Jim Blasingame

Why relevance is your customers' new expectation

Jim Blasingame reveals why relevance is your customers’ new prime expectation, plus even if you’re competitive, why customers may rule your business in or out – likely before you know they exist.

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The New Regular: Prepare for Conflicts of Customer Expectations
Jim Blasingame reveals that customers and prospects are redefining the value proposition, and you, business owner, have to be prepared for the Moment of Relevance.
Jim Blasingame discusses some of the issues at stake and being debated due to this particular Supreme Court vacancy at this particular moment.
Jim Blasingame reveals why the pandemic has created an advantage for small businesses by increasing the value of trust in the marketplace, and why you have to claim and protect this gift.
Jim Blasingame reveals why the current convergence of politics and sports has caused him to swear off all sports, including college football, and he has research to prove he’s not alone.
Jim Blasingame reveals what “corpsplaining” is, and why small business owners must learn how to blend and leverage the two kinds of intellectual property OPIP and YPIP.