Wednesday - July 01, 2009

Jim Randel
What should we learn from the mortgage/housing meltdown that has wrecked out economy? Jim Randel joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the various elements that played a part in the mortgage/housing bubble bursting, which created the current global recession.
Pamela Harper
How do you create a "green" competitive advantage for your small businesses ? Pam Harper joins Jim Blasingame to explain the internal as well as business model advantages of pursuing "green" options when making operating purchases as well as when developing products and services to offer to customers.
Brad Huisken
When should a small business ad a sales manager to the staff? Brad Huisken joins Jim Blasingame as they discuss the process of adding a sales manager to the staff, plus specific skills and tasks required of good sales management.
James Copland
Isn't justice supposed to be blind?Could "empathetic justice" hurt small businesses? Jim Copland joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the implications of promoting judges who are intentionally empathetic to those who come before the court, including one national case and one local case that hurt a small business.

Thursday - July 02, 2009

Grace-Marie Turner
What are the dangers of a government-run health care system? Grace-Marie Turner joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the dangers of the Obama administrations plans for reforming one-sixth of the U.S. economy.
Kenneth Davis
As America celebrates the anniversary of its independence day, Ken Davis joins Jim Blasingame to give us some facts about our Founding Fathers, the founding of this great nation and what this has meant to the world.
Joan Pryde
What kind of a recovery will we have a V, a U or a W? Joan Pryde and Jim Blasingame talk about the prospects for global economic recovery, as well as trade issues and Independence Day.
Steve Forbes
What does the power, ambition and glory of historical leaders have in common with modern-day entrepreneurs? Steve Forbes joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how he covers this idea in his new book, plus his take on other current public policy issue. Don't miss this interview with this great American.

Friday - July 03, 2009

Dennis Pogue
On this independence day we celebrate and appreciate the father of our country, George Washington, with Mount Vernon curator, Dennis Pogue, who joins Jim Blasingame to contribute to the celebration and report on what's going on at one of America's most important historic sites.
Jim Blasingame
We began with freedom and entrepreneurship was born. Jim Blasingame talks about events leading to the founding of the United States and how that shaped the formation of entrepreneurship and capitalism.
Sam Carpenter
How do you make the "system" work for you, so you can work smarter, instead of harder? Sam Carpenter joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how he reduced his work week from 80 hours to 2 hours and at the same time, multiplying his income.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame talks about the initial steps that gave rise to the Declaration of Independence and the 11 year journey it took until it manifested into the Constitution of the United States.

Monday - July 06, 2009

Julia Seymour
Is professional journalism dead? Jim Blasingame asks Julia Seymour this question as she joins him to discuss the lack of critical reporting being conducted on legislation such as health care reform and carbon regulation. The answer, based on the current evidence, is that if professional journalism is not dead, it is not healthy and less than the public deserves.
H. Sterling Burnett
"Climate change" legislation is bad for small business, according to Sterling Burnett, as he joins Jim Blasingame to explain why he thinks Congress should hold public hearings before voting on climate change bill. This is the cap-and-trade bill that will create unilateral carbon reductions on the U.S. and reduce our global competitiveness.
Pam Danziger
What will be the new "normal" for consumers in the future? Pam Danziger joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how consumers will behave during the recovery as well as how they will spend when the economy is out of the recession. They also discuss how consumers will feel about borrowing to buy in the future.
Sam Richter
The most important thing you need to sell successfully is what's in the head of your prospects and customers. Sam Richter joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how to make sure your sales calls are oriented around what's important to them, rather than what's important to you.

