Tuesday - January 01, 2008

Bob Dilenschneider
What is in store for us in 2008? Bob joins Jim to talk about some of the things that are unfolding for 2008.
Stephen Shapiro
Are New Year Resolutions always a good thing? Steve joins Jim to talk about how to live more in the moment and the potential dangers of getting too far ahead of yourself with your goals and plans.
Jim Blasingame
At the beginning of each year since 2002 Jim has published the Small Business Advocate Crystal Ball Predictions for the coming year, and at the end of each year he reviews those predictions, compared them with what actually happened and reveals his score. Here is that report from Jim, based on his 2007 predictions. By the way, he's pretty darned accurate, as you'll see.

Wednesday - January 02, 2008

Gail Kasper
Having trouble executing on your goals? Gail joins Jim to talk about better ways to think about establishing goals and accomplishing them.
Chad Moutray
How is the small business sector doing? No one knows more about this than Chad and he joins Jim to discuss some of the facts and figures that demonstrate the contribution small business is making.
Tim Irwin
Are your employees engaged in their work, or just showing up? What about you? Tim and Jim talk about some things you can do to answer these questions and then do something positive with the answers.
Lois Geller
What is it going to take to be successful this year? Lois tells Jim she thinks it's just making sure we don't take even the slightest possible prospect or opportunity for granted. She says, "follow up on EVERYTHING," and they talk about how to do that.

Thursday - January 03, 2008

Beverley Williams
Is a home-based business in your future? Bev and Jim talk about some of the key issues of a home-based business, including what to do with the high-class problem of having too much business.
Kenneth Krosin
What is your intellectual property strategy for your small business? Ken talks with Jim about some of the ways to leverage intellectual property, whether you invented it or not.
Jim Ostroff
There are just as many positive factors in the economy today as there are negative, and Jim O joins Jim B to talk about the line items on both sides of this balance sheet, plus why we might not be heading into as rough an economic period as some people think.

Friday - January 04, 2008

Louise LeBrun
Do you ever get in your own way? Louise and Jim talk about some ways to find out if this is true and what to do if it is.
Ray Keating
What do the Iowa caucus results mean for small business? Ray and Jim talk about the results of the caucuses, the primary process and what the results could mean for small business.
Barbara Kasoff
How are women doing with regard to getting government contracts? Barbara joins Jim to report that women are not getting their share of government contracts and what should be done to improve that record.
Joel Barker
What are some of the cool things coming at us from the future? Joel talks with Jim about some innovative thinking and new technologies that he thinks could change our world in the next 5 years.

Monday - January 07, 2008

Beverly Inman-Ebel
As we anticipate a slower economy, what's the best attitude for small business owners to have? Bev and Jim talk about the importance of not getting so bogged down in bad news that you can't see the opportunities that always present themselves to you, even in -- sometimes especially in -- a slower economy.
Jeffrey Dobkin
What's the most important marketing message that small businesses can focus on during a slower economy? Jeff talks with Jim about this and the message is focus on the people who not only will buy what you sell, but on those who appreciate the extra value a small business can deliver.
Jim Blasingame
Jim offers his predictions for 2008 from the economy to politics and always with an eye on what's in store for small businesses. This is the seventh consecutive year Jim has made annual predictions and for the past six years he has a record of 72% accuracy.

Tuesday - January 08, 2008

Steve Kaplan
What does it take to be successful in a challenging year. Steve joins Jim to talk about the fundamentals and attitude you must have in order to succeed when others are wringing their hands about all of the problems.
Sam Norwood
How is the economy doing right now? Sam talks with Jim about the most recent report from the 600+ Tatum partners from around country, and what it shows regarding current market conditions of sales, capital spending, hiring, credit availability, etc.
Geary Broadnax
Do you know what a reverse merger is? Geary joins Jim to talk about how his company recently did a reverse merger, why he did it, what it take and what he expects to gain. If you're intimidated by the process of going public, a reverse merger might be for you.
Robert Levin
What are the keys to success in 2008? Rob and Jim talk about some of these keys, especially regarding the people managing element and how important that is. They also discuss how much of a role your attitude plays in how successful you are year after year.

Wednesday - January 09, 2008

Don Lambro
What does the presidential political landscape look like after New Hampshire. Don and Jim talk about some of the surprises on the N.H. primary, the winners and losers and the next events in the '08 primary cycle.
David Cottrell
Do you make choices in your life, or do you just let things happen? David and Jim talk about how to engage the world so that you have some influence over your own life.
Leigh Branham
How do we make sure that our employees are engaged? Leigh talks with Jim about what we have to do to make sure that our employees are contributing to our success and not sabotaging it.
Jordan Goodman
How do you make money in uncertain financial times? Jordan talks with Jim about some of the things you can do to keep your money working even when the economy is moving the wrong way.

Thursday - January 10, 2008

Jeff Zbar
How much is your small business out of business when you take a vacation or trip? Jeff Zbar talks about this with Jim Blasingame, small business expert and host of The Small Business Advocate Show.
Steve Martin
How do you focus on profits when your trying to keep sales volume up in a tough economy? Steve Martin tells Jim Blasingame it's working on profitability one step at a time and they talk about some of these incremental steps on the small business radio program, The small Business Advocate Show.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to talk about the recent presidential primary results, some of the ones coming up, some of the things President Bush wants to accomplish in his last year, the economy, new information about the IRS, and other current issues.

