Jim Blasingame

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If you're thinking about buying a business, here are a few principles you need to consider. And don't forget, information, an orderly process, and patience are your friends. » More
With rising inflation, you’re not only justified in raising prices, you must raise prices. But be sure that action is based on a pricing strategy informed by your actual and projected numbers, and ... » More
In the Age of the Customer, a successful brand message meets customer expectations, an unsuccessful one may cause customers to leave negative reviews or social media posts. Remember, User Generated... » More
A CEO’s primary job is to determine the long-term direction of the company, but unfortunately, most small business CEOs spend too much time managing and too little time on executive thinking. » More
Small business owners and Olympic athletes are both worthy heroes. They are dedicated to what they love, work hard, take great risks and seek excellence, against all odds. » More
As the 16th U.S. President, it’s generally accepted that Abraham Lincoln’s leadership was a profile in courageous genius. But look at the list of his setbacks and you’ll see that the difference bet... » More
It’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one – everybody knows that. The bad news is, with all of the mega-corp algorithms, online competitors, and cyber-clutter, keeping the attention of eve... » More
Storytelling is humanity in words. And since small businesses are the face and voice of humanity in the marketplace, we have a great advantage in the Age of the Customer. No market sector can execu... » More
In Part 2 of this series, Jim discusses Level Two CWCS, which only afflicts managers and is more troubling and organizationally more devastating than Level One, because it occurs at the top, where ... » More
Do you worry about the competition? In the Age of the Customer, an obsession with the competition can result in an unfortunate and dangerous condition Blasingame calls the "Customer? What Customer?... » More