Jim Blasingame

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In the marketplace, there are actually three different clocks at work that every business uses: one for operating expenses, one for sales, and one for cash. Let’s take a look at how these three clo... » More
Retail customers pay at the point of sale, but business customers usually expect an open account relationship. However, when you extend credit, you haven't made a sale, you've extended a loan. Here... » More
Whether you’re a veteran steeped in Old School or a New School newbie, employ these 11 timeless, THE School fundamentals to reset your post-pandemic small business. » More
An unfortunate reality that small business mariners experience on their marketplace voyage is a condition Blasingame named professional scurvy, which can be cured with Professional Vitamins. And th... » More
The success-to-failure ratio of small businesses has historically been more tenuous and dramatic than for Big Business because of The Law of Small Business Numbers: "Whatever you need, there usuall... » More
A small business becomes the size the founder wants and wills it to be. Here are four fallacies that must be considered in every business-growth plan. » More
President Biden recently announced his plan to raise taxes on those reporting over $400,000 in income. Because most small businesses are Sub S corps, they may once again be disproportionately harme... » More
Seeking perspective for the past 12 months, Charles Dickens’ perfectly paradoxical preamble of "A Tale of Two Cities" continues to serve, as his 19th-century words overlay our 21st-century reality:... » More
The coronavirus arrived in our lives at the speed of analog organic, but created digital disruptions traveling at the speed of light. Businesses that survive and thrive post-pandemic are those who ... » More
Every day, small business owners are having go/no go conversations with themselves. Whether you’re a marketplace veteran or contemplating a startup, check your position by answering these hard ques... » More