Tuesday - December 01, 2009

Rich Galen
How do you prevent a public relations nightmare from happening to your business? Rich Galen and Jim Blasingame talk about some current PR scenarios, like the Tiger Woods issue, and offer suggestions and tips on how to behave when faced with a PR challenge.
Richard DeKaser
How is the economic recovery progressing? Richard DeKaser talks with Jim Blasingame about whether the recent bump in economic activity is sustainable or a temporary reaction to fiscal steroids.
Eric Karjaluoto
How could being a small business actually be a big advantage? Eric Karjaluoto joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why small businesses actually have big advantages over large organizations, especially with regard to getting close to customers.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Even the tiniest small businesses must have an online presence, says Kirk Cheyfitz, as he and Jim Blasingame talk about the impact local search and building online customer communities will have on the ability to survive in the new market era we're entering.

Wednesday - December 02, 2009

Rick Smith
What if your greatest potential is still in you waiting to come out? Rick Smith joins Jim Blasingame to talk about tapping into your strengths and engaging your passions to unlock your greatest potential.
Stephen Baum
In the new age we're entering, business owners will need to consider a new kind of ROI. Stephen Baum talks with Jim Blasingame about why focusing on re-enforcement, opportunism and innovation will be key to success in the coming new age in the marketplace.
Terry Neese
Terry Neese thinks peace can be promoted by promoting women business ownership globally, as she explains with Jim Blasingame about the success of their 2009 Peace Through Business tour. This work is currently focused on Rwanda and Afghanistan.
Don Cooper
What if your sales growth could be achieved with just the customers you already know? Don Cooper and Jim Blasingame talk about how to grow sales revenue by learning how to up-selling and cross-selling.

Thursday - December 03, 2009

Jim Blasingame
What should really be discussed at President Obama's Jobs Summit? Jim Blasingame talks about what's wrong with the invitee list at the Jobs Summit as well as what he thinks would really cause jobs to be created, both of which are probably why Jim wasn't invited.
Bob Kustka
When networking, think of "mixed media," says Bob Kustka, as he joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how to grow your business with an array of networking tools and practices, including face-to-face with the online social media tools.
Joan Pryde
How has the stock market recovered most of what it lost in the past year? Joan Pryde reports with Jim Blasingame on this issue, plus the goverment stimulus package, the census progress, retail spending and a new COBRA enhancement.
Bob Kustka
Who really creates jobs in America? Bob Kustka joins Jim Blasingame to discuss what small business owners are telling him about the economy, and the truth about jobs creation in America.

Friday - December 04, 2009

Dr. David Gratzer
How will the health care reform legislation being proposed be harmful to small business? Dr. David Gratzer joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some of the details of this radical reform, including what it will mean for small business.
Joe Abraham
Why wasn't small business represented at the President's Jobs Summit? Joe Abraham talks to Jim Blasingame about who was invited, who were invited and what's wrong with this picture.
Joel Barker
Reporting on more innovations that will impact our small businesses, Joel Barker joins Jim Blasingame to discuss shark skins, ion propulsion, a kid's toy and how some animals demonstrate fair play.
Sarah Lindholm
Looking for a niche in a very unlikely place. Sarah Lindholm joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how this unlikely entrepreneur found her niche in the most unlikely place - a very old and competitive industry.

Monday - December 07, 2009

Ruth King
What questions should you be asking yourself about next year? Ruth King and Jim Blasingame talk about the 5 questions (Jim adds a 6th one) to ask about operating your small business successfully in 2010.
Rob Jolles
Selling in 2010 is more about connecting with customers and delivering solutions and less about closing. Robert Jolles joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how to get your share of sales in the emerging economic recovery.
Giovanni Coratolo
Why weren't real job creators invited to the White House Jobs Summit? Giovanni Coratolo and Jim Blasingame talk about the deficiencies of the recent jobs summit and who the government should be listening to about jobs creation.
Ted Fishman
American communities are focusing on jobs growth, according to Ted Fishman, as he and Jim Blasingame talk about the local practices and perspectives that will create American jobs in a global economy.

