Jim Blasingame

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No question, cloud computing is an example of technology increasing business efficiencies and leverage. And for small businesses, it’s been a godsend. But like all high-tech tools, there’s an assoc... » More
If you want to be more successful, network for referrals –receiving and giving – early and often. It will make business easier and life simpler. And remember the motto of Ivan Misner, founder of BN... » More
From “too big to fail” to the uniquely American independent community banks, the U.S. banking system has evolved to successfully fill up the vessel we call the marketplace. But not all banks are a ... » More
As the CEO of your small business, being surprised and unprepared for the next disruption is unacceptable. Strengthen your business so it has the maximum opportunity to withstand business interrupt... » More
Every business, including small ones, has assignments that can only be performed by the CEO. Here are tips on how to focus on the 21st-century CEO's Big Four Factors: Bricks, Clicks, People, and Ca... » More
If you want to be close to success, you first must have customers, vendors, and employees longing to be close to you. The good news is these are all things small business owners do better than anyone. » More
Are you interested in owning a business, but don't want to start from scratch? Here's how. Hint: millions of Baby Boomer business owners are at retirement age, creating an inventory of available sm... » More
Achieve sustainable success by applying Blasingame’s New Law of Customer Relevance: If you want to have customers for life, help your customers help their customers. » More
The revenue growth of fast-growing companies depletes cash dramatic, but predictable ways. So, remember, growth-funding fundamentals must be monitored for sustainable growth, because it is possible... » More
With all of the cloud power available, every small business should become more aware of how to use cloud-based services and seek these options to operate more efficiently, competitively, and profit... » More