Monday - January 14, 2008

James Copland
Do you know how much the U.S. is being sued for by Katrina victims? Jim C joins Jim B to talk about these lawsuits, the total of all claims -- which will astound you, and who will be paying these claims -- which will also astound you.
Governor Pete du Pont
Don't miss this interview with a great American, Governor Pete du Pont. Gov. du Pont talks with Jim about his thoughts on the economy, plus the current presidential campaigns.
Jim Blasingame
Do you have any virtual business relationships in your small business? Jim talks about a number of virtual relationships that you could have, and some of the reasons why a virtual business relationship can actually be a best practice.
Jonathan Zuck
Jonathan attended this year's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and he joins Jim to talk about some of the exciting new developments that we should be seeing in the stores this year. He also tells Jim about where we are with regard to the global Internet governance debate that is going on.

Tuesday - January 15, 2008

Debra Fine
You now know how to do small talk, but what about the big kind? Debra joins Jim to explain what you have to do when it's your turn to deliver the goods with Big Talk.
Bill Dunkelberg
What do small business owners think about the economy? Bill talks with Jim about the most recent report he has compiled from responses by small business owners about what they're experiencing in the marketplace. Bill also offers his thoughts on what to expect from the economy for the rest of the year.
Mark Mayberry
How can you measure customer service? Mark Mayberry talks with Jim Blasingame about this and offers some ideas. They also talk about some good and bad examples of customer service.
Jim Sirbasku
Do you have the ability to think like a wealthy person? Jim S talks with Jim B about how much the way we think about ourselves and the world impacts the way we live our lives and whether we are successful or not.

Wednesday - January 16, 2008

Jim Blasingame
How do you make decisions in your small business? Jim talks about what he calls the three realms that influence your decision-making -- the head, the heart and the gut -- and how and when to listen to each one.
Tony Paradiso
What management steps must be taken to survive difficult economic times? Tony and Jim talk about some of the fundamental management issues that you must focus on during challenging times.
Herb Kay
What does it look like when your business is in jeopardy? Herb Kay and Jim Blasingame talk about the different ways a business can be in trouble, how to see the signs and how to avoid being in the business obituaries during an interview on the small business radio program, The Small Business advocate Show.
Giovanni Coratolo
What does the federal government have in store for small businesses in the coming year? Giovanni talks with Jim about some of the key small business legislative issues that he's working on and what we can do to help.

Thursday - January 17, 2008

Beverley Williams
Are you really ready to start that new business? Bev and Jim talk about what happens when you think you're ready but really aren't.
David Dawsey
What do you know about theft of intellectual property? David and Jim talk about the problems small businesses can get into by not complying with software licenses. They also talk about protecting your own IP by training employees about IP as an asset, just like inventory.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about the challenges of the housing industry, followed by some of the proposed "help" the federal government may be offering to homeowners and the mortgage industry. They also talk about rising postage costs, plus the progress of the presidential primaries.

Friday - January 18, 2008

Bob Kustka
Is there a war on for talent? Bob thinks there is and he and Jim talk about what small businesses should be doing to make sure we get the talent on board that we need.
Jack Uldrich
What does nanotechnology hold for our future? Jack joins Jim to talk about some of the most recent nanotech developments that we will be able to take advantage of this year.
Is your small business taking advantage of health savings accounts? Matt and Josh talk with Jim about how HSA's work and how to use them in your small business to save money and get more employees covered.
Liz Franklin
Are you linear, cross dominant or a sparklebrain? Liz talks with Jim about how to identify all three types and how to use this information to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

Monday - January 21, 2008

Janet Christy
Are you still looking for a grant to start your small business? Janet and Jim talk about the correct way to capitalize your venture, which is not to look for a grant.
John Fox
John Fox and Jim Blasingame begin their visit talking about what must be done if we're to have productive leadership, and then they move on to discuss the tax reform both proposed and wished for.
Gayle Buske
Are you a candidate for a virtual assistant? Gayle and Jim talk about the difference between teleworking and virtual assistance, and then they discuss how to work with a virtual assistant.
Skip Miller
How do you grow sales in a slow economy? Skip says it's all about asking the right questions, and he and Jim talk about what those questions are and whom you should ask.

Tuesday - January 22, 2008

William Hubbartt
How do your benefits offerings for employees stack up? Bill and Jim talk about some of the benefits elements that can help small businesses to be competitive in the employment market.
Barbara Weltman
Do you know all of the tax compliance dates that apply to your small business? Barbara and Jim talk about some of the key tax dates and compliance steps that are coming up, including some of the retirement fund options that can still impact last year's tax deductions.
Brett Mosley
Do you have a technology graveyard? Brett talks with Jim about the niche after-market he's helping to develop for used and broken technology.
Michelle Goodman
How do you recession-proof your small business? Michelle and Jim talk about some of the things you can do to help you refuse to participate in an economic downturn.