Tuesday - July 07, 2009

Max Pappas joins Jim Blasingame to talk about what Congress is doing this week in Washington.
Judith Glaser
According to experts, we have not one brain, but five (maybe six). Judith Glaser talks with Jim Blasingame about new perspectives on how multi-brain small business owners behave, including how all of this manifests in the social networking universe.
Cinda Baxter
How can we save Main Street small businesses? One at a time, according to Cinda Baxter who is back to talk with Jim Blasingame to talk about the progress of the 3/50 project she founded to raise awareness in communities of how critical small businesses are.
Doug Campbell
How does a small business make sure it is ready for the next marketplace era? Doug Campbell talks with Jim Blasingame about the need to reinvent our small businesses so that we're ready for the next era of the marketplace where things will be different from what we've known.

Wednesday - July 08, 2009

Jim Blasingame
How much longer will the economy be in a recession? Jim Blasingame talks about some of the leading indicators that are creating a slower recovery than we would like, and he offers his thoughts on how to survive and grow in the face of this adversity.
Sam Norwood
What are small business managers saying about the current economic conditions? Sam Norwood reports with Jim Blasingame about business conditions for now and the next 60 days, on issues such as sales, credit, employment and capital spending, as reported by hundreds of small business managers.
Jonathan Salem Baskin
Branding without connecting is just expensive noise. That's the message Jonathan Baskin and Jim Blasingame discuss as they explain how small businesses reach customers and build communities in a period that is being described as the "post-marketing" era.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
What does it take for you to be happy? Can you be happy without money and stuff? Can you be happy even when things aren't going so well? Cherie Carter-Scott joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the definition of happiness and the key to finding it for yourself, regardless of your circumstances.

Thursday - July 09, 2009

Jeff Zbar
Listen as these two veterans discuss some of the realities of starting a small business from home. Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about a number of micro business issues, including the application of social media.
Bridget Brennan
Why are women the dominant force in the economy? Bridget Brennan tells Jim Blasingame that women are responsible for 80% of the consumer economy, and she explains why businesses need to pay attention to the the fact that women look at the world different than men.
Joan Pryde
What financial regulations is the government planning? Who is hurt the most by the recession, young workers or older workers? Is a Value Added Tax (VAT) in our future? Joan Pryde and Jim Blasingame talk about these current events and others that impact small businesses.

Friday - July 10, 2009

Steve DelBianco
The Internet sales tax debate is heating up again and Steve DelBianco joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the bill currently in Congress that would force small Internet-based businesses to be prepared to collect and remit sales taxes to the 8,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the U.S..
Bill Halal
What will be the future business model for capitalism? Will we think differently about how to generate profit? Bill Halal joins Jim Blasingame with a proposal that the classic profit model be converted to what he calls the "collaborative enterprise" model. Jim asks him how this new model pays the rent.
Darlene Quinn
What is the future of small business retail? Does the travails of big box retailers have to negatively impact Main Street small businesses? Darlene Quinn joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why the big boxes are on the ropes and they discuss how small companies can learn from those failing national brands.
Stephen Baum
What are small business CEOs planning for survival and what do they think about success? Stephen Baum talks with Jim Blasingame about the real stories of the managers he works with in his CEO coaching practice, including what we can learn from them.

Monday - July 13, 2009

Jim Ballard
How can the coaching mentality and practices benefit your small business? Jim Ballard talks with Jim Blasingame about how to use the coaching approach with employees, but also to acquire a coach for yourself, as the leader of your organization.
Barbara Weltman
Tax planning isn't fun but it must be done and it's becoming more critical to small business success. Barbara Weltman joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the latest tax news, including tips for tax planning with regard to current tax law and proposed tax policy.
Matthew Cartwright
How does a small business avoid being involved in a lawsuit, whether a defendant or a plaintiff? Matthew Cartwright talks with Jim Blasingame about a few fundamental ideas that will not only help you avoid being a party to lawsuits, but will likely increase your success and make life more enjoyable.
Ted Fishman
China will continues to impact life and markets on planet Earth, according to Ted Fishman, who discuss the current unrest in China with Jim Blasingame, plus the success of its government stimulus and overall economic recovery. They also discuss the ways China will continue to influence the world for decades to come.

