Jim Blasingame

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The classic financial benefits derived from small business ownership typically fall under two categories: earned income, like a salary, and unearned income, like distribution of profits. But there ... » More
The bad news for small business is the Price War is over and we lost. But the good news is the Trust War is on, and establishing trust as a best practice with all the stakeholders in your small bus... » More
Like Olympic athletes, small business owners dedicate countless hours over many years in search of excellence, taking great risks at all odds, usually at their own expense, and the world is a bette... » More
As you know, human brains have two sides, each controlling different thought processes. And although one side or the other is dominant in most people, a small business CEO has to perform like a who... » More
Every business sale is a unique transaction, and likely the most complicated transaction you’ll ever undertake. To help you begin this long process, consider a few early questions to ask a prospect... » More
As the shift from the Age of the Seller to the Age of the Customer plays out, two types of sellers — Hidebound and Visionary — currently exist in parallel universes, but not for long. Which one are... » More
We began with freedom and liberty was made manifest. We began with freedom and entrepreneurship was born. This week, we celebrate and honor the American spirit. » More
Recently, Jim was interviewed by podcaster Alan Belniak with Alignable.com on the challenges of operating a small business in the 21st century. Here's what they discussed. » More
The only force in the universe that comes close to a mother’s sweet/fierce love is a father’s tough/courageous love. On Father's Day, we celebrate the parental toughness of fathers. » More
Business referrals have always been there for the picking, but many salespeople and organizations don’t have a referral strategy. And even though getting referrals is fall-off-a-log easy, there are... » More