Wednesday - January 23, 2008

Myron Ebell
What's the truth about global warming? Myron talks with Jim first about the price of petroleum and then they discuss some of the dangerous misconceptions about global warming.
Andrea Nierenberg
How far is your networking efforts getting you? Andrea joins Jim to offer several networking tips and to explain that networking is part of business development process, not the end of it.
Nick Bibby
Does interest pick up in franchises when the economy slows? Nick thinks this is true and he and Jim talk about where the opportunities are to be found.
Gary Moore
Is Wall Street the tail wagging Main Street's dog? Gary and Jim discuss this and what you and I should think about the economic challenges the global economy is facing.

Thursday - January 24, 2008

Jeff Zbar
Does your small business deliver outstanding customer care? Jeff Zbar talks about this with Jim Blasingame, small business expert and host of The Small Business Advocate Show.
Karen Cortell Reisman
What’s the most important element in your relationship with customers? Karen talks with Jim about this element, which is what’s going on in your customer’s life – not what’s going on in your life.
Jim Ostroff
Jim O and Jim B discuss the recent global markets panic and then what the US government proposes as a bail out for the economic challenges of the US. They move on to discuss changes in the ADA, they identify the impact of super delegates and the election process and offer some software suggestions for small business.

Friday - January 25, 2008

Jim is broadcasting from the Arnold Palmer Hospital National Advisory Council meeting. Ron talks with Jim about the business of golf course management.
Jim Awtrey
Jim is broadcasting from the Arnold Palmer Hospital National Advisory Council meeting. Jim A. talks with Jim B about what the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) does and how its mission has changed over the years and the difference between the PGA, the PGA tour and the USGA.
Jim is broadcasting from the Arnold Palmer Hospital National Advisory Council meeting. Joe is the visionary and the co-founder of the Golf Channel. He talks with Jim about the entrepreneurial lessons he’s learned as a founder of four start-ups.
Dr. William DeCampli
Jim is broadcasting from the Arnold Palmer Hospital National Advisory Council meeting. Dr. DeCampli talks with Jim about some of the entrepreneurial medicine he and other doctors are performing in the 21st century, especially with regard to heart surgery for infants and children.
John Bozard
Dr. William DeCampli
Dr. DeCampli and Jim are joined by John as the doctor continues to discuss the advances in medicine. Later John talks about the Arnold Palmer Hospitals and the progress they’re making in the treatment of women, children and infants as well as medical research.

Monday - January 28, 2008

JoAnna Brandi
Are your employees happy at work? JoAnna and Jim talk about the ROI that can be achieved by helping your people enjoy their work because it creates one of the illusive elements in the 21st century marketplace, engagement.
Kristin Arnold
How do you establish the direction of your small business? Kristin talks with Jim about how to use teamwork, brainstorming and a handy matrix to identify and focus on the most profitable steps.
Matthew Scott
Are you having difficulty transitioning from professional to personal? Matthew talks with Jim about the challenges men are having blending the different elements of their lives and what he thinks can help.
Glenn Llopis
Is your small business ready to compete in the global marketplace? Glenn and Jim talk about some of the competitive issues that face small business and what we have to do to remain relevant.

Tuesday - January 29, 2008

Suzanne Mulvehill
Do you have what it takes -- inside -- to be a small business owner? Being an entrepreneur is very difficult and Suzanne talks with Jim about how to determine if you have the guts for it.
Bob McTeer
How is the Fed doing managing the economy? Bob talks with Jim about the job the Fed is doing as it faces a number of national and global challenges.
Robert Bly
Do you know how to recession-proof your small business? Bob and Jim talk about several marketing strategies that will help you survive and thrive in any economic slowdown.
Gail Goodman
What do consumers think about the economy? Gail talks with Jim about research her company conducted on consumer plans for Valentine Day spending and it reveals a lot about what we think about the economy.

Wednesday - January 30, 2008

What are the values you practice when serving customers? Mark talks with Jim about how to think about your customers the way 5 billion earthlings think God feels about them.
Rich Galen
Now that the Florida primary is over, what's next? Rich talks with Jim about the presidential campaigns so far and where he thinks they're going.
Economic freedom is the key to long term success of humanity on planet Earth. Anthony joins Jim to report on the 2008 Index of Economic Freedom which identifies where economic freedom is growing and where it isn’t.
Tim Berry
Stop the presses: Tim Berry has a new method for business planning. Tim Berry joins Jim Blasingame to talk about his new approach, which is what he calls "plan as you go" business planning on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.

Thursday - January 31, 2008

Beverley Williams
How important are home-based businesses? Jim says they're the headwaters of our economy and he and Bev talk about this. They also talk about how to price your products and services.
Russell Brown
Are you a good negotiator? Russ and Jim talk about how to make sure you're prepared to conduct the intricate negotiations on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Jim Ostroff
After covering the most recent presidential primary news, Jim O and Jim B talk about the so-called economic stimulus package the government is working on, plus what the states are doing to incubate various solutions to challenges, such as immigration. They also talk about alternative energy automobiles.