Jim Blasingame

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Each New Year deserves to have the maximum opportunity to be successful, so have the discipline to set up your New Year for a clean and fast start, while pushing the current year over the goal line... » More
Jim challenges us all again, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, to make a difference by focusing on our shared humanity instead of our differences. » More
The best way to be successful AND happy is to define success in many ways, including having a life that’s balanced with richness outside of the business. » More
Jim makes the case to define military veterans as all who swore the military oath, served honorably, and made themselves available to a grateful nation. Happy Veteran's Day. » More
Entrepreneurial impatience can be channeled into organizational excellence, but it must be coupled with strong and effective communication skills. After all, your employees aren't mid-readers. » More
What’s behind an entrepreneur’s decision to take a risk? It's a combination of due diligence, faith, and, sometimes, a little serendipity. » More
Ever wonder why we're increasingly anxious about technology? While digital leverage is sexy and compelling, it’s simultaneously disrupting our analog expectations and troubling our requirement of t... » More
Even though you can never really eliminate fear, you can minimize it through performance. But performance only happens when you use fear-fighting tools. » More
In the Age of the Customer, the advantage small businesses have over big boxes is that they can deliver what customers want, not what they need. Blasingame’s Law of Difficult Customers explains the... » More
In the Age of the Customer, everything a small business sells is a commodity. As a Main Street business, you have only one differentiator: the positive personal experience customers attribute direc... » More