Tuesday - July 14, 2009

Rich Galen
What is the impact of national politics on small business? Republican strategics, Rich Galen, joins Jim Blasingame to discuss current political issues, including the Supreme Court nominee process, the future of the Republican party, and the likelihood of passage of the heath care reform bill.
Lee Silber
How do you create a "Wild Idea Club" in your small business? Lee Silber talks with Jim Blasingame about how to be more creative by starting a Wild Idea Club, both internally with employees, and externally, with your a group of trusted peers.
Tim Berry
Fear can be an immobilizer or a motivator. Tim Berry joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how to manage fear as a critical element in your planning and execution process.
Jim Blasingame
How can a small business turn fear in the marketplace into a competitive advantage? Jim Blasingame explains where the fear is originating and how this understanding can help you create a stronger team.
Tim Berry
What are the key elements in planning strategy? Business planning guru, Tim Berry reveals and discusses with Jim Blasingame the three critical strategic elements when creating a business plan, identity, market and focus.

Wednesday - July 15, 2009

Brian Schwartz
Is there a process that can be followed to become an entrepreneur? Brian joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how his quest to become a small business owner involved talking with actual practitioners, and that activity became his business.
Bill Dunkelberg
Small business owners are not appreciably more optimistic than last month, but there are some indicators that things are getting better. Bill Dunkelberg joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the most recent report on small business optimism and market activity.
Joel Libava
Are you a prospect to become a franchise owner? Joel Libava talks about the process of finding, buying and financing a franchise with Jim Blasingame. They also talk about the franchise environment in this recession.
John Dini
How does a small business produce a return on investment with a social media strategy? John Dini and Jim Blasingame talk about the opportunities and challenges involved as a small business incorporates a social media strategy into its overall marketing plan.

Thursday - July 16, 2009

Ramon Ray
Technology has never been more important to the success of small businesses than it is will be in the future. Ramon Ray joins Jim Blasingame as they discuss the impact of technology and tech applications on the relationships we will have with our customers.
Ken Gronbach
How do birth rates impact the marketplace? Ken Gronbach joins Jim Blasingame to examine global demographic shifts and how they will impact global markets and politics, and what all of this will mean for small businesses.
Joan Pryde
What's the future of manufacturing in the U.S.? Will health care reform pass in 2009? Will the SBA increase lending to small business exporters? How much more financial regulations will be imposed? Joan Pryde joins Jim Blasingame to discuss these topics and more.

Friday - July 17, 2009

Tamar Jacoby
Is immigration taking a back seat in the national debate? Tamar Jacoby says yes, as she joins Jim Blasingame discuss the current status of immigration reform and whether it could become an element of the health care reform debate.
Jack Uldrich
What is the future of manufacturing? Will China or technology put more pressure on U.S. manufacturing? Jack Uldrich joins Jim Blaisingame to report on some of the latest technological innovations that will have the most impact on how we make things in the future.
Colleen Rickenbacher
Do you know what a 21st century resume should look like? Colleen Rickenbacher talks with Jim Blasingame about the components and delivery protocols of a modern resume process when looking for a job, regardless of your age.
Doug Stives
How will your tax planning change over the next couple of years? Doug Stives joins Jim Blasingame to report on some of the changes that are likely to take place with regard to tax law over the next two years, including income tax and estate tax. Also, what are the tax implications of the current health care reform proposals.

