Rosalene Glickman

Interview with Rosalene Glickman

Rosalene joins Jim to talk about how being great is pase, and being your greatest is not easy, but the most beneficial.

Category: Work-Life, Balance

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What's the difference between positive thinking and optimal thinking? Rosaline talks with Jim about this and also explains how optimal thinking is associated with seeking excellence.
What kind of thinker are you? Mediocre or exceptional? Rosaline tells Jim that there is another level called Optimal thinking, which is not only preferred, but also attainable by mediocre thinkers.
It's not enough to be a positive thinker, Rosaline joins Jim to talk about how to be optimal thinkers, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a positive person or not.
Rosalene and Jim talk about how to ask optimal questions of yourself and your people so that your organization can accomplish optimal results. <br></["br"]>
Rosaline reports on her recent trip to Australia and how that economy is doing. They move on to discuss how positive thinking can actually produce a negative result, and why optimal thinking is better.