Fred Siegel

Fred Siegel

Fred Siegel personally manages and consults for over one billion dollars of assets. He has been a Portfolio Manager since 1981 and is presidnet of The Siegel Group, Inc., an investment management firm.

Fred is also president of The Siegel Group International, Inc., a company that provides financial news analysis and consulting to the broadcast media both in the United States and abroad.

Esecutives, institutions and policy makers around the world consult with Fred and rely on his advice when making business and financial decisions.
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Fred continues his series with Jim about his concept of investing for cowards, which is to pick stocks that are proven performers over a long period of time. They also talk about how publicly held conpanies lose contact with customers when they try to please stock analysis first.
Fred and Steve join Jim to discuss the Google phenomenon and its recent IPO.
Fred joins Jim to congratulate small business owners during small business week. Fred talks about the stock market and what is causing the downturn.