Jim Blasingame

How to manage the critical line between being relevant and irrelevant

Jim Blasingame defines how relevance is determined in an agnostic marketplace, and what you have to do to manage not becoming irrelevant.

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The CEO Paradox: Getting out of your own way
Jim Blasingame reveals the importance of delegating and getting out of your own way.
Jim Blasingame reveals facts that expose that Congress is now only focused on its own petty, political dysfunction, and not on the security or business of the rest of America.
Jim Blasingame reveals that digital transformation has moved your interface with customers to two-dimensional screens, and eight reasons why you have to move your message to match customer expectations.
Jim Blasingame identifies the abuse being used by the left to recriminate against anyone professionally who disagrees with them politically, and the assault this poses on rights guaranteed under the Constitutional.
Jim Blasingame reminds about his Nov 7th article titled, “The New Pharisees” which identified “The Machine” coalescing between Big Tech, Social Media, Washington, Wall Street, and the Democrat party, and how this manifested again against Parler and the 1st Amendment.