Monday - December 03, 2007

What does Presidents Kennedy and Ford have in common with small business? Tim talks with Jim about how his small business became connected to these great Americans and how you and I benefit as a result.
Hector Barreto
How do you return to the private sector after you've been a high-profile government administrator? Hector joins Jim to talk about how he's doing all of this quite well, thank you very much.
Jim Blasingame
What do small business owners need to be thinking about as we move into what some believe is economic uncertainty? Jim talks with you directly about what he believes small business owners should be thinking about and where they should get their information as they make plans for the future.
Robert Walsh
What is New York City doing to help it's 200,000 small businesses? Quite a lot, actually, and Rob joins Jim to explain about the many successful relationships between main street and the municipal government.

Tuesday - December 04, 2007

Michael Hepworth
Why don't your customers buy what your small business sells? Michael joins Jim to talk about the three reasons people don't buy your stuff and what you can do about it.
Ruth King
What's the difference between cash and profit? Ruth and Jim talk about this difference, why you need to understand it and what will happen if you don't.
Is a solar system in your future? Ezra talks with Jim about how solar energy is different in the 21st century, how it is used and long it takes to recover the investment.
Anita Rosen
What do you know about the file management system, XML? Anita talks with Jim about this system and how you should use this knowledge when you're purchasing technology solutions that include XML.

Wednesday - December 05, 2007

What do you buy that special professional for Christmas? Hillary talks with Jim about some shopping tips and gift ideas that you might not have thought of.
Don Lambro
Whose presidential star is rising and whose is falling? Don and Jim talk about the top tier candidates in both parties and how they look going into the first primary states.
Nick Bibby
Considering buying a franchise? Nick talks with Jim about some of the key due diligence steps that you must take in order to make a good franchise decision.
Donna Fenn
What do you know about the under-30 generation of entrepreneurs? Donna has been studying this group and she talks with Jim about what motivates them and the impact they will have on the marketplace. They also talk about this generation as entrepreneurial employees.

Thursday - December 06, 2007

Beverley Williams
How is the interest in home-based business when the economy softens? Beverley and Jim talk about this and what it could mean to you.
Sam Norwood
How is the economy doing? Sam brings his monthly report and talks with Jim about some of the news, which is not all great, but also, not all bad.
Jim Ostroff
What should government do for their part of solving the sub-prime issues in the marketplace? Jim O and Jim B talk about this and other issues, including in-business clinics, when not to buy a mutual fund and the prospects for nuclear energy in the U.S.

Friday - December 07, 2007

You want to give back, but do you know who to give to? Drew talks with Jim about how to use the resource he's co-created to help you find a worthy charity to give back to.
Matthew Cartwright
What do you do if you're sued for negligence or worse? Last visit, Matt showed us how to prove damages and lost income when it's someone else's fault, and in this visit, he talks with Jim about what to do if you're the defendant.
John Arnold
Is email marketing part of your online strategy? John talks with Jim about why it should be and how to get started.
Joel Barker
What's in store for the future of your small business? Joel talks with Jim about a few things to think about, including some unintended consequences of globalization and an exciting new electric alternative to the internal combustion engine that blows away whatever you think about electric power.

Monday - December 10, 2007

Colleen Rickenbacher
How's your etiquette? Admitting that she's given up on Jim, Colleen focuses her advise on his audience, as they discuss holiday tips and things to avoid.
Here's an update on Iraq from a true American hero. As proof that you can't get your Iraq information from the major media outlets, June joins Jim with another honest report on what's really happening.
John Dini
What do you know about doing business with the younger generations? John and Jim -- both baby boomers -- talk about what motivates the Gen X and Gen Y folks, including what it will take to sell your business to them. <br></["br"]>
Ted Fishman
Will China ever really become an honest member of the global marketplace? Ted joins Jim to talk about the challenges China faces as they keep sending mixed messages to the world about their ability to work and play well with others.

Tuesday - December 11, 2007

Ruth Sherman
Can generosity in our communications be a best practice? Ruth thinks so and she talks with Jim about why and how we can communicate with generosity.
Mike Menzies
How's your relationship with your banker? Mike and Jim talk about why now is an excellent time to become even closer with your banker. Mike also offers his ideas on whether we're entering a negative growth period in our national economy.
Jim Blasingame
Are we headed for a recession? Jim talk about his thoughts on this, including the dangers of something he calls "availability cascade."
Bill Dunkelberg
What do small business owners think about the current economic conditions? Bill joins Jim to discuss the results of his recent survey of small business conditions, what they think the Fed will do with interest rates, and whether we're headed toward a recession or not.

