Jim Blasingame

The Age of the Customer®, Part 68: Are you a hidebound or visionary business owner?

Are you ready for the Age of the Customer? Jim Blasingame reveals the markers that identify what he calls "Hidebound Sellers" and "Visionary Sellers" and how to tell which one you are.

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Why are some people more effective than others?
Jim Blasingame reveals why self-awareness is an important trait, but self-analysis leads to maximum effectiveness.
Jim Blasingame discusses why the leverage currently held by large technology companies is different than any leverage available to 20th century corporations, and that fact justifies increased scrutiny of their actions.
Jim Blasingame reveals how insisting on continuing the commitment to past investment of time and money into an endeavor can block the reality of what’s best for the effort going forward.
Jim Blasingame reviews the rest of his 2019 predictions – his 20th set – including technology, politics, demographics, and whether President Trump will run for reelection.
Jim Blasingame reviews his 2019 – the 20th set – of predictions, including small business and the economy and technology.