Tim Irwin

Tim Irwin

Dr. Tim Irwin has consulted with a number of America's most well-known and respected companies including SunTrust Banks, Chick-fil-A, Bank of America, Corning, Inc., IBM, Hoechst-Celanese, Gerber Products Company, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, The Coca-Cola Company, and Turner Broadcasting Systems. He is a frequent speaker on leadership and has established a niche of communicating exclusively to some of the world's most respected leaders.

As a consultant for twenty years, Dr. Irwin has assisted corporations in diverse industries and his work has taken Dr. Irwin to over twenty-five foreign countries in Europe, Latin America, Canada and the Far East.

Dr. Irwin served from 2000 to 2005 in senior management of an international consulting firm with over 300 offices worldwide. He is currently Managing Partner of Irwin, Inc. He is the author of three critically-acclaimed books, Run with the Bulls without Getting Trampled, Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership and New York Times Best Seller, Impact: Leadership Changes Everything

Academic Background
Dr. Irwin received his A.B. and M.A. from the University of Georgia. His Ph.D. training included a dual major in industrial/organizational and clinical psychology from Georgia State University. He is a licensed Psychologist and an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Irwin has shared his insight on numerous national media outlets including Fox Business News, Fox & Friends, CNBC, Investors Business Daily, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal.

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