Jim Blasingame

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We began with freedom and liberty was made manifest. We began with freedom and entrepreneurship was born. This week, we celebrate and honor the American spirit. » More
Small business success requires two kinds of passion. Do you have what it takes? » More
Being a father is a tough role to play. Jim Blasingame compares a father's love and a mother's love. » More
The best way to be successful and happy is to define success in many ways. Having multiple touchstones of success, not just money and stuff, helps keep the rough patches in business and life in pro... » More
Being a small business owner is one of the hardest jobs in the world because they "live by their wits." Here are lessons learned from three decades of small business ownership. » More
Recognizing America's militia on this Memorial Day, Jim Blasingame talks about how the meaning and importance of Memorial Day has constant and abiding ties to America's small business owners, past ... » More
When self-directed, impatience is perhaps one of our redeeming entrepreneurial attributes because it’s borne largely from a quest for excellence. Unfortunately, personal excellence to us can look a... » More
Are there any circumstances under which you should alter the legal structure of your business? Here are three organization and operational triggers that will indicate you need to make a change. » More
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gave big business a permanent tax cut and some, but not all, small businesses a temporary tax reduction. What's wrong with that picture? » More
Beware Blasingame's 2nd Law of Small Business: It's redundant to say, "undercapitalized small business," which is especially true for fast-growing companies because revenue growth depletes cash in ... » More