Tuesday - February 04, 2003

Jim Blasingame
Jim discusses how technology will help business owners get everything out of the economy that they can for their business.
Michael Barrera
Jim and Michael talk about what he and the SBA is doing for small businesses.
Azriela Jaffe
Jim and Azriela discuss her new book, Permission to Prosper: What Working Wives Crave From Their Husbands and How to Get it, and successful women in the business world.
David Sher
Jim and David talk about how to collect recievables in a small business without running off customers.

Wednesday - February 05, 2003

JoAnna Brandi
Jim and JoAnna talk about how important it is to take care of customers. JoAnna defines poor service and what you can do to make a positive experience for your customers.
Tony Paradiso
Jim and Tony talk about how to manage your small business. They discuss how to avoind the pitfalls of the corporate operation.
Steve Martin
Steve joins Jim to talk about how companies are having problems with raising prices because of the economy.

Thursday - February 06, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about wireless fidelity and explain how it works. They discuss making decisions about purchasing technology that will give gratification.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about what is in the latest Kiplinger Letter. They discuss a war in Iraq and the evidence the President presented to the public about weapons in Iraq.

Friday - February 07, 2003

Bob Manning
Bob gives Jim his perspective on what is going on in the economy. They also talk about how larger corporations are handling a large ammount of employees.
Bob McTeer
Bob talks to Jim about the economy. Bob also talks about the slow economy of the previous year. They then talk about the difference between deflation and disinflation.

Monday - February 10, 2003

M. Scott Peck
Scott and Jim talk about the two kinds of people there are in the world. They go on to talk about balance
Karen Post
Karen talks to Jim about her brand, "The Branding Diva". They go on to talk about why branding is important.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam talk about how small businesses see the condition of the economy.

Tuesday - February 11, 2003

Mike Menzies
Mike and Jim talk about the economy from an agricultural part of the country. They discuss how the country is anticipating something happening in the economy.
Leo and Jim talk about Global Crossing and Leo's connection with the company.
Steve Chandler
Steve and Jim talk about Steve's new book, The Joy of Selling. They discuss what inspired Steve to write the book. They go on to talk about how to treat your customers.

Wednesday - February 12, 2003

Jim and Maddy talk about demographic shifts and why it is so hard to see the importance of demographic shifts.
Rick Maurer
Jim and Rick talk about the problem of making assumptions about our plans being the best or only plans.
Eugene Griessman
"Abe" joins Jim on President Lincoln's birthday and recites the Gettysburg Address. He goes on to explain what brought it about.

Thursday - February 13, 2003

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about the two categories of home based businesses and how they both can work.
Jim and Rick talk about the shift taxing to spending from income that the President's tax bill would promote.

Friday - February 14, 2003

Barbara Weltman
Barbara joins Jim on Valentine's Day to talk about tax planning. They discuss how to deal with taxes when it comes to independent contractors. They talk about what paperwork needs to be completed, and when it should be completed.
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace Marie joins Jim on Valentine's Day to talk about healthcare. They talk about President Bush's leadership abilities and his attempts to improve healthcare.
Barbara talks to Jim on Valentine's Day about women in the marketplace. Barbara discusses how women's role in the marketplace has changed over the years. They talk about how many more women are becoming entrepreneurs.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Cherie discusses the differences between women and men with Jim on Valentine's Day. She explains that romance is important to women, and not so important to men.

Monday - February 24, 2003

Rich Galen
Jim and Rich talk about the United State's relationship with Germany, France, and Mexico. They discuss the U.S.'s role in aiding all three countries and how now that the U.S. needs allies, they are not helping.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick talk about retirement plans for small business owners.
Don Sadler
Don joins Jim to talk about e-marketing. Don explains the benefits and drawbacks of e-marketing. He then gives some exaples of how to do e-marketing.
Steve DelBianco
Steve joins Jim to talk about the "Fly In", an event to inform politicians about small tech businesses.

Tuesday - February 25, 2003

Lurita joins Jim to talk about the many awards she has won and her business, New Technology Management. They discuss how her company contributes to homeland security. Lurita explains how she started her business and how she got involved in working with the government.
Andrew J. Sherman
Jim and Andrew predict what the rest of 2003 will bring in the economy. They discuss the effects of impending war and domestic terroism on small business. Jim and Andrew go on to talk about the market's uncertainty and how small businesses can deal with it.
Phylis talks to Jim about what words to leave out of your vocabulary. They talk about how to be a good entrepreneur.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don discuss how benefits don't always sell products. They discuss what questions to ask in what way to find out what the customer wants.

Wednesday - February 26, 2003

Doug Barry
Jim and Doug discuss exporting give advice about how to be a small business that is successful exporting out of the U.S.
Jim and Governor Gilmore discuss the condition of terrorism in the U.S. and the value of terrorism alert system.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about the many hats small business owners wear and how they change them throughout the day.
Jorian Clarke
Jim and Jorian discuss how to maximize online penetration and some different ways of getting your small business' message out.

Thursday - February 27, 2003

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about home-based business owners getting cabin fever and what to do to cure it.
Monica joins Jim to talk about her book about one of the most important men in Wall Street.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about how we need a dose of economic realism. Joan goes on to explain what that means. They also talk about what President Bush could have planned for retirement plans.

Friday - February 28, 2003

Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill talk about new information about the attitude of small business owners in February. They discuss why optimism in the industry is down.
Jeffrey Dobkin
Jim and Jeffrey talk about marketing on the internet. They also talk about how far the internet has come since the beginning when there was so much "hype". They discuss how many companies are doing well with the internet.
Tim Berry
Tim joins Jim to talk about the continuum between strategy and planning and the relationship between the two.