Thursday - April 01, 2004

Rich Galen
Rich, our Brain Trust Member on the ground in Iraq, joins Jim to give us live coverage of the situation in Iraq.
Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about how to keep your business and your home separate in a home-based business.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to talk about the issues in this week's Kiplinger letter. They discuss the problems with the U.S patching things up with Europe.

Friday - April 02, 2004

Marcia joins Jim to give some tips on how you can learn quickly to keep up with the fast pace of your small business.
Wayne Crews
Wayne joins Jim to discuss the problems with viruses and cyber terrorism. They talk about what is being done to slow it down.
Michael Barrera
Jim and Michael talk about how the SBA is defending small business against harmful regulations.
Daniel Burrus
Jim and Dan talk about the tools small business owners use and how they are being underutilized. Dan gives some tips on how to use technology to your advantage.

Monday - April 05, 2004

John McKechnie
John joins Jim to talk about credit unions and how they provide the maximum capital a small business needs.
Andrea Nierenberg
Jim and Andrea talk about thinking about your current client base before going out to look for new ones.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about being partisan for small business. He explains how to choose the policies and candidates who are small business friendly.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about seeking excellence in your small business. He explains the difference between perfection and excellence.

Tuesday - April 06, 2004

Mary Hessler Key
Jim and Mary discuss the importance of focusing on leadership and how critical it is to the success to your small business.
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie joins Jim to talk about some of the current issues in the Healthcare debate. They talk about the importance of Health Savings Account.
Greg and Beth join Jim to talk about innovation and technology's role in it. They discuss the liabilities associated with innovation.
Jim and Alan talk about how to put the fun back in to your selling process.

Wednesday - April 07, 2004

Tom Asacker
Tom joins Jim to discuss the purpose of your business that drives all of the activities of the company and how your brand promotes your customers to be loyal.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam talk about the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey. Sam explains why the economy is doing so well.
Jim joins our Jim to talk about the experience he had and the lessons he learned climbing Mt. Everest. They define success and explain how it's important to define your purpose before trying to accomplish anything.
JoAnna Brandi
Jim and JoAnna talk about the positive experience your customers have with your company that makes up your brand. They also discuss how do handle customers who may not be in a good mood.

Thursday - April 08, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about people who start a home based business and how many of them actually succeed.
Gerald Celente
Gerald joins Jim to explain why there are so many people are out of work. He gives some ideas on where the jobs went and when they are coming back.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the realization of better health care and how the choices are going to have to be driven by the consumers, and not employers.

Friday - April 09, 2004

Tyler joins Jim to talk about the challenges we face with the environment, and the part Office Depot is playing in conserving it.
Hector Barreto
Jim and Hector discuss the upcoming Small Business Expo 2004 in Orlando, Florida and how it will benefit small business people who attend.
Jim joins Ruth at Office Depot's headquarters to discuss the Women's Business Expo and how important it is to support any small business owner.
Jorian Clarke
Jorian Clarke joins Jim Blasingame to make sure that your business' website is ready for prime time on the small business radio program, The Small business Advocate Show.

Monday - April 12, 2004

Amanda joins Jim to talk about Health Savings Accounts and how imporant those are to health care in the 21st century. Amanda goes on to explain what Association Health plans are.
Barbara Weltman
Jim and Barbara talk about how to avoid taxes whenever possible and make sure that you give the government every penny owed.
Georgia Donovan
Georgia joins Jim to make sure we pay attention to everything we do. She explains how to have self confidence and how that shows in how you run your business.
Rosalene Glickman
Rosalene joins Jim to talk about how being great is pase, and being your greatest is not easy, but the most beneficial.

Tuesday - April 13, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about aggregators, the people who can can sell things cheaper than you can buy them, such as Wal-Mart. He explains how these companies become some of the largest in the world and how that hurts small business.
Mike Stewart
Mike joins Jim and gives some ideas on how to compete with big corporations through your sales strategy.
Jim of Technical Difference joins our Jim to give the one word that will motivate employees.
Steve Chandler
Jim and Steve talk about how to get your attitude right in order to be successful.

Wednesday - April 14, 2004

Renee Grant-Williams
Jim and Renee give advice on how to use your speaking voice to communicate with your customers.
Michael Harrison
Jim and Michael talk about the free speech debate and the FCC's regulation of electronic media.
Doug Stives
Jim and Doug talk about tax audits and how to avoid them. They discuss what you can do with your returns, even if it is one day before the deadline.
Donna joins Jim to talk about the Presidential candidates and what they will do for small business.

