Jim Blasingame

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Fear and greed are the two primal emotions that have propelled human civilization, but they are not our only productive motivators. Six others have not only contributed to human development, but al... » More
For a small business to find success in The Age of the Customer, Naisbitt’s Razor must be at the heart of your business strategy: “The more high tech we have, the more high touch we will want.” » More
All CEOs have to make many tough decisions, and the failure to do so can lead to, well, failure. But the impact of avoiding the tough calls is more treacherous for a small business CEO. Here are th... » More
At this moment, we’re in the middle of a shift from our analog past to our digital future and our ethics are being challenged by digital leverage, which isn’t just AI, it’s every person at a keyboa... » More
Whether you’re dreaming of being a business owner or are actually working on that dream right now, one thing is the same: You don't want your dream to become a nightmare. So, remember Mr. Miyagi’s ... » More
When the jury was still out on your business’ survival, you probably didn’t want to enter into a permanent location obligation. But if you think you’re going to make it, now might be a good time to... » More
Personal self-analysis may be the most valuable skill you can employ to become a better person and small business CEO. And organizational self-analysis is essential to sustained success in the mar... » More
Jim Blasingame reflects on the events and emotions of September 11, 2001. » More
Sales has been and always will be a numbers game. But in the Age of the Customer, it’s increasingly becoming more of a quality prospecting game. Consequently, how much revenue you draw from your sa... » More
When a partnership works, it’s a beautiful thing; when it doesn’t, it defines ugly. If you’re considering a partnership structure for your small business, ask yourself, and your potential partner, ... » More