Wednesday - December 12, 2007

Patricia Weber
What do you do when you meet a prospect that you don't like? Pat and Jim talk about a few different ways to look at how to deal with difficult prospects and customers.
What does the law say about how far government can go to take your property away from you? Karen and Jim talk about this issue and real court cases that are a result of overreaching government entities. Don't be naive about how much protection you have.
Chuck Martin
What do commuters do on their trip to work? What are small businesses' plans for the future? Chuck brings research on these topics to his visit with Jim, as they discuss the strength of radio and the national economy.
Doug Leeds
When you use a search engine, do you know who's watching? Doug joins Jim to explain what happens when you're searching around online and to introduce a new tool that gives you more control over what other people know about your activity.

Thursday - December 13, 2007

Jeff Zbar
What is your plan for the year-end activity of you small business? Jeff Zbar talks about this with Jim Blasingame, small business expert and host of The Small Business Advocate Show.
Jane Howard
Pierce Howard
Should you pay attention to personality traits when planning a holiday party and give gifts? Pierce and Jane thinks so and they talk with Jim about how to incorporate personality into your decisions.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim talk about a number of current events that Kiplinger covers, including the impact of the weakening of the U.S. dollar on the economy, the continued impact of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, presidential politics, and the future prices of postage, oil and the IRS mileage allowance.

Friday - December 14, 2007

Leslie Sanchez
What do Hispanics and Republicans have in common? Leslie talks with Jim about what she calls a natural connection between these two groups.
Ray Keating
Is there a conflict between Wall Street and Main Street? Jim thinks there is and he and Ray talk about this, including the part the national media play in the tension.
What impact does buying online have on holiday shopping? Tom talks with Jim about this, including some online strategies that you can benefit from.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
What's the key to your future success? Cherie says it's all about you and she talks with Jim about how to have that conversation with yourself.

Monday - December 17, 2007

Amy Menefee
Do the media create and perpetuate myths? Amy says so and she talks with Jim about the research her firm conducts on the difference between what the media says about certain issues and the truth.
Rick Maurer
Want a tip that will help your small business get off to a good start in the new year? Rick joins Jim to talk about how to make sure that communication between you and your employees is productive communication.
What are the keys to communicating with your customers? Michael talks with Jim about three important steps to use when you're trying to find out what your customers want.
John Jantsch
I know you have a website, but how's your blog? John and Jim talk about how to get your basic Internet strategy into the 21st century by adding a blog to your marketing strategy.

Tuesday - December 18, 2007

Do you know what a cooperative is? Roberta joins Jim to talk about this form of entrepreneurial endeavor that brings business owners together, what it can look like and how it benefits the members.
Karen Kerrigan
Can small business owners finally get national access to health insurance? Karen talks with Jim about a number of small business legislative issues, including the Health Care Choice Act that would allow individuals and business owners to save money by purchasing health insurance across state lines.
Dolf de Roos
How bad is the real estate market and when should be start buying? Dolf talks with Jim about what's really happening in the real estate market and when he thinks we should be planning to pick up some bargains.
Marc Allen
What is the secret to success? Marc tells Jim what he thinks it takes to be successful and it's not about your business, it's about you.

Wednesday - December 19, 2007

Karen Post
What do social media outlets have to do with branding? Karen says "a lot" and she talks with Jim about how to use them to your advantage.
Russell Brown
Russ and Jim talk about the fact that, regardless of what kind of economy is in front of us, we're all planning to be in business a year from now, so operate this next year with that attitude, instead of giving in to the negative attitudes of some in the media on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Kenneth Davis
What's the history of the celebration we call Christmas? Not what it stands for, but rather how we celebrate it. Ken and Jim talk about how we came to have the holiday of Christmas as we know it and some of the more interesting paths the tradition has taken over the years.
Joanne Black
Are there networking opportunities during holiday activities and parties? Joanne tells Jim that there are, but you have to know how to do it the right way.

Thursday - December 20, 2007

Beverley Williams
When is the best time to create a plan for your small business' future? Bev tells Jim it's never a bad time to plan, but don't wait until the day before you need your plan to function to get started.
Bob Negen
Can a traditional retail small business survive in the Internet Age? Bob says "absolutely" as he joins Jim to talk about the things you need to do to blend your traditional model with a successful cyber-model.
Jim Ostroff
Jim O talks with Jim B about the current state of tax legislation, how states are privatizing certain tasks to save money, new Sarbanes-Oxley rules for small public companies, and a number of other current issues that can impact your small business.