Thursday - April 15, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to talk about her new book, <i>The 30 Second Commute</i> and she gives some tips on how to succeed in home based business.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame on tax day to talk about filing taxes and the options every taxpayer has on this day.
Jim Ostroff
Jim, the Associate Editor of the Kiplinger Washington Editors, joins our Jim to talk about how economic issues might affect the Presidential elections and the other events that might have an effect.

Friday - April 16, 2004

William Hubbartt
Jim and Bill talk about the Medical Privacy Law deadline and how it affects small businesses in the U.S.
Steve Martin
Steve joins Jim to talk about how training employees can increase profitability.
Ramon Ray
Jim and Ray talk about wireless communication technology and how it provides freedom for so many people.
Josh Costell
Jim and Josh talk about selling being a science, not an art.

Monday - April 19, 2004

Joe joins Jim from Iraq to give an update on the state of the Iraqi marketplace.
Russell Brown
Jim and Russell continue their series on the laws of the buying and selling jungle. Russell explains how important it is to assume that there are always skeletons in the closet.
Andrew Zacharakis
Andrew joins Jim to explain what kind of an impact entrepreneurialism has on the economy of any country.
John Dini
Jim and John talk about growing your personal services business and being a global company.

Tuesday - April 20, 2004

Jim Ballard
Jim and James define success and discuss the feelings we carry around about ourselves and how it affects your performance in the workplace.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim to talk about the NFIB's latest small business survey and discuss current trends in the economy.
Stephanie Vance
Stephanie joins Jim to give some tips on connecting with your elected representatives and how to find out what they are up to.
Jan Norman
Jim and Jan talk about effectively marketing your small business on your own.

Wednesday - April 21, 2004

Sean Doyle
Sean joins Jim to discuss how small business owners don't always have to be the underdog and how to take advantage of opportunities.
Jim and Joan talk about the how the Administrative Assistant profession has changed over the years.
Kevin joins Jim to talk about how brands have become commodities and how they shape our culture.
Rick joins Jim during Administrative Professionals Week to celebrate and to talk about the role of the administrative assistant.

Thursday - April 22, 2004

Rich Galen
Richard joins Jim from Baghdad to give a final report on the state of affairs in Iraq before he comes back to the United States.
Jim and Sara talk about Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and the new vision young people have about their lives.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about a bill that could bring a possible cut in the corporate tax rate.

Friday - April 23, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to talk about the difficulties of having a website for your business, and how to make building one easier.
Jack Uldrich
Jack joins Jim to talk about some principles to help you stay on course and move forward. They discuss what small business owners can learn about success from Lewis and Clark's journeys.
Robert joins Jim to talk about how to maximize growth in your business.
Ray Keating
Jim and Ray talk about the contributing factors in the jobs picture and the effect of the tax cuts on the economy.

Monday - April 26, 2004

Hal Urban
Jim and Hal talk about the impact our words have on other people and ourselves. They discuss how to choose your words wisely.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to give some helpful pointers on understanding your financial plan.
Paul Casey
Paul joins Jim to clear up some of the biggest myths of owning your own business.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim to help define the truth about outsourcing and how it can boost your small business.

Tuesday - April 27, 2004

Christine Casper
Jim and Christine talk about raising your emotional intelligence quotient and its importance in raising and maintaining your success.
Don Lambro
Jim and Don talk about current politics and the Presidential candidates. Don gives an update on the campaign and the issues Kerry and Bush are facing.
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie joins Jim to help us understand Health Savings Accounts.
Skip Miller
Skip joins Jim and explains that "sales" is not a dirty word and how you are always selling something.

Wednesday - April 28, 2004

Daniel G. Amen, MD
Daniel joins Jim to help us understand and reduce the risk factors of this indiscriminate disease.
Floyd Hurt
Jim and Floyd talk about setting goals and motivating yourself and others around you.
Mike joins Jim from Iraq to talk about the economy there and what he is doing to help businesses prosper in the war-torn country.
Tim Berry
Jim and Tim talk about what to start with when making a business plan and why starting with your customers is important to the success of your plan.

Thursday - April 29, 2004

Phyllis joins Jim to give a list of words buyers like and a list of words that buyers do like.
Ann and Julie join Jim to talk about easy ways of eating healthy, even when you eat out.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the technology recover we are in, the technology depression we just came out of, and what caused it in the first place.

Friday - April 30, 2004

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about the three keys to small business to success and the importance of networking.
Governor Pete du Pont
Pete joins Jim to talk about the oil for food program that was supposed to get Iraqis food, and Pete tells what really happened with this program.
Cyndi and her co-author, Anders Miller, join Jim to explain what a Fishmonger is and what they do at Pike's Place Fish Market that's so different.
Thomas joins Jim to give a report on possible new and emerging threats to our national and international security.