Monday - July 20, 2009

Philip Broughton
How could Harvard MBA's have caused the financial crisis? Phillip Broughton joins Jim to talk about his experience in the Harvard Business School and why he thinks the standards, values and ethics of that are taught to and encouraged of their graduates and alumni community, and how they have impacted the marketplace and politics, sometimes negatively.
Leslie Kossoff
Is there a dark side to entrepreneurship? What are the circumstances that create negative experiences as a small business owner? Leslie Kossoff and Jim Blasingame discuss what causes a small business experience to go bad and how to prevent a disaster that could take you to the dark side of entrepreneurship.
Bill Glynn
For some time, Americans have had a "borrow and spend" attitude about our economy, according to Bill Glynn, and he talks candidly with Jim Blasingame about what this behavior hath wrought on our future.
Jesse Ortiz
Is there politics in the golf industry, and if so, how does it impact the business of golf? Jesse Ortiz joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the sport and the business of golf, including the "Tiger impact," the recessionary impact on golf, and of course, the "square groove" controversy.
Leslie Kossoff
How does American small business opportunity compare to entrepreneurship in Europe? Leslie Kossoff reports from Paris, France, with Jim Blasingame, on how the system is stacked against entrepreneurship in Europe, compared to the U.S.

Tuesday - July 21, 2009

Wayne Crews
What if the government conducted regulatory stimulus by reducing or eliminating regulations on small businesses? Wayne Crews joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how reducing regulations, instead of increasing them, would encourage the economic recovery.
John Jantsch
Creating and nurturing a dynamic referral strategy is one of the most important elements of a successful small business marketing plan, according to John Jantsch, who joins Jim Blasingame to talk about specific tips and best practices in giving and receiving customer referrals.
Nick Bibby
What are the two sides of a franchise transaction? Nick Bibby talks to Jim Blasingame about some of the issues involved in becoming a franchisee, the buyer, and a franchiser, the creator and seller of a franchise. They also talk about the impact of a recession on franchising activity.
Stephen Moore
Proposed reforms in health care and carbon emissions will create prohibitive costs for small businesses, as Steve Moore reports with Jim Blasingame, including specific tax and surtax proposals to pay for these reforms.

Wednesday - July 22, 2009

Jim Blasingame
The local chamber of commerce in your town is one of the most important organizations in your market, according to Jim Blasingame. Jim talks about how local chambers work, why they're important to the community and to your small business, and how to join and participate.
Don Lambro
The current health care reform and cap-and-trade debates are two critical issues being debated that will have enormous influences on small businesses. Don Lambro joins Jim Blasingame to talk about these issues and how the debate is progressing in Congress.
Jorian Clarke
The future of online customer relations for small businesses is called the virtual world. Jorian Clarke joins Jim Blasingame to explain how virtual world technology can be used to create a better community experience for your customers.
Gene Marks
Small businesses are the last to lay off workers, because of the job requirements and the closeness of the relationships. Gene Marks joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the nature of the relationships between small business owners and their employees, and how this creates opportunity for them.

Thursday - July 23, 2009

Jim Blasingame
What should small businesses think about the social media craze? Jim Blasingame talks about social media, building online customer communities, establishing the values of the communities you build for customers and why you should be on Twitter.
Steven S. Little
What are the most critical survival and growth strategies for a small business to practice as the economy transitions from recession to recovery? Steven Little joins Jim Blasingame to discuss several survival practices and growth strategies to practice simultaneously.
Joan Pryde
Will the U.S. lead the world out of recession? How long will the recession last? What will the role of the Fed be in the future? These issues and others are discussed by Joan Pryde and Jim Blasingame, including the American auto industry and whether tax increases will be part of health care reform.

Friday - July 24, 2009

Jeff Zbar
Can you take your small business on the road? Jeff Zbar is on his "Home Office Highway" tour and joins Jim Blasingame talk about some of the tips, best practices and especially the technology that you can use to be more productive when you're on the road.
Steve Millard
What does your small business, chambers of commerce and social media have in common? If Steve Millard has his way, a lot, as he explains with Jim Blasingame. Very soon, local chambers of commerce will have a community building tool that can not only help them serve their members, but will also allow their members to use this resource in their businesses.
Dan Poynter
What's the future of the publishing industry? Dan Poynter talks with Jim Blasingame about why the traditional publishing industry - including books and print media - is in trouble. He also explains alternative ways to get your ideas published, distributed and sold.
Grace-Marie Turner
The health care reform debate is being pushed by the Obama administration, but is his plan for America the right one? Grace-Marie Turner joins Jim Blasingame to explain why the president's plan is losing traction and to reveal an alternative approach that would include market solutions, portability and less government involvement.

