Jim Blasingame

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Your success in the New Regular, post-pandemic economy will be determined by how well you manage the intersection of the two binary codes: high tech AND high touch. » More
As we break our businesses out of coronavirus hell, there will be changes, but just as your computer has default settings, so does operating a business in the marketplace. Restart with a reboot to ... » More
Today, in the middle of unprecedented circumstances, we should feel even more reverential to the heroes who gave their lives in defense of our freedom. And we owe to their sacrifice, the perpetuati... » More
The wake of the coronavirus pandemic will offer opportunities previously unrevealed, just as the plague gave birth to the eras of Reformation and Enlightenment. Here is 2020 perspective clarity fro... » More
As we pass through this mid-pandemic wormhole into whatever's next, marketplace paradigms will shift all around us. And, as we know, when a paradigm shifts everything goes back to zero. Are you pre... » More
Business owners on Main Street are experiencing a New Normal because the coronavirus pandemic moved their cheese. If you plan to be in business in 2021, you'll need to make adjustments based on new... » More
Just as our Patriot entrepreneur forebears anxiously managed personal and financial risk over 200 years ago, small businesses today are faced with managing a comparable risk. We can’t out-social-di... » More
America is fortunate to have two marketplace sectors that also happen to be unique in the world: 28 million small businesses and 5,000 community banks. This is a story about why we’re all even more... » More
The anxiety every small business owner is justified in having right now, betrays an essential entrepreneurial trait: pathological optimism. That's why "surviving is winning” is a fundamental attitu... » More
Jim reveals what’s happening where the rubber-meets-the-road for Main Street businesses, and lays out the steps to take advantage of the financial assistance the government is offering during the p... » More