Jim Blasingame

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Jim Blasingame reveals what makes up organizational sauce, including the ingredients, the results when you apply it, and the powerful leverage it can deliver.
Jim Blasingame to reveal how to create organizational special sauce, what it looks like to customers and how to maximize it with a higher level of trust.
Jim Blasingame reveals the difference between a Black Swan event and the Black Swan Theory, and why you should prepare your business for the latter.
Jim Blasingame to discuss why the way you prepare for the next Black Swan event should not matter what hits you, as long as you’re prepared for a hit.
Jim Blasingame reveals the life and hard times of Abraham Lincoln, and how all his life’s experiences can serve as cautionary tales and inspiration for every small business owner.
Jim Blasingame reveals the Lincoln model for maintaining your good humor and perspective even when the world has kicked you hard, by appealing to the “better angels” of your nature.
Jim Blasingame reveals why CEOs have to learn how to differentiate the signal from the noise, including how to identify the signal that looks and sounds like noise, only because it doesn’t fit your paradigm.
Jim Blasingame shares his ideas on separating the signal from the noise in the marketplace and workplace, and how to help our teams made that distinction.
Jim Blasingame reveals how mice, politicians and business owners should behave when the world shifts paradigms and someone moves your cheese.
Jim Blasingame reports on a recent online poll that indicates small business owners are more optimistic about their businesses than they’ve been in decades.