Gene Siciliano
Gene joins Jim to give tips for improving the way you manage your business's finances.

Monday - May 31, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim shares his thoughts about our nation's heroes on Memorial Day.
Jim and Douglas talk about why small business uses some ideas profitably and others, not at all.
Ron joins Jim to recognize veterans, past and present, this Memorial Day. They also talk about the World War Two Memorial and the VFW's role in its construction.
Governor Gilmore joins Jim to give an update on homeland security.