Friday - June 01, 2007

Jim Blasingame
The world recognizes the United States as the gold standard for entrepreneurship and Jim has been asked to go to Denmark to about why the U.S. has this recognition and how it can be exported. In this segment, Jim talks about this and what he's going to tell the Danes.
George Landrith
Want to know why you're gas prices are so high? Do you think Big Oil is gouging us? George talks with <br>Jim about these issues and what we need to do to become less dependent on foreign oil.</["br"]>
John Miller
With too many hats to wear and not enough heads to put them on, small business owners must hire the right heads. John talks with Jim about what employees to look for, how to look for them and what to do with them when you get them.
Michelle Goodman
Is entrepreneurship in your future? Would you like your job more if you just knew you had other options? Michelle and Jim talk about these topics and how to find the answers to these questions.

Thursday - June 07, 2007

Broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jim interviews Randy about how the U.S. Department of Commerce works with countries around the world to improve trade relations with the U.S., especially in the small and medium business sector.
Stephen Brugger
There are more than 100 U.S. Chambers of Commerce in countries around the world, and Stephen leads the one in Denmark. Broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jim interviews Stephen about how his Chamber works with business in the U.S. to do more business in Denmark.
Broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jim interviews Anders about the plans for Denmark to create a more entrepreneurial economy, more like the American model.
Clare Fairfield
Broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jim interviews Clare about the current state of venture capital in the U.S. and what it takes to actually get funded
Andrew J. Sherman
Broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jim interviews his long-time Brain Trust member, Andrew, about his involvement in helping countries like Denmark create a more entrepreneurial economy.

Monday - June 11, 2007

Are you frustrated about your personal and/or business success level? What if the thing that's holding you back is -- you? Flip talks with Jim about how to identify the personal behaviors that might be getting in your way, and how to fix them.
David Gage
Are you considering entering into a partnership? Do you have a partnership that's not working so well? Jim talks with David about how to find out if your proposed partnership has a chance of success even before you start, and what you need to do to work on the partnership you already have.
Clint Wilder
What are the clean technologies that will not only reduce green house emissions, but will also provide investment opportunity? Clint talks with Jim about these topics and more, including which of the bio-fuels will emerge first.
Michael Barrera
What does the Hispanic community think about the current immigration bill being debated? Michael joins Jim to talk about the bill and what his constituents think about it.

Tuesday - June 12, 2007

Priscilla Huff
Need marketing ideas for the summer season? Priscilla talks with Jim about some ideas for making sure the summer months are productive selling months.
Sam Norwood
The economy appears to be slowing down and Sam joins Jim to talk about where we're stuck, how long this is going to last, and what small business owners should be doing about it.
Someone once said, "you are what you eat." Jan talks with Jim about what to eat if you want to have high energy, look good and not get sick, including what she calls "superfoods."
Paula Lovell
Is your website optimized for search engines? Paula joins Jim to talk about why this is important and what you can do to help prospects find you online. They also talk about other Internet marketing ideas.

Wednesday - June 13, 2007

Pam Danziger
What makes people buy the things we buy and why do we need to know this? Pam answers these question during this visit with Jim.
Kelle Olwyler
Are you courageous? Do you know the difference between courage and foolhardy? Kelle and Jim talk about this very important characteristic, including some of the paradoxes of courage and why you need to know about this.
Mary Massad
What are the key steps to recruiting the top employee candidates? Mary joins Jim to talk about the four key steps to begin this process and how to execute it successfully.
Visuality is all around us -- probably a lot more than we think -- and Gwendolyn talks about this with Jim and how we can use the elements of visuality to create more efficiency, more profits and be more successful in our small businesses.

Thursday - June 14, 2007

Beverley Williams
Home-based businesses are started for two primary reasons, and Bev and Jim talk about these so you can determine which one fits you.
Joel Barker
What does the 21st century hold for entrepreneurs? Well, the answer may be found in an experiment that began in the 20th century, and Joel joins Jim to explain.
Jim Ostroff
The Jim's talk about the impact of coal on the increased demand for electricity in the coming decades. They go on to talk about regulating carbon emissions, how to trade in your house, why Nancy Pelosi is considered a moderate in some circles, and other important topics of current importance.

Friday - June 15, 2007

Chester Elton
Recognition is one of the most important management tool. Chester joins Jim to help us learn how to use it effectively and to motivate our employees.
John joins Jim to celebrate Father's Day. What does it take to be a good parent? A delicate balance between work and family is essential to achieving healthy relationships with children.
Steve Chabot
Congressman Chabot joins Jim to discuss the immigration debate. He explains the difference between legal and illegal immigration and how legal immigration is beneficial to our country.

Monday - June 18, 2007

One of the most beautiful parts of the USA is Albemarle county Virginia, and Avery talks with Jim about why it was important for him and his co-author to chronicle this historically important region of America with words and photographs.
We must teach our children more about finances, cashflow and entrepreneurship, and Camille talks with Jim about what the contribution the WPO is making in this area.
William Hubbartt
Do you know how to compensate family members who work in your business? Bill talks with Jim about how to handle this issue which can be done productively and effectively, or which when done poorly, can create lots of problems for the business.
Rick Pinion
There are a number of different tax deductible retirement plans available to small business owners and Rick talks with Jim about two of the most important ones, the Individual K plan and the SEP-IRA.

