Jim Blasingame

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As you leverage and profit from all the efficient high-tech, speed-of-light customer connection tools, don't forget that the best option might not always be in the cloud. » More
How can you tell if you or someone in your organization has a debilitating level of call reluctance? You'll find it in the numbers. Read on to find out how to recognize this condition and tips on h... » More
Ever wonder what’s behind an entrepreneur’s decision to take a risk? Jim Blasingame says it's a combination of calculation, foolhardiness, faith, and sometimes, one more thing that may surprise you. » More
Ever wonder why we're increasingly anxious about technology? It's because digital leverage is troubling our analog requirement of trust. » More
Even though you can never really eliminate fear, you can minimize it through performance. But performance only happens when you use the fear-fighting tools. » More
The only positive to accrue to the Main Street economy during the lost decade (2007-2016) is the unprecedented financial strengthening of America's small business sector, which, just last month, br... » More
Remember Blasingame's Law of Difficult Customers and don't put your business in jeopardy by not charging customers what their level of service requires, whether it’s delivered to a customer who’s a... » More
Small business fundamentals are good habits that are fun because they work – every time. Practicing bad habits is the opposite and essentially a business death wish, which isn't fun. Everybody know... » More
As a small business, you have only one differentiator: the positive personal experience the customer attributes directly and uniquely to your business. Which won't happen if your employees blow a v... » More
If your small business is bankable and you need a loan, you'd go to a bank. But, Jim Blasingame warns, if you aren't and are considering online alternatives, be sure you fully understand the requir... » More