Tuesday - December 08, 2009

Hillel Presser
How can you make your personal and business assets untouchable? Hillel Presser talks to Jim Blasingame about how to structure onwership in order to protect your assets from being taken by lawsuit or creditor.
Sam Norwood
The December 09 Tatum Survey of business conditions, as Sam Norwood reports with Jim Blasingame, indicates a flat to declining confidence level and growth expectations.
Jerry Silberman
How do you prioritize debt obligations and payments when cash flow goes negative? Jerry Silberman reveals with Jim Blasingame how to deal with creditors based on their impact on your ability to stay in business.
Jack Uldrich
What technological applications will change the way we live and do business in 2010. Jack Uldrich joins Jim Blasingame to reveal his list of 20 tech applications that will have an impact on your life and business.

Wednesday - December 09, 2009

Scott Eblin
How do we find a way to lead with all of the clutter of our multi-logue (rather than monologue) world? Scott Eblin talks to Jim Blasingame about how to stay focused on what is important and filter out what is just in the way.
Leslie Kossoff
Can the implementation of the quality process by a small business actually be simple? Leslie Kossoff offers quality process tips and best practices that will help you not make this effort more complicated than it needs to be.
Dr. Tim Cranny
Is your business PCI compliant to process credit cards? Dr. Tim Cranny joins Jim Blasingame to explain what it means to be in compliance when processing customer credit cards, including how to get help in order to avoid fines and/or losing your ability to take plastic.
Wayne Allyn Root
What the government doesn't know about creating jobs could be the longest book in the world. Wayne Allyn Root joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the misplaced effort and misguided small business jobs creation policies of the Obama administration.
Leslie Kossoff
What is the difference between quality service and the quality process? Leslie Kossoff and Jim Blasingame explain why quality service costs too much and quality process is a good investment.

Thursday - December 10, 2009

Tracy Eden
Where does a small business go for capital in a recession caused by a virtual collapse of the credit industry? Tracy Eden and Jim Blasingame reveal specific credit options that are still available, including from independent banks, asset based loans and factoring.
Len Marrella
Len Marrella joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how to practice character-building as you go about your life and business.
Joan Pryde
Joan Pryde reports with Jim Blasingame on the regulatory burden that small businesses will be faced with based on the proposed health care legislation.
Tracy Eden
What is the truth about the ability of small businesses to get credit? Tracy Eden and Jim Blasingame dispel the myths that are proliferating about how much credit is available to small businesses.
Joan Pryde
Joan Pryde joins Jim Blasingame to discuss various issues, including cloud computing, EPA regulations and what's going to happen with the estate tax.
Joan Pryde
Joan Pryde joins Jim Blasingame to report on various economic indicators, including GDP, inflation, interest rates, gas prices, etc.

Friday - December 11, 2009

Ray Keating
Reporting on The Small Business Survival Index for 2009, Ray Keating joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how the recession impacted the behavior of state as they made tax and regulatory decisions to shore up declining revenue.
Andrea Nierenberg
What does it take to connect with all four generations in the marketplace today? Andrea Nierenberg and Jim Blasingame discuss connecting, follow-up practices, networking and other tips that help get more customers without spending a lot of money.
Mary Lou Quinlan
It's finally official: women aren't easy to understand. Mary Lou Quinlan explains to Jim Blasingame why women withhold information, and what businesses need to know in order to connect with them.
Nicole Gelinas
What really caused the financial recession of 2009? Nicole Gelinas joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that the wrong decisions were first made decades ago, and what must be done to prevent a repeat of this destructive financial condition.

Monday - December 14, 2009

Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame identifies five things to focus on in order to begin the new year with a "clean" company, including inventory, customers, employees, accounts receivable, etc.
Jim Rogers
How is the U.S. economy? Will we have a "double dip" recession? Jim Rogers joins Jim Blasingame to talk about these issues and offer advice for small businesses for the coming year.
Chip Reaves
Could you be exposed to computer viruses just by using social media sites? Chip Reaves says yes, as he explains with Jim Blasingame about how this could happen and how to prevent it from happening to you.
Anita Rosen
Cloud computing is becoming a greater part of small business, so how do you know when it's right for you? Anita Rosen and Jim Blasingame explain what cloud computing is and how to ask the right questions so you know when it's right for you.
Jim Blasingame
What politicians can do to help the economy. Jim Blasingame identifies the specific things the government can do to help small businesses promote economic growth, plus the things they are doing to hinder the economy.

