Monday - April 07, 2003

Bruce and Jim talk about what the NFIB and other organizations are doing to fight regulations that hurt small business owners.
Ilise Benun
Jim and Ilise discuss how to make sure you get the most out of your website. They talk about how to take your site seriously because it represents you and your business. They give some tips to make your site more attractive and user friendly.
Russell Brown
Russell and Jim talk about the 15 laws Russell presents in his book about how to buy and sell your business.

Tuesday - April 08, 2003

Gary Shilling
Gary starts out by explaining where he thinks the economy is at the current time. Jim and Gary go on to talk about where they think it is going.
Eugene Griessman
Eugene talks to Jim about how to better manage time. They talk about how other assets seem more important, but time is the essential. They discuss how, without time, all other assets are meaningless.

Wednesday - April 09, 2003

Rich Galen
Richard joins Jim to discuss post-war Iraq. They talk about the government of Iraq, and the people of Iraq and the possibilities of a new government. They go on to talk about which countries will be involved in the rebuilding of Iraq.
Julie Morgenstern
Julie joins Jim to talk about why it is important to talk about time, the most precious commodity, and how many people waste time. Julie talks about how time is lost because of poor or no planning. Jim and Julie discuss how to make the most of time.
Jim and Peggy discuss how to find web designers who will help business owners make a professional website. Peggy explains why it is important to interview several designers and hire a professional designer.
Tim Berry
Tim joins Jim to talk about business planning and the importance of time management. They discuss how creating a plan can be more difficult than you first think it will be.

Thursday - April 10, 2003

Beverley Williams
Beverley and Jim talk about retireing and the diminishing need for information about home-based businesses. They go on to talk about how to separate the physical space of the business and the home, and the actual business of your business and your home separate.
Sam Norwood
Sam and Jim talk about how the fall of Baghdad will affect the economy. They discuss the political impact the event will have on the world.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim talk about the impact of the fall of Baghdad. They discuss what might happen now that the opposition powers are out of Iraq.

Monday - April 14, 2003

John Berthoud
John joins Jim to talk about where President Bush's tax plan is and what it would mean to the economy if it was passed.
Mary Hessler Key
Mary joins Jim to talk about coaching CEOs and business owners. They discuss that when you ask for help, it doesn't mean you aren't competitive.
Rosalene Glickman
Jim and Rosalene talk about how to climb into the "higher orbit" for success. Rosalene shares stories of well known people who have used optimal thinking to achieve success.

Tuesday - April 15, 2003

Kristin Arnold
Jim and Kristin, a top team builder, talk about how to build teams in small businesses through team building exercises in order to have better organization.
Don Lambro
Jim speaks with Don about politics, world events, and the government's role in small businesses.
Bill Huss
Jim and Bill talk about how to work with your homeowner's association as a small business.
Brian Tracy
Jim and Brian talk about having goals and how to achieve success in small businesses.

Wednesday - April 16, 2003

Karen Cortell Reisman
Jim and Karen talk about how to build rapport with prospects. Karen shares seven strategically useful tips to build trust quickly.
Jim and Steven discuss the events of September eleventh and the aftermath of the terror attacks. They talk about the affects that the event had on the United States and individuals.
Jo Condrill
Jim discusses with Jo how to improve communication skills to better serve your customers. They also talk about how to interpret body language with associates and customers. Jo gives some tips on how to provide excellent customer service.
Jim and Wilma speak with Michael Ermine, Director of Business Development for Innovative Bank. They discuss how Innovative bank is changing funding for small business. Michael shares how small business owners can get capital easily.

Thursday - April 17, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff disuss how small businesses are doing, according to the SBA. They talk about how small businesses drive the economy.
Andrew J. Sherman
Jim and Andrew talk about the situation in the public sector in the market place that led up to a new bill.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to talk about the end of the war in Iraq, and President Bush's attention turning back to matters closer to home.

Friday - April 18, 2003

Rick Maurer
Rick joins Jim to talk about the politics of an organization. He talks about how to behave politically in an organization. Jim and Rick discuss how adding a degree of difficulty to the politics of your company can be a good thing.
Alan Freedman
Alan joins Jim to talk about the bad things that technology has to offer. They begin by talking about SPAM in your email. They talk about filters and other ways to manage it. They go on to talk about broadband and what it would meant to the economy if more people used it.
Skip Miller
Skip joins Jim to talk about interviewing, hiring, and managing great salespeople. They talk about how the people in a small business need to be effective in order for the business to be successful.

Monday - April 21, 2003

Don Sadler
Don joins Jim to talk about how to reach out and touch your prospects and customers with online content.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk and Jim discuss how, with all the new economy buzz, the fundamentals of operating a business really haven't changed.
Jim and Alexis discuss how to put your best foot forward online, without spending a fortune.
Brad Huisken
Brad talks with Jim about how to focus on investing in our salespeople by teaching them the fundamentals of selling and customer service.

Tuesday - April 22, 2003

Trudy Jean Evans
Jim and Trudy talk about growing leaders in small businesses.
Joe Alutto
This is the first visit with Joe. He discusses with Jim how the Fisher College of Business is educating future entrepreneurs, both at an undergraduate, as well as graduate level.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about how to better promote small businesses from creating a name to advertising.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don talk about putting fear and selling together and separating them at the same time.

Wednesday - April 23, 2003

Jim Ballard
Jim and James talk about how to avoid the "time famine" phenomenon.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill delivers the March report of the survey he and the NFIB conducts with their small business members every month, including the top issues facing small business success.
Rick and Jim talk about the invaluable contribution our assistants and secretaries provide to our small business.
This is Ron's first visit as he and Jim discuss the wonders of wireless computing, how to be wireless, and how to increase productivity with wireless computing. The discussion includes and explanation of 802.11B, also known as WiFi.

Friday - April 25, 2003

Doug Barry
Jim and Doug talk about small businesses expanding their horizons by selling out of their domestic market.
Rich Galen
Jim and Rich talk about how President Bush can focus more on domestic issues after the war in Iraq.
Rich joins Jim to talk about how small businesses can cut back on energy costs. Rich defines what energy star equipment is and how it helps reduce costs of energy and protects the environment.
Donna joins Jim to talk about what the Democratic party is doing after losing the midterm elections.