Jim Blasingame

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As you relaunch your business post-pandemic, brainstorming could be the essential difference between surviving and, well … you know. Here are some tips to quickstart your team's creative juices. » More
Blasingame’s 2nd Law of Small Business states: “It’s redundant to say undercapitalized small business.” With limited financial resources the potential for bankruptcy is always hard by. To gain a be... » More
Small business owners have managed stress and challenges since the marketplace began, but things here are different. Neuroscientists have coined the term "COVID Brain" to describe this 2020 phenome... » More
In the past several months, small businesses have been affected by the three Us: an Unprecedented pandemic, precipitating an Unprecedented economic shutdown, necessitating Unprecedented direct gove... » More
The American experiment took the blessing of freedom and the ideal of liberty and created entrepreneurship, the energy that has powered the American Dream for centuries. And the fruit of that entre... » More
In the New Regular of the post-pandemic economy, where the unimaginable and unprecedented have become our reality, every small business CEO knows he or she must establish and fund risk mitigation i... » More
The only force in the universe that comes close to a mother’s sweet/fierce love is a father’s tough/courageous love. On Father's Day, we celebrate the parental toughness of fathers. » More
Small business owners must use their leadership platform to be voices of reason against the defunding police movement and expose it as a canard for a political agenda that’s more about destabilizin... » More
Your success in the New Regular, post-pandemic economy will be determined by how well you manage the intersection of the two binary codes: high tech AND high touch. » More
As we break our businesses out of coronavirus hell, there will be changes, but just as your computer has default settings, so does operating a business in the marketplace. Restart with a reboot to ... » More