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Jim Blasingame reconciles his 2019 Predictions from a year ago – my 20th edition – with what actually happened. Up to now, his accuracy is 73%. » More
Growing up on a farm provided many valuable lessons that have transferred beautifully to my life in the non-farming marketplace. Here are four of those timeless lessons. » More
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Individuals demonstrating the best traits of humanity - Jim's traditional Thanksgiving message. » More
For a small business, being competitive is still essential. But in The Age of The Customer, relevance is a Customer’s prime expectation. Is your company ready? » More
America has honored its military veterans since World War I. Again this week, we recognize all who have taken the oath to defend our country, including those who served in the National Guard and Re... » More
Small business stakeholders helped Donald Trump in 2016. To find out why you should expect that to happen again in 2020, read on. » More
Smart business owners know there's a direct link between motivating employees to be successful in their assignments and the success of their business. Consider these six motivational best practices. » More
This is the final installment of Jim's 3-part series revealing the answers to small business's five financial mysteries. In this article, you'll get a better handle on how to manage your cash, acco... » More
Do you know the difference between profit and cash? If you don't and you think you could use a little help with your financial management, read on. This could be just what you need. » More