Tuesday - December 15, 2009

Scott Fox
Can you use social media to raise money for charity? Scott Fox explains to Jim Blasingame how he is using Twitter to raise money for his charity by using that community to involve other people and distribute the message.
Brian M. Carney
De-stress your workplace to improve your bottom line, according to Brian Carney, as he reveals to Jim Blasingame how much of a toll stress takes on our people and how by reducing stress is not only the right thing to do, it is also a profit strategy.
Charlie Fewell
Survival in the new era is tied directly to customer retentions, says Charlie Fewell, as he talks with Jim Blasingame about how to stay focused on the customer experience, instead of what you have to sell.
Michael Medved
Dispelling the many myths about business and capitalism, Michael Medved joins Jim Blasingame to identify and dispute an increasing assault on the concept of market solutions over government intervention.
Scott Fox
What are the best practices for a small business to conduct in order to be successful with social media? Scott Fox joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the most important tips for finding a return on the investment of time and resources in social media.

Wednesday - December 16, 2009

Randy Pennington
Demonstrating integrity is a timeless element in leadership success. Randy Pennington and Jim Blasingame discuss how to not only lead with integrity, but how to convey that behavior to employees.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill Dunkelberg and Jim Blasingame report on the November 09 NFIB Report on small business conditions and the news is not good. Small businesses are not optimistic about sales, profits, hiring and especially the uncertainty of the impact of proposed legislation.
Darlene Quinn
Is retail making a recovery? Darlene Quinn reports with Jim Blasingame that the retail market is make a comeback, but slowly. She also reports on several large retailers who aren't expected to make it through the next year.
Marjorie Jobe
Are some businesses being targeted by regulators? Marjorie Jobe and Jim Blasingame discuss new federal employment guidelines for small business, including some of the new enforcement practices, fines and penalties.

Thursday - December 17, 2009

Jeff Zbar
Micropreneur expert, Jeff Zbar, joins Jim Blasingame to offer success tips and perspectives for doing business at the micropreneurs level in 2010.
Michael Stallard
How will leadership evolve in the next marketplace era? Michael Stallard and Jim Blasingame talk about some of the new perspectives that will be required to lead effectively in the next era of the marketplace, which is being marked by increasing control by customers.
Joan Pryde
How did Obama do in his first year as president? What will be his plans for next year. Joan Pryde and Jim Blasingame review this week's Kiplinger Letter and report on these topics, plus actions by the Fed, future stimulus plans and other current events.

Friday - December 18, 2009

Dan Nigito
Can you actually take more control over how your tax dollars are spent? Dan Nigito reveals to Jim Blasingame how financial planning tools, like a charitable remainder trust, can be a way of preventing the government from determining where all of your tax dollars go.
Grace-Marie Turner
What are the small business compliance and tax details of the proposed health care legislation? Grace-Marie Turner reports on this with Jim Blasingame, including the tax and regulatory compliance details she has found in the Senate document.
Ilise Benun
Preparing your business for 2010, says Ilise Benun, as she tells Jim Blasingame, should include seeking counsel from professionals advisors as well as friends on your plans of your business, since they will be able to take a less passionate view.
Dave Anderson
Agreeing that 2010 is the beginning of a new marketplace era, Dave Anderson and Jim Blasingame talk about how to get your organization ready for the new marketplace by creating an accountability culture that can be explained, measured and accomplished.
Ilise Benun
Has the recession been more difficult for shy people? Ilise Benun says yes, and she talks with Jim Blasingame about why and what shy people can do about it.
Dave Anderson
What did the recession of 2009? Dave Anderson talks with Jim Blasingame about what we learned in 2009 that we wouldn't have learned without the difficulties we experiences, and how to capitalize on those lessons in the future.
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie Turner joins Jim Blasingame about her appearance on the Stossel Show on Fox Business discussing the benefits of employees becoming better health care consumers through the funding of their corporate benefits.

