We Have Seen The Enemy And It Might Not Be China

Jim Blasingame

Our online poll this week asked this question: “How concerned are you about China as a serious threat to the future of America?” Here are the options with responses in parentheses:

  • Very concerned. The invasion has already happened. (29%)
  • Not concerned. China’s internal dysfunction will prevent it from overtaking the U.S. (4%)
  • Somewhat concerned. American leadership against China is weak, if not compromised. (46%)
  • Never mind China. Human behavior is pushing us ever closer to a reckoning with a much higher power. We’ve already been warned. (18%)
  • This is a very racist question. (3%)

As you can see, 75% of our respondents are either very or somewhat concerned about China’s threat to the future of the United States. And in a response that’s likely unprecedented in America’s history, the large group – almost half – are concerned that our own so-called leadership is contributing to the danger.

For more than a decade, I’ve warned that the invasion of the U.S. by the Chinese government is underway, and it would seem that 29% of our respondents agree. For at least 20 years, China’s overt aggression includes, but is not limited to: openly stealing American intellectual property with impunity; brazen cyber-breaches on our own soil; likely knowingly exposing us to a highly contagious and deadly virus; and the privacy penetrating online platform TikTok. And of course, the more recent example of a Chinese spy balloon being allowed to wander leisurely and unimpeded across America, from sea to shining sea. WTH!

In 21st-century terms, where ordinance is more likely to be gigabits than gunpowder, the ongoing war between the U.S. and China is not a cold one. 

It was also illuminating that such a large portion of our respondents this week chose the option that puts responsibility for a dubious future squarely on us – human behavior. And it must be said that that number – almost one in five – is wa-a-ay beyond some radical or religious fringe. Among our Main Street followers, eighteen percent is significant.

If we’re interested in discovering the heart of the concern of this group, in order to begin a correction, the focus must be on whatever humans are doing that does anything to deny, minimize, or attack natural law and the root of that concept, nature.

Natural law: Rules of right and wrong inherent in people and not created by society. 

Nature: The primal and sublime phenomena of life on planet Earth.

These two include elements that have been immutable since time immemorial, like the binary sexual physiology of essentially every living creature, especially humans. 

One recent case on the minds of our respondents might be the lawsuit brought by three school districts against their home state of New Jersey for a law that allowed administrators and teachers to withhold from parents information about their children – as young as elementary school – that their child expressed an interest in “transitioning.” As much as I support parental control, the part that pushed me over the limits of deference to the ideas of others was when “transgender advocates” showed up to protest in favor of the law and against the parents – essentially promoting transgender-ism. 

Being interested in, or actually transitioning is an individual psychological condition that’s still being defined. But advocating for it, like it should be a mainstream option – even for children – is beyond an affront to natural law and nature. It’s evil.

History chronicles the long list of stupid human behavior. But when we use children to defy and deny the immortal rules of nature and natural law, that’s playing with a fire that no mere mortal can extinguish. And it’s a much more existential threat than China will ever be.


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