Monday - July 27, 2009

Ken Leebow
Sorry if this sounds rude, but as a population, Americans are overweight. Ken Leebow joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the cause-and-effect issues that are creating what has been termed an "obesity epidemic" in America. Ken also offers several ideas on how to lose weight and live healthy.
Tom Asacker
How does a small business earn customer loyalty to the level that sustains successful repeat sales? Tom Asacker joins Jim Blasingame to offer a number of valuable tips and best practices on how to make your customers think about you when they need what you sell and come back - and - tell their friends.
The current EPA leadership was recently given an opportunity to allow evidenced-based dissent from its political agenda on climate change and they refused. John Spisak talks with Jim Blasingame about a specific case where an veteran EPA scientist has been silenced because he produced and tried to publish non-politically correct findings.
Stephen R. Covey
In the coming decentralization of marketplace influence, what will be the role of leadership in small businesses? Stephen Covey joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the evolution of leadership training and execution in the 21st century.

Tuesday - July 28, 2009

Larry Weber
Do you know that your small business has an online reputation? Larry Weber joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the reality of the online media world where customers are free to publish and distribute whatever they want about your company. Your job is to give them more good things to say than bad things.
Doug Tatum
What will the future hold for small businesses? What are the key survival and growth strategies for 2009 and beyond? Doug Tatum and Jim Blasingame talk about some of the critical issues that will help a small business survive and thrive in a global economy going forward in the coming economic recovery and expansion.
Giovanni Coratolo
The national great debate of 2009 is health care reform. Giovannia Coratolo talks with Jim Blasingame about the other side of the health care reform debate that is not being heard, but that would be best for small businesses.
Kirk Cheyfitz
What will the marketplace look like post-2009?The global marketplace is changing rapidly, and small busineses are having to change with it. Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how 2009 is a transitional year between how we used to do business and how we'll do business from 2010 and beyond.

Thursday - July 30, 2009

Joan Pryde
There are changes coming to help small businesses deal with the difficult issues around providing retirement plans for employees and Joan Pryde talks with Jim Blasingame about this, plus the rise of the Chinese economy and other topics from the most recent Kiplinger Letter.
Bill Brandt
What is the current state of economic recovery? How long will it take for recovery to turn into expansion? Bill Brandt talks about this with Jim Blasingame, plus his thoughts on the current health care reform debate, as well as the credit environment for small businesses.
Harvey Schmitt
Broadcasting live from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives convention in Raleigh, N.C., Jim Blasingame talks with Raleigh Chamber president, Harvey Schmitt, about how local chambers of commerce are helping small businesses survive in a recessionary economy?
Aaron Nelson
Broadcasting live from the ACCE Convention in Raleigh, N.C., Jim Blasingame talks with Chapel Hill Chamber president, Aaron Nelson, about the GreenPlus program, which is a locally developed initiative that is being made available to chambers and businesses across the country.

Friday - July 31, 2009

Lars Legernes
How is the chamber of commerce in Olso, Norway different from the one in Orlando, Florida? Oslo Chamber Managing Director, Lars Legernes, joins Jim Blasingame at the ACCE convention in Raleigh, NC to report on life and business in Norway, how his chamber works with member small businesses, and why you would want to visit this beautiful Scandinavian country.
Wil Pineau
Is a chamber of commerce in a Caribbean Island different from one in the U.S.? Cayman Islands Chamber CEO, Wil Pineau talks about this with Jim Blasingame at the ACCE convention in Raleigh, NC. They discuss how an island chamber supports their small businesses. Plus, they talk about general topics on the Caymen Islands and why you might want to travel there.