Jim Blasingame

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Seeking perspective for the past 12 months, Charles Dickens’ perfectly paradoxical preamble of "A Tale of Two Cities" continues to serve, as his 19th-century words overlay our 21st-century reality:... » More
The coronavirus arrived in our lives at the speed of analog organic, but created digital disruptions traveling at the speed of light. Businesses that survive and thrive post-pandemic are those who ... » More
Every day, small business owners are having go/no go conversations with themselves. Whether you’re a marketplace veteran or contemplating a startup, check your position by answering these hard ques... » More
Trust and all its proxies are a small business’s most powerful competitive tools. But you have to install it in your digital offerings and deliver it ut prius. It doesn’t work post hoc. Wait. What? » More
Success in games, life, and business requires that you understand the rules, even if – especially when – you’re bending them. Here are five that are especially relevant post-pandemic. » More
There are many reasons why the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of setting wages between businesses and employees, but mainly because it disproportionately hurts small businesses. » More
Make your bank your business’s best friend by showing them that you understand and support what they have to do to help you. Improve your loan chances by understanding the Six Cs of Credit. » More
Since 1997, U.S. GDP has quadrupled while CO2 emissions have risen less than 2%. In an intellectually honest world, we’d be able to have a productive climate debate that recognizes and builds on th... » More
Selling is about elbow grease, shoe leather, and perseverance. It's also a numbers game. If you want to work smarter, not harder, focus on your referral strategy and ask the Magic Question. » More
Your small business cannot sustain successful growth without the Founder’s control being balanced by the CEO as delegator. Find that balance with paradoxical thinking. » More