Jim Blasingame

Turning Plastic back into Gold you can spend

Jim Blasingame reveals how to turn the Plastic Triplets of bad service into the Golden Triplets of good service that you can take to the bank.

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Business lessons learned on the farm
Jim Blasingame reveals how valuable lessons he learned on the farm have transferred to his business.
Jim Blasingame reveals why at a time when we’re talking about “old school” and “new school,” the business fundamentals are immutable because they are “THE School”.
Jim Blasingame reveals five examples of management steps to take in December to get the New Year started right, even while you’re closing out the current year.
Jim Blasingame tells the story of what happened to the Mayflower passengers as they first came in contact with the New World, just before they set foot on Plymouth Rock. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jim Blasingame tells the story of how Old World and New World individuals came together in 1621 to contribute to the origins of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Happy Thanksgiving.