Jim Blasingame

Blasingame’s Law of Sales Pipelines

Sales is a numbers game: You must produce enough sales revenue to stay in business. Jim Blasingame talks about the concept of a sales pipeline and how to use it to help you get the sales you need when you need them.

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A word from Jim
Jim shares his thoughts on current events as well as how well small businesses are doing during this controversial time in our country.
Jim Blasingame shares his concerns about the direction of America, and calls out leaders in politics and the media.
Jim Blasingame reveals why Main Street retailers are operating in a time that could be great for them, or devastating, and however it goes is largely in their hands.
Jim Blasingame reports on a recent poll of his audience that showed the media being regarded the lowest of the other three estates of government, and to lament the future of professional journalism.
Jim Blasingame reveals the stealth benefit of owning a small business by also owning the real estate your business operated in and leasing it to your business.