Jim Blasingame

Differentiating the signal from the noise

Jim Blasingame reveals why CEOs have to learn how to differentiate the signal from the noise, including how to identify the signal that looks and sounds like noise, only because it doesn’t fit your paradigm.

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Jim Blasingame reveals what will have to happen for the SBA to distribute the money Congress has set aside for small businesses in the CARES Act.
Jim Blasingame reveals some of the issues to expect to deal with, including timing, as you expect to receive financial assistance from the government during the pandemic period.
Jim Blasingame reveals how emergency, government stimulus cash can go directly to your small business, why your banker is waiting on you to ask for that help, plus why some of that loan will be forgiven.
Jim Blasingame reveals some of the institutional hurdles the Fed and the SBA will have to jump over in order to get quick emergency cash to Main Street businesses.
Jim Blasingame reports on why our experience with Y2K over 20 years ago is the best perspective to assume as we deal with ending the coronavirus pandemic.