Jim Blasingame

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Regardless of how the 2020 election ends, millions of Americans now fear that winning at the polls isn’t enough to overcome a new force Blasingame has named "The Machine," who, like the Pharisees o... » More
Since the end of March, Congress appropriated $659 billion for the PPP which helped small employers make payroll during the government shutdown. Since March, the rules have changed several times. H... » More
As noted in Part I, prior to every presidential election since 2000, Jim has compared the two major-party presidential candidates based on their performance and promises regarding top small busines... » More
Prior to every presidential race since 2000, Jim Blasingame has compared the policies and performance of the two major party presidential candidates based on what keeps small business owners up at ... » More
No doubt you’ve heard the maxim “Fear and greed drive the marketplace.” But, there are many kinder and gentler emotions and motivations that drive our marketplace. Here are seven. » More
One of the markers of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic is its disruptiveness, both on society in general and the marketplace in particular, illuminating the need for more redundancy. To help you budge... » More
The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to redefining the value proposition by accelerating e-commerce expectations by five years. Is your business ready for the new Moment of Relevance? » More
As a small business owner, you’ve accrued a rare pandemic present arising from the increased velocity of the New Regular economy: Trust is now more valuable and more powerful than ever. And since s... » More
The already accelerating shift to more IP leverage was punched into overdrive by the coronavirus pandemic. Main Street businesses that survive and thrive will blend the two types of intellectual pr... » More
In a year that now defines unprecedented, we risk losing our grip on what really matters. Jim offers advice on how to maintain perspective during a pandemic. » More