Monday - December 21, 2009

Jean Newell
How can a real estate agent go from selling houses to becoming an inventor and then an entrepreneur? Jean Newell joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how she came to reinvent herself as an inventor and successful entrepreneur.
Fred P. Hochberg
Bridging the financial gaps is one of the main challenges for any small business exporter and Fred Hochberg talks with Jim Blasingame about all of the services and tools ExIm Bank has to help make exporting possible for small businesses, including direct lending.
Bill Treasurer
Being a small business CEO requires executive leadership and encouragement, according to Bill Treasurer, who talks with Jim Blasingame about what it takes to become the Chief Encouragement Officer of your small business.
W. Michael Cox
What factors will influences the future economy? Economist, Michael Cox, joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how and why the next economic period will be different from the last one, and what major factors will be the most influencial.

Tuesday - December 22, 2009

Katherine Crowley
How can we get bosses and employees working together effectively? Katherine Crowley joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how to improve communication and understanding among managers and staff, especially during tense economic times.
Maureen Farrell
How important is it to be able to articulate your business plan to others? Maureen Farrell joins Jim Blasingame to report that it is very important, including how one company did it so well that they got $100 grand for their efforts in the Forbes "Boost your business" contest.
Colleen Rickenbacher
Etiquette expert, Colleen Rickenbacher joins Jim Blasingame to review proper etiquette and behavior as you attend holiday gatherings, including who to bring, what to bring and which glass of water is yours.
Gene Siciliano
If you knew one or two things that could significantly increase your small business' chance of survival and success, would you do it? Gene Siciliano and Jim Blasingame reveal several of these, including cash flow, banking and customer mistakes to avoid.
Gene Siciliano
What did small businesses learn in 2009? Gene Siciliano joins Jim Blasingame to report that he thinks Main Street learned a lot in 2009, but Wall Street and Washington, D.C. didn't

Wednesday - December 23, 2009

Brian Dobson
Is your small business going through a PR crisis? Brian Dobson and Jim Blasingame talk about what steps you should take to make things right with your customers.
Kenneth Davis
There are many moving parts to the modern Christmas holiday. Historian, Ken Davis joins Jim Blasingame to talk about what is true and what is myth, and what we should all do more of.
John Ready
What's it like being in the lobster business? Lobsterman, John Ready talks to Jim Blasingame about this, plus how his company created a marketing strategy that transcended their product.
Mike Robbins
Did you find anything about the bad economic conditions to be grateful for? Mike Robbins and Jim Blasingame talk about why you shouldn't waste a crisis and how to find opportunity even in a recession.

Thursday - December 24, 2009

Marie Gryphon
How does a small business owner become an accidental criminal? Marie Gryphon joins Jim Blasingame to discuss a defect in Federal laws - omission of the mens rea language - that can cause business owners to be charges as criminals without any criminal intent or even any fraud, damage or injury occurring.
Joe Knight
Do you know the difference between cash and profit? Do you know why you need to know this? Joe Knight talks to Jim Blasingame about the financial intelligence all small business owners must have in order to avoid falure.
Dr. John Christy
Nobel prize winner, John Christy, Ph.D., is a real climate scientist and he reports with Jim Blasingame about his research that doesn't support a gloom-and-doom scenario for climate change. His work was mentioned as needing to be suppressed 51 times in the ClimateGate emails.
Joan Pryde
Senior Editor, Joan Pryde joins Jim Blasingame to report on economic momentum for 2010, Congress' failure to address key tax issues, raising the national debt ceiling, and other issues of the day.

