Jim Blasingame

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The American experiment forged the blessing of freedom and the ideal of liberty into that very American alloy: entrepreneurship. It’s the energy that’s powered the American Dream at home and became... » More
Negotiating is a process of communication between two or more parties to reach an agreement – like purchasing a small business, leasing an office, hiring an employee, selling a product, or trying t... » More
Parental love is a paradox, simultaneously delivering the expectation of safe harbor with the consequences of discipline. Mothers occupy the pinnacle of parental love, but there’s a uniqueness abou... » More
In the 20th century, sellers controlled information about their products, services, and innovations. But in the 21st century Age of the Customer, your customers not only have access to the informat... » More
Thomas Edison called failure, “successfully discovering what doesn’t work.” It’s true, you learn more from failures than you do from successes because when you succeed, you’re not inclined to be in... » More
Recognizing America's militia, Jim reminds us of the origins of Memorial Day, and how the coronavirus pandemic should make us all even more reverential to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to p... » More
Could you use a vacation this summer? Could your business use a vacation from you? Here are four ideas to help you consider taking more time off. » More
As the CEO of your small business, it’s your job to acquire, manage, allocate, and maximize all sources of capital. Blasingame's 3 Laws of Small Business Capital will help guide you through the pro... » More
Whether the unemployment rate is zero or 10%, good people are always in demand. Find and keep the best people by correctly answering these three human resource (HR) questions. The success of your s... » More
A small business CEO’s job is to carve out and commit the time, energy, and assets to develop the strategies that ensure the business is sustainable and successful. Who's doing that job in your com... » More