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Don’t drag a stinking fish across your future
Jim Blasingame reveals the importance of asking yourself the tough questions before venturing into entrepreneurship.
Jim Blasingame reveals why being the owner of the real estate your business operates in is what he calls the Stealth Benefit of business ownership that contributes to your ultimate retirement resources.
Jim Blasingame reveals what is more powerful than all the laws and regulations when creating customer relationships, and how to make sure it’s part of your online strategy.
Jim Blasingame reveals the fact that our digital leverage is devoid of ethics and trust, and why our future is dependent upon how well we address this issue.
Jim Blasingame reveals five important things learned from Cherie Carter-Scott, including how to learn from lessons, where to look for most answers, and how to learn about the expectations of others.
Jim Blasingame reveals why wishing you were already somewhere else in the future is wishing your life away, which means you make the arrival on your journey more important than the experiences of the trip.
Jim Blasingame reveals ten reasons why raising the federal minimum wage to $15 is a bad idea and will hurt small business and low-wage employees.
Jim Blasingame discusses some of the unfortunate nuances of raising the minimum wage that most politicians don’t consider, especially the technology, morale and motivation factors.
Jim Blasingame explains where the small business banking relationships have been and where they’re going by revealing the “Six Cs of Credit” which are underwriting fundamentals every bank uses to consider your loan request.
Jim Blasingame reminds you about the unprecedented power of the Big Tech sector, and why the man behind one of the most troubling recent developments just got promoted to the top.