Jim Blasingame

Your capitalization strategy, including crowdfunding

Jim Blasingame talks about small business capitalization, with an explanation of how crowdfunding works with other options, like bank loans.

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Jim Blasingame offers his thoughts on how to mount a defense of Main Street against giants like Amazon by developing a strategy that includes better technology and training your people to deliver high touch.
Jim Blasingame reveals that the only way small business retailers can defend against forces like Amazon is to deliver their special sauce of high tech AND high touch.
Jim Blasingame reminds you about how the retreat of legacy retailers from Main Street is creating a vacuum in the form of a barbell effect that is both challenge and opportunity for small retailers.
Jim Blasingame continues his discussion on his indignation about the inequity of the new tax law for small businesses, in this case, projecting two more news headlines about how it will disadvantage small business competitiveness.
Jim Blasingame reveals his continued indignation about the new tax law’s inequity toward small businesses, by projecting four new headlines that show how small businesses will be disadvantaged. Here are the first two.