Friday - December 25, 2009

Jim Blasingame
Attempting the virtually impossible, Jim Blasingame offers his most inspirational thoughts on this Christmas Day, plus his best attempt to defend those who might be a little bit like Mr. Scrooge.
Barbara Weltman
Congress became the Grinch this year by failing to resolve several tax issues that businesses need in order to plan. Barbara Weltman joins Jim Blasingame to talk about some of the specific tax elements that are in limbo until Congress reconvienes.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame celebrates Christmas with two Bible passages, followed by reading a passage from the book, Anam Cara, titled, "The greatest sin is the unlived life," by Jim's friend, the late John O'Donohue.
Andrew J. Sherman
Andrew Sherman and Jim Blasingame, a Jew and a Christian, celebrate Christmas together talking about frienships, tolerance and a wish for more understanding in the new year.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame celebrates Christmas with a beautiful poem about our men and women in military service and he pays tribute to their sacrifice and that of their families.

Monday - December 28, 2009

Kevin Pigg
With the small business mortality rate so high, how can you reduce your chances of being part of this statistic? Kevin Pigg joins Jim Blasingame to offer some tips and best practices that will help you have a greater chance of finding success.
Pete Sepp
What new taxes and tax increases will be levied as a result of proposed legislation such as the health care reform bill? Pete Sepp and Jim Blasingame review this list of new taxes.
Lee Silber
How could thinking smaller help your small business get bigger? Lee Silber and Jim Blasingame talk about how focusing on the small things you do well, plus making many small decisions are the building blocks to big success.
Michael Johnson
What do women need to know about how men think in order to eliminate the glass ceiling? Michael Johnson and Jim Blasingame offer a view into how a man thinks about business, including the consideration of including women into their boys club.

Tuesday - December 29, 2009

What industries should we be watching to both avoid and to join? George Van Horn talks to Jim Blasingame about the top 10 industries - the worst and the best - for the past 10 years and also for the coming decade.
Jim Blasingame
For the past nine years, Jim Blasingame has made a number of predictions for the up-coming year. At the end of the year he reviews what he predicted, reports on what really happened and tallies up his score. He did better in 2009 than last year.
Waseem Daher
Entrepreneur, Waseem Daher, joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how his young company, Ksplice, won the Forbes "Boost Your Business" contest, plus he identifies the innovation that is his primary product.
Tim Berry
Can entrepreneurs have it all - professional and personal success? Tim Berry and Jim Blasingame think it's possible and they discuss tips and best practices both have used for balancing work and life.
Jim Blasingame
Wrapping up his 2009 predictions, Jim Blasingame talks about his prediction that terrorists would use an underwear bomb. But his idea was a little different from the current news. Check it out.

Wednesday - December 30, 2009

Gretchen Rubin
What does it take to make you happy? Do you even know what happiness is? Gretchen Rubin talks to Jim Blasingame about how to set yourself on a path to happiness, including defining it your own way.
John Stanton
The Age of the Customer™ has begun. John Stanton joins Jim Blasingame to talk about all of the reasons why the customer is now in complete control over the relationship with you, and how the way you used to serve customers will not get the job done today.
Jay Myers
What if your best customer or product just went away? Have you identified your next big opportunity? Jay Myers joins Jim Blasingame to talk about surviving 2009 and how identifying his next big opportunity before he needed it made survival possible.
Julie Lenzer Kirk
Can you actually learn how to become an entrepreneur? Julie Lenzer Kirk thinks you can, and she joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the elements of entrepreneurship, such as being creative, innovative, managing risk, and how these things can be learned. They also talk about some of the differences between men and women entrepreneurs.

Thursday - December 31, 2009

Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame look at the prospects for micropreneurs, including technology and customer acquisition.
Richard DeKaser
What does 2010 economy hold for small businesses? Richard DeKaser and Jim Blasingame discuss the coming year's economic recovery.
Ramon Ray
How should small businesses be leveraging technology going forward in 2010? Ramon Ray and Jim Blasingame talk about some of the specific tools and resources that are available right now for small businesses to implement in their marketing strategy, including social media and mobile apps.
Jim Sirbasku
Are you able to set goals and accomplish them. Jim Sirbasku joins Jim Blasingame to talk about goal setting practices that have worked for him in his highly successful career. He also talks about the difference between a goal and a resolution.
Jim Sirbasku
How is the economic recovery going in other regions of the globe? International business expert, Jim Sirbasku, talks with Jim Blasingame about the global economic recovery by major region and compares those to the U.S. recovery.