Friday - December 21, 2007

William Hubbartt
Do you know about the new I-9 form that you'll be required to use? Bill joins Jim to talk about this new form, how to get it, how to use it and why can turn into a big ugly deal if you don't.
Trish Rubin
Are you a world-class networker? Trish talks with Jim about how to become a real world-class networker, regardless of where you are.
Stephen McSwain
One of the rules of living that is part of every religion on planet Earth is, givers gain. Steve talks with Jim about why this philosophy is not only the right thing to do, but also a best practice for your business and your life.
Rieva Lesonsky
Do small business owners mind being called that? Rieva and Jim discuss this issue and a number of others about the 21st century world of entrepreneurs.

Monday - December 24, 2007

Mary Cantando
Mary joins Jim to talk about the fact that enjoying working in your business does not make you a workaholic and how technology can help you stay close to your business while keeping your family happy.
Barbara Weltman
Barbara talks with Jim about the changes in the tax laws recently passed by Congress, including help for homeowners and those subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.
Jim Blasingame
As the major news media seems determined to talk consumers and business owners into a recession, Jim is determined to talk you down off of that ledge which he does in this one on one visit with you.
Ramon Ray
Ramon Ray joins Jim Blasingame to talk about technology as an investment, not an expense. They also talk about using customer relationship management software instead of your email client, plus an update on tax breaks for purchasing technology.

Tuesday - December 25, 2007

Jim Blasingame
Jim conducts his traditional live Christmas program reflecting on his thoughts about "two Christmases," including some scripture for the old and new Testaments, some passages from John O'Donahue's book, Anam Cara, and finally, a tribute to the sacrifice made by our men and women in uniform.
Jim Blasingame
Jim continues his traditional live Christmas program seeking understanding for his tendency to be a scrooge. He also offers some passages from Isaiah and Luke.
Jim Donovan
Jim D joins Jim B to talk about what it takes to be happy during the Christmas holiday.
Jim Blasingame
Jim offers a tribute to the men and women who are standing a post, around the world, often in harm's way, thousands of miles from friends and family, even on Christmas Day.

Wednesday - December 26, 2007

Julie Lenzer Kirk
What are the challenges of building a small business while growing a family? Julie talks with Jim about some of these issues and they both have some thoughts that come from experience.
Alan Freedman
What computer operating system should your small business be investing in? Alan and Jim talk about the 20-year tussle between the PC and the Mac and which one you should consider. They also discuss whether differentiation between systems will even be an issue in a few years.
Ilise Benun
Is marketing a chore for your small business to execute successfully? Ilise shows Jim how to solve this challenge by breaking marketing down to the smallest levels and daily tasks.
Rick Lepsinger
Can small business learn lessons from successes and failures of big business? Rick Lepsinger and Jim Blasingame talk about some of the good and bad decision that have been made by big business and what small business owners can learn from them during an interview on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.

Thursday - December 27, 2007

David Gage
Do you know how to begin a partnership? David joins Jim to talk about how to begin a partnership correctly so that you have the maximum opportunity to be successful.
Amy Menefee
Are the national media guilty of perpetuating myths? Amy joins Jim to report on some of the economic myths that are reported by the mainstream media as truth.
Judith Glaser
What is the state of 21st century leadership? Judith talks with Jim about the role of leadership in successful organizations, including how it originates from the top, but is also found throughout the organization.
Arky Ciancutti
What does trust look like in 2007 and how will it serve us in 2008? Arky and Jim begin their visit with a report by Arky about his recent trip to Italy, including a description of something called a "slow food festival." Next they discuss the role of trust in the current economic environment and how it will contribute significantly to our successful economic future.

Friday - December 28, 2007

Joyce Weiss
How do you get your small business team energized? Joyce talks with Jim about the steps to take to get your team running at peak energy and performance.
Gary Harpst
What are the things to focus on to improve your chances of achieving organizational excellence? Gary and Jim talk about these, including how to differentiate between excellence and perfection.
Congress passed an energy bill in 2007, but was it a good bill? Max doesn't thing so and he and Jim talk about some of the provisions of the bill, and how they fell short of actually addressing our 21st century energy challenges.
Jim Canterucci
How do you achieve personal brilliance? Jim C joins Jim B to talk about what brilliance looks like, how to find your own, and how to grow it.

Monday - December 31, 2007

Valerie Sokolosky
What could be the reason for the increase in on line shopping this year? Valerie joins Jim to explain that part of the increase is the lack of quality customer service in stores -- including small businesses -- is driving more people to the Internet.
Tamar Jacoby
How big a deal is immigration going to be in the 2008 presidential campaign? Tamar talks with Jim about this and which party has the edge with Hispanics.
Rosalene Glickman
What's the difference between positive thinking and optimal thinking? Rosaline talks with Jim about this and also explains how optimal thinking is associated with seeking excellence.
Donald Boudreaux
What does one of the top economists in the U.S. think about direction of the economy? Don joins Jim to talk about some of his ideas about the economy, taxes, globalization and politics.