Tuesday - June 19, 2007

Regina Herzlinger
Our health care system in the U.S. is not ready for 21st century prime time and Dr. Herzlinger joins Jim to talk about why, how it hurts small businesses and what we must do to fix it.
Kenneth Krosin
A recent Supreme Court ruling will result in weakening the value of patents in the future and Ken talks with Jim about the ruling and it's long-term implications for inventors as well as consumers of innovations.
What are the college graduates you'll be interviewing soon looking for in an employment package? Jon talks with Jim about what graduates told him about this during a recent survey.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about what he learned in his recent trip to Denmark, including his comparison of the American entrepreneurial economy and society and the Denmark socialistic environment.

Wednesday - June 20, 2007

If you want to grow your small business better, become more professional with your marketing, and Kevin talks with Jim about how to do that.
Bill Dunkelberg
The economy isn't breaking any records, but it does seem to be hanging in there, and Bill talks with Jim about how the economy is doing this month and what it's going to look like the rest of the year for our small businesses.
Ilise Benun
Do you know how to deliver a professional proposal to a prospect or customer? Well, Ilise and Jim do, and they talk about how to get more business by delivering proposals more often and more professionally.
Jerry Ripperger
The Health Savings Account is arguably the most important thing small business owners have at their disposal to help them cover their own current and future healthcare requirements, as well as to be a more competitive employer, and Jerry talks with Jim about how new legislation has made HSAs even more appealing and helpful for small business owners.

Thursday - June 21, 2007

Jeff Zbar
Do you have a Bluetooth device? Do you even know what that is? Well, Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about what this is, how it works with your cell phone, some of the new Bluetooth devices, how it can benefit you, as well as when NOT to use it during an interview on the small business radio program The Small Business Advocate Show.
Barbara Weltman
There are a number of new tax issues that impact small business owners and Barbara talks with Jim about them. Later, Barbara and Jim talk about the many opportunities that can be found in selling on eBay.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to talk about the most recent issues covered by Kiplinger, including the impact of rising inflation, how the economy is handling it, new ads being pushed to cell phone users, simplifying regulations language into plain English, whether Al Gore will run for president, and finally, new information about Health Savings Accounts.

Friday - June 22, 2007

Don Bracken
Don joins Jim to talk about how our words, and the bias of the media, have impacted events all the way back to the founding of America.
The Employee Free Choice Act, ironically, is not about free choice at all. Kevin talks with Jim about why and how this kind of legislation is bad for small business.
Jim Blasingame
If, as some people would have you believe, there is so much wrong with the U.S. economic system, why are more and more European countries studying our entrepreneurial economy as a 21st century model? Jim answers this question and exposes the faulty thinking of some Americans.
Gene Siciliano
Cash is King. Any questions? Gene joins Jim to explain the cash flow cycle and why the success of your business depends on your ability to understand it.

Monday - June 25, 2007

How is small business manufacturing doing in the U.S.? Tom joins Jim to talk about this topic and what small firms should be doing to take advantage of the global marketplace.
Matthew Cartwright
When a small business owner has to go to court, how does he or she connect with a trial lawyer to represent them? Matt and Jim talk about the most likely process, which could include starting with the generalist attorney they've been working with.
Jim Ballard
How does a small business owner determine when to try to make things happen and when to just let things happen? The Jims talk about this very important topic of how to leverage small business energy in the most productive and healthiest way.
Skip Miller
Are your sales being impacted by the summer doldrums? If so, check out what Skip and Jim have to say about how to eliminate the summer excuses for not selling by thinking strategically, rather than about what you need today.

Tuesday - June 26, 2007

Relationship capital is arguably the most important capital your small business can have, and Ed talks with Jim about why and how to get more of it.
Kirk Cheyfitz
What do you do when Congress passes laws to curb big business excess and it ends up hurting small business? Kirk joins Jim to talk about his issue and what we can do about it.
How do we keep those 20th century selling fundamentals that still work and apply them to the 21st century selling environment? Larry talks with Jim about how to accomplish this in your small business, including the importance of proposals.
Doug Stives
What is the Tax Gap, why is the IRS so upset about it, and why do they think small business is the answer to their problem? Doug talks with Jim about what the Tax Gap, how big it is, what is being proposed to fix it, and what small business owners need to know about this.

Wednesday - June 27, 2007

Are you confused about which cell phone to buy? Welcome to the club, but Jen talks with Jim about how to sort through all of the options and arrive at a decision that will work for you. Jen also talks about the new Apple I-Phone, which is coming out this summer.
Richard DeKaser
The economy is exhibiting a number of contradictory characteristics -- some good, some bad -- and Richard talks with Jim about what we should expect to happen over the next few months, including interest rates, housing, consumer spending and trade.
Would you like to work less, earn more and live better? Tim talks with Jim about his four-step approach to reinventing yourself and moving in this direction.
Rich Galen
Is the immigration bill good for America or not? Rich and Jim talk about the good, the bad and the ugly about this bill, and they also discuss the most current presidential politics issues.

Thursday - June 28, 2007

Beverley Williams
How does a start-up operate from home when part of the business can't be performed in the home? Beverley and Jim talk about this and come up with some pretty good ideas.
Russell Brown
Are you thinking about expanding your small business? Listen as Russ and Jim talk about how to do this through acquisition, instead of just adding a new competitor into the market.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim begin by reviewing the Immigration Bill being debated. They move on to talk about the water challenges much of the U.S. is dealing with -- either too much, or not enough, plus business opportunities that may come from all of this. They move on to talk about opportunities that may be found for home-buyers who know how to negotiate. Next they discuss Fred Thompson as a presidential candidate, and why small businesses should be concerned about what the IRS calls the "Tax Gap."